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Alicia Chang (Info) University of Delaware language, culture, and cognition aliciac 2008‑09‑30
Andrew Tesla DeMarco (Info) Temple University fMRI, aphasia, language, EEG ademarco 2010‑12‑17
Tilbe Goksun (Info) Temple University psychology, language development tilbegoksun 2009‑04‑30
Kathryn Hirsh-Pasek (Info) Temple University Child language acquisition lmorett 2009‑07‑31
Nadine Martin (Info) Temple University word processing and short-term memory gmo 2010‑12‑17
James G. McElligott (Info) Temple University School of Medicine Cerebellum, auditory system, monoamines CJM3 2009‑02‑28
Shannon M. Pruden (Info) Florida International Language Development, Semantic Development, Bilingualism, Spatial Language spruden 2012‑03‑05
Russell M. Richie (Info) Temple University Developmental psychology, language acquisition drussellmrichie 2011‑05‑18
Lars A. Ross (Info) CUNY Multisensory Integration, Speech, Event-Related Potentials foxey 2008‑06‑22
Carol Scheffner Hammer (Info) Temple University Language and literacy development and disorders in bilingual children, Cultural and environmental influences on language and literacy outcomes of children from diverse backgrounds, Parental beliefs about language and literacy development and disorders, sgrubb 2014‑08‑19
Gerry A. Stefanatos (Info) Temple University auditory processing, language, aphasia, stroke, EEG, fMRI ademarco 2010‑12‑17
Laurence Steinberg (Info) Temple University BBoyd 2016‑01‑14
Daniel Winkowski (Info) University of Maryland auditory system david 2007‑06‑27
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