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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Amy Albright (Info) University of Alabama spark62 2019‑03‑17
Carla Arredondo (Info) Colorado State Division20 2017‑09‑03
W. Leslie Barnette (Info) SUNY Buffalo jm1972 2018‑09‑15
Sarah E. Birch (Info) St. Joseph's College special education, interventions, social skills sarahbirch 2019‑03‑07
Alan Coulter (Info) Louisiana St. University Health Sciences Center sarahbirch 2019‑03‑07
Deanna Dragan (Info) University of Alabama RSAllen 2019‑08‑05
Irma Dreyer (Info) sophiaswanepoel9 2021‑03‑22
Natalie C. Ebner (Info) University of Florida DEllis 2019‑02‑21
Erin Emery-Tiburcio (Info) Rush University Medical Center GregoryAHinrichsen 2021‑04‑13
Alexandra Freund (Info) Universität Zürich Division20 2018‑01‑31
Kinjal M. Hew (Info) UC Davis Immunology pq 2019‑01‑18
Gregory Allen Hinrichsen (Info) Mount Sinai School of Medicine, U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs Central Office, APA Congressional Fellowship, Hillside Hospital, Long Island Jewish Medical Center depression, caregiving, insomnia, gerosychology education & training, psychotherapy GregoryAHinrichsen 2021‑04‑13
Morton A. Lieberman (Info) Chicago Division20 2018‑01‑31
Mary Luszcz (Info) Flinders University, Australia abielak 2017‑10‑10
Timothy Kwan Ly (Info) University of Alabama Decision-making, Geropsychology, Neuroimaging, Cognitive Impairment Timly26 2021‑04‑12
Lisa Soederberg Miller (Info) UC Davis psychology, gerontology, lifespan development lmsmiller 2018‑08‑02
Riki E Slayday (Info) Penn State cardiovascular risk factors (e.g., alcohol consumption), cognition, health rslayday 2020‑09‑30
Sophia Johanna Swanepoel (Info) sophiaswanepoel9 2021‑03‑22
James H Williams (Info) n/a jwillmft 2022‑03‑05
Jamie L Williams (Info) Anchor Psychology, Inc., Argosy University/San Francisco Bay Area, California Institute of Integral Studies, University of San Francisco Marriage and Family Therapy, Counseling Psychology, Suicidality, Self-Harm jwillmft 2022‑03‑05
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