University of Chicago

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Richard Adler Jane H. Overton (grad student)
David E. ArnoldsGeneral Biology, Physiology Biology Genetics2012 Ivan P. Moskowitz (grad student)
Ira L. BlitzDevelopmental Biology Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology Laimonis Laimins (grad student)
William Bloom19251928 Alexander A. Maximow (research scientist)
Donald D. Brownhormone signaling, amphibian development Biochemistry1956 Lloyd M. Kozloff (grad student)
James William Buchanan1921 Charles Manning Child (grad student)
Catarina Catela
Andrew D. HoffmannHuman Development Developmental Biology2013 Ivan P. Moskowitz (grad student)
Paul W. Huber Molecular and Cell Biology, Structural Biology19791981 Ira G. Wool (post-doc)
Tom HumphreysRegeneration and Development, Evolution, Immune Recognition19581962 Aron Arthur Moscona (grad student)
Jerry J. Kollrosneurodevelopment in amphibians1942 Paul A. Weiss (grad student)
Frank Rattray Lillieembryology, cell biology1894 Charles Otis Whitman (grad student)
Rita Meier Jane H. Overton (grad student)
Aron Arthur MosconaDevelopmental Biology
Ivan P. Moskowitz
Jane H. Overtonfine structure of cell surfaces, the factors that regulate how cells connect with each other as they form into tissues, the application of electron microscopy to the study of cellular connections1950 Paul A. Weiss (grad student)
John T. Pattersonchromosomes1908 Charles Otis Whitman (grad student)
Peter M. Rae Hewson Swift (grad student)
Kamal SharmaDevelopemnt
Lester W. Sharpbotany1912 John Merle Coulter (grad student)
Jeffrey D Steimleheart development, cardiac development, structural heart defects, arrhythmia, Pediatrics, Pathology, and Human Genetics20112019 Ivan P. Moskowitz (grad student)
Hewson Swiftquantitative electron microscopy
William Morton WheelerEntomology
Charles Otis Whitmanevolution and embryology of worms, comparative anatomy, heredity, ethology
Audrey M. Williams Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology2015 Sally Horne-Badovinac (grad student)
Emil Witschibiology of sex1926 Carl Richard Moore (post-doc), Frank Rattray Lillie (post-doc)
H. Joseph YostDevelopment, Genetics19811987 Susan L. Lindquist (grad student)