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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Jan Johan Jacobus Dalmulder (Info) Tilburg University econometrics jandh 2009‑05‑21
Frank den Butter (Info) VU Amsterdam p.a.gautier 2018‑05‑02
Dick van Dijk (Info) Erasmus University rtol 2018‑01‑31
Martinus Maria Gerardus Fase (Info) Erasmus University, Amsterdam MarekWeretka 2018‑10‑12
Dennis Fok (Info) Erasmus University rtol 2018‑01‑31
Philip Hans Franses (Info) Erasmus University rtol 2018‑01‑31
Allard Othmar Holwerda (Info) Erasmus University jandh 2021‑08‑26
Frank Kleibergen (Info) Brown, Amsterdam General Economics, Theory Economics pq 2016‑05‑27
Teunis Kloek (Info) Erasmus University Econometrics jandh 2018‑01‑06
Johan Koerts (Info) Erasmus University rtol 2018‑02‑15
Clement Levallois (Info) Erasmus University Rotterdam & Virtual Knowledge Studio History of economics, neuroeconomics, social networks clementlevallois 2009‑11‑11
Andre Lucas (Info) Erasmus University rtol 2018‑01‑31
Ashok Mitra (Info) London School of Economics and Political Science (United Kingdom) rtol 2017‑10‑25
Peter Nijkamp (Info) Erasmus University rtol 2017‑10‑07
Marius Ooms (Info) Erasmus University rtol 2018‑01‑31
Jean H.P. Paelinck (Info) Erasmus University rtol 2017‑10‑07
Henri Rijken van Olst (Info) RUG Econometry jandh 2018‑09‑28
Henri (Hans) Theil (Info) Erasmus University, Chicago, University of Florida econometrics jandh 2018‑01‑06
Jan Tinbergen (Info) Erasmus University econometrics jandh 2009‑05‑17
Herman Koene van Dijk (Info) Erasmus University Econometrics jandh 2018‑01‑06
Bernard van Praag (Info) Leiden, Erasmus University, Amsterdam Applied Economics jandh 2012‑01‑31
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