Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Maureen A. AndersonGuidance and Counseling Education, Behavioral Psychology2006 Dorothy Breen (grad student)
James ArtesaniSpecial Education, Educational Psychology Education
Rosemary A. BamfordTeacher Training Education, Educational Psychology Education, Language and Literature Education
Lauren A. Barth-CohenSciences Education Center for Research in STEM Education20132014 Michael C. Wittmann (post-doc)
Dawn E. Bearor2012 Susan K. Gardner (grad student)
Lucie C. BoucherReading Education, Elementary Education, Administration Education2000 Rosemary A. Bamford (grad student)
Dorothy BreenHigher Education, Women's Studies
Brian J. CavanaughSpecial Education, Educational Psychology Education Special Education2013 James Artesani (grad student)
Julie N. DellaMatteraEarly Childhood Education, History of Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education2006 Dianne Hoff (grad student)
Brian E. DooreTests and Measurements Education, Evaluation Education, Early Childhood Education, Policy Education2010 Janet Spector (grad student)
Pamela FeeneyGuidance and Counseling Education, Counseling Psychology, Theory and Methods, Women's Studies2010 Dorothy Breen (grad student)
Susan K. Gardnerdoctoral education, faculty socialization, gender issues in higher education
Abigail C. GarthwaitLanguage and Literature Education, Technology of Education, Rhetoric and Composition Language2000 Rosemary A. Bamford (grad student)
Barbara R. HarveyMental Health, Women's Studies, Social Psychology2010 Dorothy Breen (grad student)
Dianne HoffHigher Education, Policy Education
Tamara J. HuntGuidance and Counseling Education, Counseling Psychology2010 Dorothy Breen (grad student)
Kjrsten KeaneTechnology of Education, Higher Education, Speech Communication2007 Abigail C. Garthwait (grad student)
Melissa D. KeenanTeacher Training Education, Educational Psychology Education, Language and Literature Education2001 Rosemary A. Bamford (grad student)
Catherine J. LounsburyGuidance and Counseling Education, Clinical Psychology, Social Work2006 Dorothy Breen (grad student)
Maryellen Mahoney-O'NeilTechnology of Education, Teacher Training Education2010 Abigail C. Garthwait (grad student)
Patrick M. ManuelAdministration Education2008 Dianne Hoff (grad student)
Thomas J. McGintyAdministration Education, Special Education2007 Dianne Hoff (grad student)
Catherine A. MenardAdministration Education2006 Dianne Hoff (grad student)
Margaret L. MerrillElementary Education, Pedagogy Education, Sciences Education Education2012 Abigail C. Garthwait (grad student)
Toni C. MoleonBehavioral Psychology, Special Education2012 Dorothy Breen (grad student)
Elena PerrelloGuidance and Counseling Education2009 Dorothy Breen (grad student)
Johanna PrinceTechnology of Education, English as a Second Language Education, Pedagogy Education2014 Abigail C. Garthwait (grad student)
Gael E. RomeiReading Education, Tests and Measurements Education, Elementary Education2002 Rosemary A. Bamford (grad student)
Melissa A. RosenbergHigher Education, Women's Studies Counselor Education2013 Dorothy Breen (grad student)
Heather D. SadlierAdministration Education, Speech Communication2005 Dianne Hoff (grad student)
Janet SpectorTests and Measurements Education, Evaluation Education, Early Childhood Education, Policy Education
Jeanna M. TuellAdministration Education2006 Dianne Hoff (grad student)
Daniela Ximena Veliz Calderon2014 Susan K. Gardner (grad student)
Betsy M. WebbAdministration Education2008 Dianne Hoff (grad student)
Michael D. WingGuidance and Counseling Education2008 Dorothy Breen (grad student)
Sherrie WintonGuidance and Counseling Education, Multilingual Education2013 Dorothy Breen (grad student)