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Jonathan F. Ashmore (Info) UCL hearing, hair cells ashmore 2007‑11‑06
Jennifer K. Bizley (Info) UCL Auditory system, multisensory processing david 2007‑03‑17
Ruth Campbell (Info) UCL face processing,deafness,fMRI, spelling sslyruc 2014‑02‑03
Isabel Dean (Info) UCL Auditory System david 2005‑08‑31
Tanya Denmark (Info) UCL Autism, Deafness sslyjos 2009‑09‑17
Joseph T. Devlin (Info) UCL neuroscience, language, reading, fmri, tms kiisudankan 2008‑10‑13
Susan Goldin-Meadow (Info) Chicago Gesture, sign language, cognitive development lmorett 2009‑07‑30
Maria Luisa Gorno-Tempini (Info) UCSF Language adamsd 2006‑04‑06
David L. Greenberg (Info) UCL Auditory Neuroscience DavidG141 2013‑06‑24
Nicol S. Harper (Info) Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience, UC Berkeley Auditory System david 2005‑07‑05
Phillipp Hehrmann (Info) UCL Auditory system phehrmann 2008‑10‑29
David Howard (Info) Newcastle Language, aphasia, therapy davidhoward 2008‑07‑17
Jennifer F. Linden (Info) UCL Auditory cortex david 2005‑01‑31
Mairead MacSweeney (Info) University of London brain imaging, deafness sslyruc 2014‑02‑03
David McAlpine (Info) UCL Auditory Brainstem david 2005‑07‑05
Anna Papafragou (Info) University of Delaware Language and thought, child language acquisition lmorett 2009‑11‑27
Michael Pecka (Info) UCL Auditory system, Visual system grothe 2009‑01‑10
Cathy Price (Info) UCL cognitive neuroscience, language, plasticity drpeelle 2006‑11‑05
Franck Ramus (Info) UCL, CNRS, ENS Paris Psycholinguistics, cognitive neuroscience, cognitive development, genetics ramus 2009‑01‑16
Jennifer M. Rodd (Info) UCL Language, Cognitive Neuroscience MattDavis 2009‑10‑19
Mark S. Seidenberg (Info) UW Madison language, reading aarnoldu 2007‑09‑21
Deirdre Wilson (Info) UCL Semantics, pragmatics, language-thought interface lmorett 2009‑11‑27
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