Iowa State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Majd AbdullaAgricultural Economics, General Agriculture, Sustainability Economics2009 Michael Duffy (grad student)
Babatunde AbidoyeGeneral Economics, Environmental Economics, Recreation Economics2010 Joseph A. Herriges (grad student)
Richard Loree Anderson Economics1941 Gerhard Tintner (grad student)
Leandro G. AndrianTheory Economics, Finance, Agricultural Economics Economics2010 P Marcelo Oviedo (grad student)
Georgeanne M. ArtzAgricultural Economics, Labor Economics2005 Peter F. Orazem (grad student)
Dzmitry AsinskiGeneral Economics, Labor Economics2006 Brent Kreider (grad student)
Jittinan AukayanagulAgricultural Economics Economics2009 John A. Miranowski (grad student)
Bruce A. BabcockAgricultural Economics
Mindy L. BakerAgricultural Economics Economics2009 Dermot J. Hayes (grad student)
Kanlaya J. BarrAgricultural Economics Economics2009 Dermot J. Hayes (grad student)
William D. BatchelorAgricultural Engineering, Agronomy Agriculture, Agricultural Economics
Tushi BaulLabor Economics Economics2013 Tanya S. Rosenblat (grad student)
John C. BeghinGeneral Economics, Public Health, Nutrition, Public and Social Welfare
Mukhtar A. BekkaliTheory Economics, International Law and Relations, Mass Communications, Cinema2006 John C. Beghin (grad student)
Subhra BhattacharjeeEnvironmental Economics, General Economics, Recreation Economics2010 Catherine Kling (grad student)
Kenneth Ewart Boulding
Troy A. BowmanNatural Resource Management, Environmental Economics, Land Use Planning Natural Resource Ecology and Management2011 Janette R. Thompson (grad student)
Nancy E. BrownManagement, Home Economics
Oswald Harvey Brownlee Economics Economics1945 Gerhard Tintner (grad student), Kenneth Ewart Boulding (grad student)
Harun BulutAgricultural Economics, General Economics2005 GianCarlo Moschini (grad student)
Helle BunzelFinance
Christopher S. BurkartAgricultural Economics, General Economics2006 Catherine Kling (grad student)
James B. BushnellGeneral Economics, Environmental Economics
Ignacio Carranza CerdaAgricultural Economics, General Economics Agronomy2009 Russell E. Mullen (grad student)
Miguel A. CarriquiryAgricultural Economics2004 Bruce A. Babcock (grad student)
William H. ChinGeneral Economics, Labor Economics, Theory Economics2005 Brent Kreider (grad student)
In S. ChoLabor Economics, Entrepreneurship Business Administration Economics2012 Peter F. Orazem (grad student)
Yun-Jung ChoiHome Economics2002 Nancy J. Miller (grad student)
Gregory ColsonGeneral Economics, Agricultural Economics Economics2009 Wallace E. Huffman (grad student)
David CorrellManagement Business Administration, Commerce-Business Economics, Finance, Labor Economics, Alternative Energy Business Administration2014 Yoshinori Suzuki (grad student)
Jay R. CorriganGeneral Economics2002 Catherine Kling (grad student)
Hamilton CravensUnited States History, History Economics, Public and Social Welfare, Theory and Methods
Jingbo CuiGeneral Economics, Agricultural Economics, Environmental Economics, Alternative Energy, Energy Economics2012 Harvey E. Lapan (grad student)
Marty J. DreischmeierAgricultural Economics2002 Roger Ginder (grad student)
Xiaodong DuAgricultural Economics Economics2008 Dermot J. Hayes (grad student)
Wenying DuLabor Economics, Agricultural Economics2000 Arne Hallam (grad student)
Michael DuffyAgricultural Economics, General Agriculture, Sustainability
Jerome R. DumortierAgricultural Economics Economics2011 Dermot J. Hayes (grad student)
Mohamud H. EgehAgricultural Engineering, Agronomy Agriculture2004 William D. Batchelor (grad student)
Amani E. El ObeidAgricultural Economics2001 Dermot J. Hayes (grad student)
Keith S. EvansEnvironmental Economics, General Economics Economics2011 Catherine Kling (grad student)
Brecca R. FarrHome Economics2000 Mary A. Littrell (grad student)
Jane Farrell-BeckHome Economics, Design and Decorative Arts
Hongli FengGeneral Economics, Environmental Sciences2001 Catherine Kling (grad student)
David M. FrankelGeneral Economics, Banking Business Administration
Keita FukunagaAgricultural Economics2006 Wallace E. Huffman (grad student)
A Ronald GallantFinance, Statistics1971 Wayne A. Fuller (grad student)
Michaeleen E. Gerken GolayForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Ecology Biology Natural Resource Ecology and Management2013 Janette R. Thompson (grad student)
