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Karen L. Anderson (Info) Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss howgoldstein 2014‑11‑24
Kenn Apel (Info) Florida State pq 2015‑08‑26
Lori A. Bass (Info) University of Nevada, Reno howgoldstein 2014‑11‑24
Danielle M. Brimo (Info) Florida State pq 2015‑08‑26
Louis "Lou" John Brown (Info) UW Madison, Florida State Special Education ttdoughty 2017‑11‑09
Hugh Catts (Info) Florida State language and literacy kelfarq 2014‑10‑05
Catherine A. Conlin (Info) Abilities in Language, Boulder, CO howgoldstein 2014‑11‑24
Elizabeth C. Crawford (Info) Lexia Learning Systems howgoldstein 2014‑11‑24
Kimberly C. Crawford Lackey (Info) University of Western Carolina howgoldstein 2014‑11‑24
Felicia Darden (Info) Georgia State howgoldstein 2014‑11‑24
James G Foshee (Info) Florida State ttdoughty 2017‑11‑09
Karen K. Glendenning (Info) Florida State auditory system, comparative and developmental neuroanatomy rjnudo 2007‑08‑28
Howard Goldstein (Info) University of South Florida Child communication intervention, early literacy instruction, social interaction, developmental disabilities, early intervention, special education technology sgrubb 2014‑08‑15
Anna D. Green (Info) howgoldstein 2014‑11‑24
Shannon Hall-Mills (Info) Florida State Child & Adolescent Language and Literacy hallmills 2015‑07‑23
Henry E. Heffner (Info) University of Toledo auditory system psharrington 2006‑02‑03
Richard L. Hyson (Info) Florida State Development, auditory system, birdsong dbrown 2011‑07‑26
William M. Jenkins (Info) Scientific Learning Language Learning Impairment dblake 2005‑11‑06
Lakeisha Johnson (Info) Florida State pq 2015‑08‑26
Helen L Long (Info) UW Madison infant; vocalization; cerebral palsy; evo-devo; canonical babbling; prelinguistic development longhelenl 2023‑06‑02
Joneen J. Lowman (Info) University of Kentucky howgoldstein 2014‑11‑24
Toby Macrae (Info) University of Canterbury, New Zealand MPROBB 2020‑09‑22
R. Bruce Masterton (Info) Florida State auditory system psharrington 2006‑02‑03
Kimberly K. McDowell (Info) Florida Gulf Coast University howgoldstein 2014‑11‑24
Lindee J. Morgan (Info) Florida State howgoldstein 2014‑11‑24
Richard Ravizza (Info) Penn State auditory system rjnudo 2008‑12‑19
Naomi J. Bell Schneider (Info) Ohio State howgoldstein 2014‑11‑24
Stephen K. Smith (Info) Ohio State memory, language, computational models, embodied cognition Sphen 2011‑07‑06
Dean P. Sutherland (Info) Florida State University College of Medicine Parkinson Disease, Auditory system, Motor systems rjnudo 2007‑08‑26
Kathy S. Thiemann (Info) University of Kansas child language, autism howgoldstein 2014‑11‑24
Elizabeth B. Wilson-Fowler (Info) Florida State pq 2015‑08‑26
Robyn A. Ziolkowski (Info) Northern Colorado University howgoldstein 2014‑11‑24
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