University of Virginia

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Liwayway G. AdkinsGeneral Economics, Environmental Sciences2006 Edgar O. Olsen (grad student)
Simon AndersonTheory Economics
Alexis AndresHigher Education, Women's Studies2008 Brian Pusser (grad student)
Geoffrey R. ArcherManagement Business Administration, Public and Social Welfare, Commerce-Business Economics2009 Andrea Larson (grad student)
David M. ArseneauGeneral Economics2004 John McLaren (grad student)
Erhan ArtucLabor Economics2006 John McLaren (grad student)
Yakup AsarkayaGeneral Economics, Public and Social Welfare, Developmental Psychology2010 John V. Pepper (grad student)
Bill AshbyHigher Education, Secondary Education, Marketing Business Administration2008 Brian Pusser (grad student)
Joseph S. AttiaGeneral Economics, Commerce-Business Economics2001 Kenneth Elzinga (grad student)
Altantsetseg BatchuluunTheory Economics, Labor Economics, Finance2010 Eric R. Young (grad student)
Marianne BaxterGeneral Economics
Thorsten Beck Economics1999 Ross Levine (grad student)
Juan C. BissoGeneral Economics, Theory Economics, Law2008 Maxim Engers (grad student)
Scott M. BohannonCommerce-Business Economics2000 Simon Anderson (grad student)
Cornelius L. BynumBlack History, United States History, Biography2004 Olivier Zunz (grad student)
Sean D. CarrManagement Business Administration, Entrepreneurship Business Administration, Finance2013 Melissa Thomas-Hunt (grad student)
Daniel R. CarrollGeneral Economics, Public Administration2009 Eric R. Young (grad student)
Laura D. CasteenHigher Education2006 Brian Pusser (grad student)
Roger P. CataniaHistory of Education, United States History, Sociology of Education2012 Brian Pusser (grad student)
Roman CechGeneral Economics, Finance, Theory Economics2001 Ronald W. Michener (grad student)
Levent CelikLabor Economics, Theory Economics, Marketing Business Administration, Mass Communications2007 Simon Anderson (grad student)
Shelia N. ChapmanHigher Education, Nursing, Education, Secondary Education, Native American Studies2008 Brian Pusser (grad student)
Federico CilibertoGeneral Economics
Sarah L. CollieHigher Education2002 Brian Pusser (grad student)
William D. CraigheadGeneral Economics2006 Eric v. Wincoop (grad student)
Kenneth G. CrowtherSystem Science Engineering, Urban and Regional Planning2007 Yacov Y. Haimes (grad student)
Elizabeth E. CubbageGeneral Economics2012 Christopher Otrok (grad student)
Brooke T. CulclasureHigher Education, General Economics2001 Brian Pusser (grad student)
Ashley M. CullopHigher Education, Community College Education2012 Brian Pusser (grad student)
Dusan CurcicGeneral Economics Economics2013 Federico Ciliberto (grad student)
Kristine DahmHigher Education, Women's Studies2006 Brian Pusser (grad student)
Otto Anderson DavisEconomics and Public Policy1960 James McGill Buchanan (grad student)
Sisir DebnathGeneral Economics Economics2013 Leora Friedberg (grad student)
Stephanie L. DemperioGeneral Economics, Public Health2013 Leora Friedberg (grad student)
Ruth Y. DicdicanSystem Science Engineering2004 Yacov Y. Haimes (grad student)
Robyn B. DietterCommunity College Education, Higher Education2006 Brian Pusser (grad student)
Kenneth ElzingaGeneral Economics, Commerce-Business Economics
Maxim EngersGeneral Economics, Theory Economics, Law
Carlos EspinaGeneral Economics, Finance2010 Eric R. Young (grad student)
Dorsey D. FarrGeneral Economics2000 Marianne Baxter (grad student)
Alan W. FortescueHigher Education, Business Education, Environmental Sciences2005 Brian Pusser (grad student)
