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Nathan E. Amos (Info) Indiana University auditory perception pq 2015‑09‑27
Sara J. Benham (Info) Indiana University language development, phonology, network science, speech production, word learning sarabenham 2022‑05‑18
Gavin M. Bidelman (Info) University of Memphis, Indiana University Auditory system, evoked potentials, neural plasticity gbidel 2011‑12‑24
Michael C. Brady (Info) Indiana University perception of speech pq 2015‑09‑27
Adam B. Buchwald (Info) NYU CSD, Linguistics, Psycholinguistics abuchwal 2014‑12‑23
Ann Bunger (Info) William and Mary, Indiana University language acquisition, event representation, scholarship of teaching and learning annbunger 2011‑07‑14
Theresa A. Burnett (Info) Indiana University rals 2016‑10‑28
Cynthia G. Clopper (Info) Ohio State phonetics, speech perception mbeckman 2010‑01‑30
Maureen P. Coughlin (Info) GN ReSound Hearing aids, Speech perception coughlinm 2009‑07‑16
Arnab De (Info) Columbia Chemistry, Immunology arnabde2000 2015‑03‑15
Kenneth J. de Jong (Info) Indiana University Phonetics, Speech Production, Speech Perception, Second Language Speech noahpoah 2009‑06‑26
Mary Elbert (Info) Indiana University speech sound disorders, phonology LynnWilliams 2014‑10‑10
Susan Ellis Weismer (Info) UW Madison Child language acquisition, atypical language development lmorett 2009‑11‑21
Kathleen F. Faulkner (Info) Indiana University sgrubb 2014‑08‑19
Caitlin M. Fausey (Info) University of Oregon Language and thought fausey 2008‑08‑29
Sarah Hargus Ferguson (Info) University of Utah speech understanding in older adults sgrubb 2014‑08‑22
Daniel Fogerty (Info) Indiana University auditory perception pq 2015‑09‑27
Lisa Gershkoff-Stowe (Info) Indiana University Child language acquisition, word learning lmorett 2011‑04‑05
Judith A. Gierut (Info) Indiana University hstorkel 2014‑12‑12
Ronald B. Gillam (Info) Utah State University nickwan 2014‑02‑01
Shawn S. Goodman (Info) University of Iowa Otoacoustic emissions and middle ear reflectance and will be teaching courses on instrumentation, signal and systems, and evoked potentials sgrubb 2014‑08‑19
Jeffrey J. Holliday (Info) Indiana University Phonetics, Korean, Language Acquisition jjholliday 2009‑11‑16
Larry Humes (Info) Indiana University coughlinm 2009‑07‑16
Larry Humes (Info) Indiana University auditory perception sgrubb 2014‑08‑19
Delanie R. Hurst (Info) Indiana University Language, behavior boots8167 2014‑02‑18
Judith Johnston (Info) UBC Child Language Disorders cbalthazar 2014‑10‑03
Diane Kewley-Port (Info) Indiana University perception of speech sgrubb 2014‑08‑22
Kaylah Lalonde (Info) Indiana University auditory perception pq 2015‑09‑27
Ole Naesbye Larsen (Info) University of Southern Denmark Vocal Production, Sound Propagation, Hearing KennethKJ 2008‑01‑04
Rosemary A. Lester-Smith (Info) UT Austin pq 2015‑11‑15
Dennis McFadden (Info) UT Austin sensation and perception, audition, sex differences in the auditory system dansanes 2011‑04‑18
Michele L. Morrisette (Info) Indiana University pq 2015‑09‑28
Todd M. Mowery (Info) NYU Somatosensory, Auditory tmmowery 2013‑03‑11
Kyoko Nagao (Info) Nemours A.I. duPont Hospital for Children mbeckman 2010‑01‑30
M. M. Narendran (Info) Indiana University auditory perception pq 2015‑09‑27
Howard Charles Nusbaum (Info) Chicago Speech, language, memory kathleen 2005‑03‑26
Hanyong Park (Info) Indiana University mbeckman 2010‑01‑30
Rita R. Patel (Info) Indiana University cknovaleski 2015‑07‑09
David B. Pisoni (Info) Indiana University language, speech, perception, reading remez 2007‑10‑26
Robert E. Remez (Info) Barnard College, Columbia University language, speech, perception remez 2007‑10‑26
Carolyn Richie (Info) Indiana University perception of speech pq 2015‑09‑27
Larissa K. Samuelson (Info) University of Iowa Cognitive Development, language acquisition, category development lynnkperry 2007‑12‑09
Maria D. Sera (Info) UMN Cognitive and language development, language and thought lmorett 2009‑10‑05
Lauren A. Shaffer (Info) Purdue otoacoustic emissions, generation mechanisms and clinical applications sgrubb 2014‑08‑19
Noah H. Silbert (Info) Indiana University Phonetics, Speech Perception, Perceptual Modeling noahpoah 2009‑06‑26
Linda B. Smith (Info) Indiana University Cognitive Development, lexical learning, perception 2006‑10‑02
Joseph DW Stephens (Info) North Carolina A&T State University memory, perception aoverman 2010‑06‑22
Holly L. Storkel (Info) University of Kansas sgrubb 2014‑09‑03
Catalina Suarez-Rivera (Info) Indiana University cognitive development, role of social partners, infant visual attention, joint attention, self-regulation csuarezr 2018‑06‑15
Roderick A. Suthers (Info) Indiana University Vocal Production KennethKJ 2008‑01‑04
Mark VanDam (Info) Washington State University Spokane phonetics, acoustics, acquisition, deafness, development, psycholinguistics mvandam 2009‑06‑26
Eric Vatikiotis-Bateson (Info) UBC communication, language, speech production, speech perception paulgribble 2009‑05‑14
Neal F. Viemeister (Info) UMN Auditory system, psychophysics NFV 2007‑06‑05
Jeffrey J. Wenstrup (Info) NEOMED Auditory system, Acoustic communication jjwenstrup 2013‑09‑21
Lynn Williams (Info) East Tennessee State University speech sound disorders, phonology, late talkers, cultural awareness and diversity, ICF-CY LynnWilliams 2014‑10‑10
Robert H. Withnell (Info) Indiana University Auditory physiology gobeirne 2009‑10‑07
Hanako Yoshida (Info) University of Houston cvanpay 2012‑10‑23
Jennifer A. Zapf (Info) Indiana University pq 2015‑09‑28
Sue Anne Zollinger (Info) Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, Seewiesen, University of St Andrews, Indiana University, University of Maryland, Baltimore County Vocal Production, "bird song", "animal communication", physiology KennethKJ 2008‑01‑04
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