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John H. Ashe (Info) UC Riverside Auditory System clcox 2006‑03‑31
Craig A. Atencio (Info) UCSF Auditory system david 2005‑03‑27
Steven M. Bierer (Info) University of Washington auditory system, vestibular system, cochlear implants sbierer 2007‑04‑25
Ben Bonham (Info) UCSF auditory neuroscience bbonham 2005‑11‑03
Edward Chang (Info) UCSF auditory system, language, neurosurgery david 2012‑04‑18
Wesley C. Clapp (Info) UCSF Top-down modulation, visual system, aging, LTP, auditory system, plasticity adamgazz 2007‑09‑28
Monty Escabi (Info) University of Connecticut Auditory system, Neuronal Modeling david 2005‑01‑22
Eduardo Europa (Info) Northwestern, UCSF Aphasia, Neuroscience, Neurolinguistics eeuropa 2011‑10‑25
Paul A. Fuchs (Info) Johns Hopkins Ion channels, auditory neuroscience david 2005‑09‑08
Lisa V. Goodrich (Info) Harvard Medical School auditory system visquene007 2008‑09‑15
Maria Luisa Gorno-Tempini (Info) UCSF Language adamsd 2006‑04‑06
Liberty S. Hamilton (Info) UCSF, UT Austin Auditory cortex, speech, ECoG lhamilton 2009‑10‑26
Jennifer Henderson Sabes (Info) UCSF jenhen 2015‑02‑16
Maya L. Henry (Info) UT Austin aphasia and related neurogenic communication disorders sgrubb 2014‑08‑20
Gregory S Hickok (Info) UC Irvine Language, Aphasia rkolsen 2007‑09‑23
John F. Houde (Info) UCSF Speech perception, Speech production jfhoude 2008‑06‑18
H. Isabel Hubbard (Info) University of South Carolina, UCSF aphasia treatment, recovery in stroke, neurodegenerative disease sgrubb 2014‑08‑19
A. James Hudspeth (Info) Rockefeller, UCSF, UT Southwestern Audition hayden 2005‑02‑18
Patrick Hullett (Info) UCSF Auditory System patrickhullett 2009‑04‑15
Michael P. Kilgard (Info) UT Dallas Auditory system plasticity JLand52 2005‑01‑29
Jennifer F. Linden (Info) UCL Auditory cortex david 2005‑01‑31
Robert C. Liu (Info) Emory auditory system, behavior david 2008‑04‑18
Lawrence Lustig (Info) UCSF auditory neuroscience, otolaryngology pfuchs 2008‑04‑13
Sandeep C. Manyam (Info) UCSF Auditory System, Multi-Electrode Electrophysiology sandeep 2007‑10‑25
Michael M. Merzenich (Info) UCSF, Posit Science Corporation Auditory system, plasticity JLand52 2005‑01‑29
Nima Mesgarani (Info) Columbia Auditory system david 2005‑07‑26
John C. Middlebrooks (Info) UC Irvine Auditory system david 2005‑01‑31
Caroline A. Niziolek (Info) Boston University, UCSF, UW Madison Speech motor control, Auditory feedback cniziolek 2012‑03‑13
David Poeppel (Info) Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics, NYU auditory cognition, speech, language, cognitive neuroscience david 2005‑08‑29
Daniel B. Polley (Info) Harvard Medical School Auditory System polleydb 2005‑11‑01
Heather L. Read (Info) University of Connecticut Auditory system david 2005‑01‑31
David Schoppik (Info) NYU Vestibular, Oculomotor 211232 2005‑11‑01
Christoph E. Schreiner (Info) UCSF Auditory system hayden 2005‑01‑15
Yvonne Sininger (Info) UCLA sgrubb 2014‑09‑05
Mitchell Sutter (Info) UC Davis auditory system david 2005‑11‑03
Ching-Ling Teng (Info) UVA auditory system, visual system, theoretical neuroscience ling 2006‑12‑01
Luigi Vignolo (Info) University of Brescia Medical School Aphasia cappas 2009‑06‑22
Stephen M. Wilson (Info) University of Arizona 2007‑11‑15
Kexin Yuan (Info) Tsinghua University Auditory system, Inhibitory circuits Kexin 2008‑10‑20
Wei Zhang (Info) UCSF Mechanotransduction, Hearing jiefubiol 2014‑05‑30
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