Leora FriedbergGeneral Economics
Leora FriedburgGeneral Economics, Social Structure and Development
Alfredo GarciaOperations Research, General Economics
Lauren J. GermainHigher Education, Gender Studies, Women's Studies2012 Brian Pusser (grad student)
Jacob GoereeGeneral Economics, Commerce-Business Economics, Theory Economics, Law
Spencer R. GrafTheory Economics, Commerce-Business Economics2000 Simon Anderson (grad student)
Yacov Y. HaimesSystem Science Engineering, Finance, Operations Research
Troy R. HartingGeneral Business Administration, Labor Economics2005 Sankaran Venkataraman (grad student)
Barry T. HirschGeneral Economics, Labor Economics1977 William Richard (Bill) Johnson (grad student), Roger Sherman (grad student)
Derek S. HoffUnited States History, Demography, History Economics2006 Olivier Zunz (grad student)
Jessamy L. HoffmannHigher Education2003 Brian Pusser (grad student)
Mingyi HongElectronics and Electrical Engineering2011 Alfredo Garcia (grad student)
Gihoon HongLabor Economics, Hispanic American Studies2010 Leora Friedberg (grad student)
Jeffrey M. HulbertGeneral Economics, Health Care Management2013 Leora Friedberg (grad student)
Mimi S. HullAdministration Education, Higher Education, Community College Education2004 Brian Pusser (grad student)
Sangyeon HwangGeneral Economics, Finance2006 Eric v. Wincoop (grad student)
Hyejoon ImGeneral Economics, Commerce-Business Economics, Theory Economics2004 John McLaren (grad student)
Gregory P. JachnoGeneral Economics, Finance2010 Christopher Otrok (grad student)
Tarun JainGeneral Economics, Social Structure and Development2009 Leora Friedburg (grad student)
Jayani JayawardhanaCommerce-Business Economics, Marketing Business Administration, Public and Social Welfare2008 Simon Anderson (grad student)
Pu JiangSystem Science Engineering2003 Yacov Y. Haimes (grad student)
William Richard (Bill) Johnsonlabor economics; public economics; economics of information
Bilgehan KarabayTheory Economics, Commerce-Business Economics2006 John McLaren (grad student)
Adrian A. KeevilManagement Business Administration, Finance Management2014 Andrew C. Wicks (grad student)
Masahiro KodamaGeneral Economics2008 Christopher Otrok (grad student)
Andre KurmannGeneral Economics2002 Christopher Otrok (grad student)
Yun-kwong KwokGeneral Economics, Theory Economics, Commerce-Business Economics2003 John McLaren (grad student)
Andrea LarsonManagement Business Administration, Public and Social Welfare, Commerce-Business Economics
Maria F. LeungSystem Science Engineering, Operations Research2006 Yacov Y. Haimes (grad student)
Chenyang LiSystem Science Engineering2010 Alfredo Garcia (grad student)
Chenyang LianSystem Science Engineering, General Economics, Operations Research, Finance2006 Yacov Y. Haimes (grad student)
Jurate LiaukonyteGeneral Economics, Marketing Business Administration2009 Simon Anderson (grad student)
Carolyn H. LivingstonHigher Education, Administration Education2007 Brian Pusser (grad student)
Daisy L. LovelaceSociology of Education, Higher Education, Elementary Education2012 Brian Pusser (grad student)
Daniel L. MackayGeneral Economics2011 Leora Friedberg (grad student)
John McLarenGeneral Economics
Ellen A. MerryGeneral Economics, Finance2001 Edgar O. Olsen (grad student)
Ronald W. MichenerGeneral Economics, Finance, Theory Economics
Toshihiko MukoyamaTheory Economics
Maire A. MurphyUnited States History, Urban and Regional Planning2004 Olivier Zunz (grad student)
Patricia W. NeelyHigher Education, Technology of Education, Finance Education2004 Brian Pusser (grad student)