Moschini GianCarloAgricultural Economics, Intellectual Property
Roger GinderAgricultural Economics
Rupayan GuptaGeneral Economics, Theory Economics2005 Oscar Volij (grad student)
Jaya HalepeteHome Economics2006 Mary A. Littrell (grad student)
Arne HallamLabor Economics, Agricultural Economics
Dermot J. HayesAgricultural Economics
Joseph A. HerrigesGeneral Economics
Clifford George Hildreth1947 Gerhard Tintner (grad student)
Elizabeth Ellis Hoyt
Wallace E. HuffmanLabor Economics
Mary E. HultmanAdult and Continuing Education, Management Business Administration2000 Ellen Mullen (grad student)
Ariun IshdorjGeneral Economics Economics2008 Helen H. Jensen (grad student)
Helen H. JensenGeneral Economics
Yongsik JeonGeneral Economics2005 Joseph A. Herriges (grad student)
Hocheol JeonGeneral Economics, Environmental Economics Economics2014 Joseph A. Herriges (grad student)
Yongjie JiGeneral Economics, Environmental Economics Economics2013 Joseph A. Herriges (grad student)
Na JinAgricultural Economics Economics2011 Dermot J. Hayes (grad student)
D. Gale Johnson Economics1945 Theodore William Schultz (grad student)
Robert W. JollyAgricultural Economics, Labor Economics, Theory Economics
Hyun-Mee JoungHome Economics2002 Nancy J. Miller (grad student)
Nathan S. KauffmanAgricultural Economics Economics2012 Dermot J. Hayes (grad student)
Desire Kedagni
Jeong-Eon KimGeneral Economics, Theory Economics2003 Harvey E. Lapan (grad student)
Eundeok KimHome Economics, Design and Decorative Arts2002 Jane Farrell-Beck (grad student)
Catherine KlingGeneral Economics
Brian R. KorbHome Economics Education2006 Beverly Kruempel (grad student)
Peter F. KorschingSocial Structure and Development, Agricultural Economics
Brent KreiderGeneral Economics
Kathy S. KremerSocial Structure and Development, Agricultural Economics2001 Peter F. Korsching (grad student)
Beverly KruempelHome Economics Education
Murali KuchibhotlaLabor Economics Economics2013 Peter F. Orazem (grad student)
Chul-Woo KwonTheory Economics2005 Harvey E. Lapan (grad student)
Harvey E. LapanGeneral Economics, Theory Economics
Paul LasleySocial Structure and Development, Agricultural Economics, Public and Social Welfare
Seung-Eun LeeHome Economics2002 Mary A. Littrell (grad student)
Chanyoung LeeLabor Economics, Sociology of Education Economics2007 Peter F. Orazem (grad student)
Yhe-Young LeeUnited States History, Women's Studies, Modern History2003 Jane Farrell-Beck (grad student)
Ivan Marion Lee1947 William Gordon Murray (grad student)
Sergio LenceFinance, General Economics
Yimin LiangGeneral Economics, Recreation2003 Joseph A. Herriges (grad student)
Mary A. LittrellHome Economics
Chih-Chen LiuGeneral Economics Economics2008 Catherine Kling (grad student)
Kristin A. LowryRecreation, Aging Kinesiology2010 Ann Smiley-Oyen (grad student)
Yoon J. MaHome Economics Family and Consumer Sciences2007 Mary A. Littrell (grad student)
Shikha MarwahGeneral Economics, Agricultural Economics, Environmental Sciences2004 Catherine Kling (grad student)
Charles E. MasonAgricultural Economics2000 Dermot J. Hayes (grad student)
Russel K. McCulloughGeneral Economics2003 Arne Hallam (grad student)
Alan L. McCunnAgricultural Economics, General Economics2001 Wallace E. Huffman (grad student)
Lihong L. McPhailAgricultural Economics Economics2010 Bruce A. Babcock (grad student)
Luisa MenapaceAgricultural Economics, Intellectual Property Economics2010 Moschini GianCarlo (grad student)
Joyce MercierIndividual and Family Studies, Higher Education, Finance Education, General Economics
Zhen MiaoGeneral Economics, Public Health, Nutrition, Public and Social Welfare Economics2012 John C. Beghin (grad student)
Nancy J. MillerHome Economics
John A. MiranowskiAgricultural Economics
Markus MobiusLabor Economics
Vijay MohanGeneral Economics2003 Harvey E. Lapan (grad student)
Daniel C. MonchukGeneral Economics, Agricultural Economics, Labor Economics2003 John A. Miranowski (grad student)
GianCarlo MoschiniGeneral Economics, Labor Economics
Ellen MullenManagement Business Administration, Social Structure and Development, Commerce-Business Economics
Russell E. MullenAgricultural Economics, General Economics
Stella C. MunyaHome Economics2001 Sally K. Williams (grad student)
William Gordon Murray
Yong-Hwan NohGeneral Economics, Theory Economics2005 GianCarlo Moschini (grad student)
Mira NurmakhanovaAgricultural Economics, General Economics, General Agriculture Economics2008 Catherine Kling (grad student)
