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David J. Anderson (Info) University of Michigan Auditory Physiology, Electrodes MarzulloHead 2007‑01‑12
Ollie Lucy Backus (Info) State Teachers College, Slippery Rock PA sgrubb 2014‑09‑12
Jane Beasley Raph (Info) NYU sgrubb 2014‑09‑12
Patrice Speeter Beddor (Info) University of Michigan phonetics, speech perception chandann 2009‑04‑05
Steven M. Bierer (Info) University of Washington auditory system, vestibular system, cochlear implants sbierer 2007‑04‑25
David Brang (Info) Northwestern Multisensory processes, Perceptual systems, synesthesia, language, neural connectivity dbrang 2011‑06‑01
Roger Brown (Info) Harvard Linguistic Development adena.schachner 2008‑03‑03
Henry (Gus) Buchtel (Info) University of Michigan Epilepsy, attention, language, Wada Test gusb 2008‑12‑11
Soo-Eun Chang (Info) University of Michigan Egarnett 2016‑07‑01
Jennifer A. Chikar (Info) University of Connecticut Health Center Auditory neuroscience, nerve regeneration, neural prostheses jchikar 2009‑03‑23
Mark A. Crumling (Info) University of Michigan Auditory system rkduncan 2009‑03‑27
R. Keith Duncan (Info) University of Michigan Auditory system, ion channel physiology rkduncan 2009‑03‑27
Susan M. Ervin-Tripp (Info) UC Berkeley Sociolinguistics, language acquisition lmorett 2009‑01‑12
Shigeto Furukawa (Info) NTT Communication Science Labs Auditory system figgie13 2009‑10‑08
Emily O'Dell Garnett (Info) University of Michigan Speech, language, linguistics, stuttering, cluttering, speech production, aphasia, Psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics Egarnett 2016‑07‑01
Susan A. Gelman (Info) University of Michigan conceptual development, language development jopfer 2007‑12‑16
Peter C. Gordon (Info) UNC Chapel Hill language ita 2006‑09‑25
David M. Green (Info) University of Florida Signal Detection Theory, Auditory psychophysics fj 2007‑01‑16
Ian A. Harrington (Info) Augustana College auditory system psharrington 2006‑02‑03
Joseph E. Hawkins (Info) University of Michigan physiology, psychoacoustics david 2008‑10‑07
Kazuko Hiramatsu (Info) University of Michigan-Flint Language Acquisition ws 2014‑05‑07
Jerome Karle (Info) Naval Research Laboratory Physical chemistry, structural chemistry jandh 2011‑07‑13
Paul R. Kileny (Info) University of Michigan Medical School Cochlear implants, hearing loss in newborns and infants, facial motility disorders, neurodiagnostic procedures and intraoperative neurodiagnostic monitoring techniques sgrubb 2014‑08‑20
Ioulia Kovelman (Info) Dartmouth language, development markshalinsky 2007‑06‑13
Harlan Lane (Info) MIT Audiology, Speech Science keithjohnson 2009‑06‑09
Chen-Chung Lee (Info) UC Irvine Auditory Neuroscience, Spatial Hearing chenchunglee 2010‑11‑15
Rick L. Lewis (Info) University of Michigan computational modeling, language processing, humor humean 2008‑03‑25
Hubert H. Lim (Info) UMN Auditory neuroscience, Auditory implants rogercalixto 2011‑02‑26
Ewan A. Macpherson (Info) Western Ontario auditory neurophysiology, psychoacoustics emacpher 2007‑10‑31
David McNeill (Info) Chicago Gesture, language lmorett 2009‑07‑31
John C. Middlebrooks (Info) UC Irvine Auditory system david 2005‑01‑31
Chandan R. Narayan (Info) University of Toronto phonetics, speech perception, infant speech perception swingley 2008‑08‑18
Josh Pasek (Info) University of Michigan, University of Michigan Political Communication, Public Opinion, Social Media, Political Psychology jmping 2018‑06‑04
Gordon Peterson (Info) University of Michigan Speech Science, Phonetics keithjohnson 2009‑06‑09
David B. Pisoni (Info) Indiana University language, speech, perception, reading remez 2007‑10‑26
Burton Rosner (Info) Penn feeding placenta 2006‑12‑15
Susan Shore (Info) University of Michigan Auditory system, Cochlear nucleus, skoehler 2012‑07‑16
William Stebbins (Info) University of Michigan auditory system msachs4 2008‑04‑16
G Christopher Stecker (Info) Boys Town National Research Hospital, Vanderbilt, University of Washington Spatial Hearing, Auditory cortex david 2005‑01‑31
Winifred Strange (Info) CUNY phonetics, speech perception chandann 2009‑04‑05
Christian J. Sumner (Info) Nottingham Auditory system david 2005‑11‑10
Mingjie Tong (Info) University of Michigan Auditory system, ion channel physiology rkduncan 2009‑03‑27
Janet F. Werker (Info) UBC infant speech perception, developmental psychology, language acquisition chandann 2009‑03‑29
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