Edgar O. OlsenGeneral Economics, Administration Education
Esen OnurGeneral Economics, Finance2007 Eric v. Wincoop (grad student)
Alexei G. OrlovGeneral Economics, Finance, International Law and Relations2002 John McLaren (grad student)
Christopher OtrokFinance
Young-Joon ParkFinance, Home Economics2009 Christopher Otrok (grad student)
Svetlana PashchenkoMacroeconomics, Computational Economics, Insurance, Public Policy Analysis Economics20062011 Eric R. Young (grad student), Mariacristina D. Nardi (grad student)
John V. PepperApplied Econometrics, Public Economics
Charles R. PlottGeneral Economics1966 James McGill Buchanan (grad student)
Ponpoje PorapakkarmGeneral Economics2009 Eric R. Young (grad student)
Brian PusserHigher Education, General Economics
Christina H. RennhoffGeneral Economics, Labor Economics, Health Care Management Economics2006 William Richard (Bill) Johnson (grad student), Leora Friedberg (grad student), John V. Pepper (grad student)
Adam D. RennhoffCommerce-Business Economics, Marketing Business Administration2006 Simon Anderson (grad student)
Jacob H. RooksbyHigher Education, Intellectual Property, Patent Law, Higher Education Administration Education2012 Brian Pusser (grad student)
Susmita RoyGeneral Economics2010 Leora Friedberg (grad student)
Richard R. RubleTheory Economics2002 Simon Anderson (grad student)
Francisco J. Ruge-MurciaGeneral Economics1993 James D. Hamilton (grad student), Marjorie Flavin (grad student)
Edmund P. RussellUnited States History, History Economics, Modern History
Giandomenico SarolliFinance2010 Eric R. Young (grad student)
David D. ScheinCurriculum and Instruction Education, Business Education2005 Brian Pusser (grad student)
Neil S. SeftorGeneral Economics, Administration Education2001 Edgar O. Olsen (grad student)
Ganesh K. SeshanGeneral Economics, Agricultural Economics2006 John McLaren (grad student)
Sunit N. ShahTheory Economics, Marketing Business Administration, Mass Communications2011 Simon Anderson (grad student)
Zhijiang ShenOperations Research, General Economics2011 Alfredo Garcia (grad student)
Kieun ShimGeneral Economics2006 John McLaren (grad student)
Andrea SpreterAdult and Continuing Education, Higher Education2006 Brian Pusser (grad student)
Gerald StarsiaAdministration Education, Business Education, Higher Education, Sports Management Business Administration2010 Brian Pusser (grad student)
Xuan S. TamTheory Economics2010 Christopher Otrok (grad student)
Julia K. ThomasGeneral Economics1998 Robert G. King (grad student)
Melissa Thomas-HuntManagement Business Administration, Entrepreneurship Business Administration, Finance
Steven C. TrostGeneral Economics, Commerce-Business Economics, Administration Education2006 John V. Pepper (grad student)
Eric VanWincoopGeneral Economics
Sankaran VenkataramanGeneral Business Administration, Labor Economics
Supbhawong VichaphundGeneral Economics2012 Leora Friedberg (grad student)
Ruwei WangGeneral Economics2012 Eric R. Young (grad student)
Shuna WangGeneral Economics, Pharmacy, Commerce-Business Economics2011 Simon Anderson (grad student)
Andrew C. WicksManagement Business Administration, Finance
Kenneth C. WilburGeneral Economics, Commerce-Business Economics, Mass Communications, Marketing Business Administration2005 Simon Anderson (grad student)
Eric v. WincoopFinance
Yutaka YoshinoGeneral Economics, Environmental Sciences, International Law and Relations2007 John McLaren (grad student)
Eric R. YoungMacroeconomics, Computational Economics
Yanchun ZhangFinance2003 Eric v. Wincoop (grad student)
Olivier ZunzUnited States History, Demography, History Economics