Derek S. OdenUnited States History, General Agriculture, Agricultural Education2006 Hamilton Cravens (grad student)
Miyoung OhGeneral Economics Economics2014 Helen H. Jensen (grad student)
Peter F. OrazemLabor Economics, Sociology of Education
P Marcelo OviedoGeneral Economics, Theory Economics
Pedro M. OviedoTheory Economics, Finance, Agricultural Economics
Suwen PanAgricultural Economics2002 Helen H. Jensen (grad student)
Nicholas D. PaulsonAgricultural Economics Economics2007 Bruce A. Babcock (grad student)
Joel O. PazAgricultural Engineering, Agronomy Agriculture, Agricultural Economics2000 William D. Batchelor (grad student)
Hang QianGeneral Economics Economics2012 Brent Kreider (grad student)
Sergey S. RabotyagovGeneral Economics Economics2007 Catherine Kling (grad student)
Mohitur RahmanGeneral Economics2001 John Schroeter (grad student)
Jeremiah A. RicheyLabor Economics, Criminology and Penology Economics2012 Brent Kreider (grad student)
Juan F. Rosas PerezAgricultural Economics Economics2012 Dermot J. Hayes (grad student)
Alicia S. RosburgGeneral Economics, Environmental Economics, Agricultural Economics, Alternative Energy, Energy Economics2012 John A. Miranowski (grad student)
Tanya S. RosenblatLabor Economics
Joshua L. RosenbloomGeneral Economics
Matthew C. RousuAgricultural Economics2002 Wallace E. Huffman (grad student)
Ofir D. RubinAgricultural Economics Economics2010 Bruce A. Babcock (grad student)
Nezar H. SamarahAgronomy Agriculture2000 Russell E. Mullen (grad student)
John SchroeterGeneral Economics
Jennifer M. SchulleUnited States History, Women's Studies2005 Jane Farrell-Beck (grad student)
Jessica SchuringGeneral Economics, Labor Economics Economics2013 Wallace E. Huffman (grad student)
Silvia SecchiAgricultural Economics2000 Bruce A. Babcock (grad student)
David L. SeimUnited States History, History Economics, Public and Social Welfare, Theory and Methods2007 Hamilton Cravens (grad student)
Wenzhuo ShangGeneral Economics, Energy2006 Oscar Volij (grad student)
Lindsey M. ShirleyHome Economics Education Education, Home Economics2007 Beverly Kruempel (grad student)
Shiva SikdarGeneral Economics, Theory Economics Economics2008 P Marcelo Oviedo (grad student)
Ann Smiley-OyenGeneral, Finance, Social Psychology, Public Health
Andrei A. SobolevskyGeneral Economics, Agricultural Economics2002 GianCarlo Moschini (grad student)
Moohoun SongLabor Economics, Higher Education2005 Peter F. Orazem (grad student)
Susan M. StrawnHome Economics2004 Mary A. Littrell (grad student)
Yoshinori SuzukiManagement Business Administration, Commerce-Business Economics, Finance, Labor Economics, Alternative Energy
Tin O. ThinManagement, Home Economics2001 Nancy E. Brown (grad student)
Janette R. ThompsonNatural Resource Management, Environmental Economics, Land Use Planning
Gerhard Tintner
Justin L. TobiasGeneral Economics
Betty C. TrostHome Economics Education2006 Beverly Kruempel (grad student)
Anh T. TuGeneral Economics, Agricultural Economics, Theory Economics2005 John C. Beghin (grad student)
Alexander H. TurkLabor Economics2000 Peter F. Orazem (grad student)
Adriana M. ValcuEnvironmental Economics, Agricultural Economics, Water Resource Management Economics2013 Catherine Kling (grad student)
Luc VeyssiereAgricultural Economics, Theory Economics Economics2009 Quinn Weninger (grad student)
Oscar VolijGeneral Economics, Theory Economics
Qiqi WangLabor Economics Economics2013 Markus Mobius (grad student)
Quinn WeningerAgricultural Economics, Theory Economics
Kira M. WersteinGeneral, Finance, Social Psychology, Public Health Kinesiology2013 Ann Smiley-Oyen (grad student)
Sally K. WilliamsHome Economics
Jingtao WuFinance Economics2009 Sergio Lence (grad student)
Jiayu WuEnvironmental Sciences, Hydrology, Water Resource Management Natural Resource Ecology and Management2013 Janette R. Thompson (grad student)
Fanzheng YangLabor Economics Economics2013 Tanya S. Rosenblat (grad student)
Hai-Lan H. YangGeneral Economics, Environmental Economics Economics2013 Harvey E. Lapan (grad student)
Oleg YerokhinGeneral Economics, Labor Economics Economics2007 GianCarlo Moschini (grad student)
DongGyu YiGeneral Economics Economics2014 Joseph A. Herriges (grad student)
Chengyan YueAgricultural Economics, General Economics, Marketing Business Administration2006 John C. Beghin (grad student)
Jinhua ZhaoTheory Economics, Environmental Economics