Louisiana State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Victor M. A. MbarikaManagement Business Administration, Commerce-Business Economics, Mass Communications
Nor A. Abdul RazakGeneral Economics2006 Chris Papageorgiou (grad student)
Zeynep A. AltintigFinance2005 Harley E. Ryan (grad student)
Kerim P. ArinGeneral Economics2003 Faik Koray (grad student)
Jennifer L. BanningUnited States History, Women's Studies, Home Economics2005 Jenna T. Kuttruff (grad student)
Aydin BasarirAgricultural Economics2002 Jeffrey M. Gillespie (grad student)
Thomas R Beard
Bonnie D. BelleauHome Economics Education, Black Studies, Individual and Family Studies
Troy C. BlanchardCriminology and Penology, Demography, Black Studies2001 F Andrew Deseran (grad student)
Mark D. CarsonUnited States History, Modern History, International Law and Relations2003 Gaines Foster (grad student)
Kevin C. ChiangGeneral Business Administration, Finance2000 Ji-Chai Lin (grad student)
Benjamin G. CloydUnited States History, Criminology and Penology2005 Gaines Foster (grad student)
Gail L. CramerAgricultural Economics
William M. CreadyAccounting Business Administration, Finance
W. Patton CulbertsonGame theory, economics, social and behavioral sciences
Donald R. DeisAccounting Business Administration, Finance
F Andrew DeseranSocial Structure and Development, Women's Studies, Industrial and Labor Relations, Labor Economics
Devona L. DixonHome Economics Education, Black Studies, Individual and Family Studies2007 Bonnie D. Belleau (grad student)
Katharine M. DonatoIndividual and Family Studies, Labor Economics, Women's Studies
Paul R. DotsonUnited States History2003 Gaines Foster (grad student)
Dominique Duval-DiopGeography, General Economics2006 Michael Leitner (grad student)
Deacue FieldsAgricultural Economics, Marketing Business Administration2002 Jeffrey M. Gillespie (grad student)
Keith M. FinleyUnited States History, Black History, General2003 Gaines Foster (grad student)
Gaines FosterUnited States History, History Economics
Jeffrey M. GillespieAgricultural Economics
Wes R. HarrisonAgricultural Economics
Ozlem InancGeneral Economics2007 Chris Papageorgiou (grad student)
Patricia Knight Thomas R Beard (grad student)
Faik KorayFinance
Jenna T. KuttruffUnited States History, Women's Studies, Home Economics
Far-tsair LaiGeneral Economics2000 Kaz Miyagiwa (grad student)
William R. LaneGeneral Economics
William D. Lastrapes
Frances C. LawrenceHome Economics Education, Finance
Yung-Chou LeiFinance2005 Ji-Chai Lin (grad student)
Michael LeitnerGeography, General Economics
Ronald J. LevyAgronomy Agriculture, Agricultural Economics2004 Stephen D. Linscombe (grad student)
Huihua LiGeneral Business Administration2006 Ji-Chai Lin (grad student)
Ji-Chai LinGeneral Business Administration, Finance
Stephen D. LinscombeAgronomy Agriculture, Agricultural Economics
Tomas Mantecon PrietoGeneral Business Administration, Commerce-Business Economics2001 Myron B. Slovin (grad student)
Winford H. MasanjalaGeneral Economics2003 Chris Papageorgiou (grad student)
Douglas McMillin Economics Economics Economics Economics Economics Thomas R Beard (grad student), James Allan Richardson (grad student), Michael D. Pratt (grad student), G. Randolph Rice (grad student), James A. Willis (grad student)
Santanu MitraAccounting Business Administration, Finance2002 Donald R. Deis (grad student)
Steven H. MittonUnited States History, International Law and Relations2005 Gaines Foster (grad student)
Kaz MiyagiwaGeneral Economics
Alison K. NeustromPublic and Social Welfare, Social Work2001 F Andrew Deseran (grad student)
Robert P. O'NeilSocial Structure and Development, Women's Studies, American Studies, Speech Communication2001 F Andrew Deseran (grad student)
Kurtay N. OguncFinance2002 Faik Koray (grad student)
John C. OkoliManagement Business Administration, Commerce-Business Economics, Mass Communications2003 Victor M. A. Mbarika (grad student)
Marjorie B. OursoGeneral Economics
Chris PapageorgiouGeneral Economics
Michael D. Pratt
Noro C. RahelizatovoAgricultural Economics, Environmental Sciences2002 Jeffrey M. Gillespie (grad student)
Stephanie Y. RauterkusFinance2004 Gary C. Sanger (grad student)
Prosper RaynoldFinancial analysis, Interaction between financial markets and the macroeconomy, Macroeconomics, Economics of religion Economics Economics Economics Economics Thomas R Beard (grad student), Douglas McMillin (grad student), W. Patton Culbertson (grad student), Gary C. Sanger (grad student), William D. Lastrapes (grad student)
G. Randolph Rice
James Allan RichardsonGame theory, economics, social and behavioral sciences
Carl M. RidenGeneral, Ethnic and Racial Studies2003 F Andrew Deseran (grad student)
Harley E. RyanFinance
Eon-Seon RymGeneral Economics, Finance, Theory Economics2003 Faik Koray (grad student)
Pramod R. SambidiAgricultural Economics2007 Wes R. Harrison (grad student)
Gary C. SangerFinance
Myron B. SlovinGeneral Business Administration, Commerce-Business Economics
Patricia SotoAgricultural Economics2004 Lonnie R. Vandeveer (grad student)
Cory L. SparksUnited States History, History Economics2000 Gaines Foster (grad student)
Melissa O. StainbackIndividual and Family Studies, Industrial and Labor Relations, Demography2000 Katharine M. Donato (grad student)
Dwi SusantoAgricultural Economics2006 Gail L. Cramer (grad student)
Dek M. TerrelGeneral Economics, Energy
Milton D. TerrellGeneral Economics
Linda A. TobinSocial Structure and Development, Women's Studies, Industrial and Labor Relations, Labor Economics2001 F Andrew Deseran (grad student)
Jeanette A. TuckerHome Economics Education, Finance2000 Frances C. Lawrence (grad student)
Geoffrey K. TurnbullGeneral Economics
Lonnie R. VandeveerAgricultural Economics
James A. Willis
Marios ZachariadisGeneral Economics
Xiongping ZhangPhysical Geography, Oceanography Biology2003 Michael Leitner (grad student)