Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong)

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Sui-Wing F. ChanFinance2000 Jevons Lee (grad student)
Susheng WangTheory Economics, Law, Finance
Andrew CarverhillFinance
Yanjie BianSocial Structure and Development, Industrial and Labor Relations, General Economics
K C. John WeiFinance
Zhanxin ZhangSocial Structure and Development, Industrial and Labor Relations, General Economics2000 Yanjie Bian (grad student)
Yuanto KusnadiFinance, Management Business Administration2007 K C. John Wei (grad student)
Xianbi HuangSocial Structure and Development, Industrial and Labor Relations, Labor Economics2006 Yanjie Bian (grad student)
Kevin C. W. ChenFinance, Accounting Business Administration, General Economics
Qinghao MaoFinance2011 K C. John Wei (grad student)
Jiwei WangFinance, Accounting Business Administration, General Economics2003 Kevin C. W. Chen (grad student)
Qianqian DuFinance, Theory Economics2012 K C. John Wei (grad student)
Junqi ZouAccounting Business Administration2011 Guochang Zhang (grad student)
Larry QiuCommerce-Business Economics
Vidhan GoyalFinance
Hon K. TamFinance2004 Vidhan Goyal (grad student)
Sudipto DasguptaFinance
K.C J. WeiFinance, Management Business Administration
Yuk Y. ChangFinance2003 Sudipto Dasgupta (grad student)
Chi-Cheung ChoiAsia History, Agricultural Economics
Huayang YuCommerce-Business Economics2007 Larry Qiu (grad student)
Xin ChangFinance2003 Sudipto Dasgupta (grad student)
James K. KungAgricultural Economics
Kalok ChanFinance
Jinhe LiuTheory Economics, Law, Finance2005 Susheng Wang (grad student)
Lanfang WangFinance, Theory Economics2007 Susheng Wang (grad student)
Shantanu BanerjeeFinance2005 Sudipto Dasgupta (grad student)
Kam H. KwokFinance2004 Kalok Chan (grad student)
Hung W. KotFinance2004 Kalok Chan (grad student)
Ning GaoFinance2005 Sudipto Dasgupta (grad student)
Yanfeng GuDemography, European History, Asia History2013 James K. Kung (grad student)
Zhibo YuanFinance2011 Kalok Chan (grad student)
Jevons LeeFinance
Danyang XieFinance
Yangxin YuAccounting Business Administration Finance2011 Kevin C. W. Chen (grad student)
Kuo-chiang WeiFinance
Yunling ChenFinance, Management Business Administration HKUST2010 Sudipto Dasgupta (grad student)
Lei MaoFinance HKUST2012 Kuo-chiang Wei (grad student)
Prasanna KarhadeInformation Science, Finance, Management Business Administration
Fuhai HongEnvironmental Economics HKUST2011 Susheng Wang (grad student)
Guochang ZhangAccounting Business Administration, Finance
Full Y. LamFinance, Theory Economics HKUST2009 K C. John Wei (grad student)
Francis T. LuiGeneral Economics
Shengquan HaoAccounting Business Administration, General Economics HKUST2008 Guochang Zhang (grad student)
Jiangbo XueGeneral Economics HKUST2009 Francis T. Lui (grad student)
Mike K. P. SoFinance
Kei T. KuGeneral Economics, Organizational, Marketing Business Administration HKUST2010 Francis T. Lui (grad student)
Jie GanFinance
Kun JiangGeneral Economics, Management Business Administration, Marketing Business Administration HKUST2010 Susheng Wang (grad student)
Ai J. PangGeneral Economics, Asian Studies HKUST2010 Susheng Wang (grad student)
Ling CenFinance HKUST2008 Sudipto Dasgupta (grad student)
Tik-sang LiuAgricultural Economics
Ping ShuAgricultural Economics Humanities2010 Tik-sang Liu (grad student)
Qin JiangGeneral, Asian Studies Social Science2012 James K. Kung (grad student)