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Audrey Addi-Rakcah (Info) Tel Aviv University Social stratification in teaching occupation, women in school leadership and stratification in higher education arnonh 2010‑07‑09
Yaira Amit (Info) Tel Aviv University Biblical historiography, Biblical poetics, Biblical theology, instructional program development for Bible studies arnonh 2010‑07‑09
Dorit Aram (Info) Tel Aviv University Trends in educational leadership, law-based policy and reform arnonh 2010‑07‑09
Mordecai Arieli (Info) Tel Aviv University Microsociology and micropolitics of schools and schooling, Life histories of Women and Men in Education arnonh 2010‑07‑09
Daniel Bar Tal (Info) Tel Aviv University Social psychology of knowledge, stereotypes and prejudice, political psychology, class interaction arnonh 2010‑07‑09
Avner Ben-Amos (Info) Tel Aviv University History of education – Late modern France and Israel, the formation of collective memory through rituals monuments and museums, the teaching of history as a means to shape national identity, political symbolism, visual culture arnonh 2010‑07‑11
Menucha Birenbaum (Info) Tel Aviv University Alternative approaches to assessing achievement, assessment of individual learning strategies arnonh 2010‑07‑11
David Chen (Info) The Center for Academic Studies (Or Yehuda, Israel) arnonh 2010‑07‑06
David K. Cohen (Info) University of Michigan Education, Education Policy, Practice of Teaching cdeanlee 2011‑11‑03
Tommy Dreyfus (Info) Tel Aviv University Mathematics as a domain of knowledge of teaching and of learning: Epistemological, cognitive and didactic aspects, including the use of computers. arnonh 2010‑07‑11
Esther Dromi (Info) Tel Aviv University The Transition from Communication to Conventional Language, A Clinical Marker for Specific Language Impairment (SLI) in Hebrew Speaking Children, “Kesher” - Language Assessment and Intervention Program for Young Israeli Children with Special Educational N arnonh 2010‑07‑11
Yuval Dror (Info) Tel Aviv University History of education in Israel, combining historical research with current educational policy making arnonh 2010‑07‑11
Rachel Erhard (Info) Tel Aviv University School counseling, substance abuse prevention programs, perceived effectiveness of peer counseling programs arnonh 2010‑07‑09
Nehemia Friedland (Info) Tel Aviv University Decision-making and judgment under stress, conflict and conflict resolution arnonh 2010‑07‑13
Rachel Gali Cinamon (Info) Tel Aviv University Career development: work-family conflict, work-family conflict expectation and role management self-efficacy, career and professional development of adolescents and young adults, counselors professional development, women career development arnonh 2010‑07‑11
Dan Gibton (Info) trends in educational leadership, law-based policy and reform arnonh 2010‑07‑11
David Ginat (Info) Tel Aviv University Development of mathematical and algorithmic thinking, Novice tendencies misleading intuition and learning from mistakes, Creative encapsulation of colorful challenges in teaching arnonh 2010‑07‑11
Ellen B. Goldring (Info) Vanderbilt arnonh 2010‑07‑11
Arnon Hershkovitz (Info) Tel Aviv University Educational Data Mining, Web-based Learning, Social Networks in Education arnonh 2010‑07‑05
Orit Ichilov (Info) Tel Aviv University arnonh 2010‑07‑09
Moshe Israelashvili (Info) Tel Aviv University stress inoculation, prevention programs, adjustment to new social settings, promotion of coping and resilience arnonh 2010‑07‑11
Iris Levin (Info) Tel Aviv University Intuitive and school-developed concepts, influence of schooling and Learning on thinking, mother-child interaction and cognitive development arnonh 2010‑07‑09
David Mioduser (Info) Tel Aviv University arnonh 2010‑07‑07
Rafi Nachmias (Info) Tel Aviv University arnonh 2010‑07‑06
Izhar Oplatka (Info) Tel Aviv University arnonh 2010‑07‑09
Naama Sabar Ben-Yehoshua (Info) Tel Aviv University Ethics of teachers and educational researchers, Qualitative research, Jewish education arnonh 2010‑07‑11
Michal Tannenbaum (Info) Tel Aviv University language maintenance, immigration, family relations, multiculturalism arnonh 2010‑07‑13
Hanna Tur-Kaspa (Info) Tel Aviv University Social cognition of hearing-impaired children, causal thinking of hearing-impaired children, linguistic models and diagnostic models of hearing-impaired children arnonh 2010‑07‑13
Amatzia Weisel (Info) Tel Aviv University Education and rehabilitation of deaf and hard of hearing students, The psycho-social context of deafness, Attitudes towards persons with physical disabilities, Educational policy in special education arnonh 2010‑07‑12
Ami Wolanski (Info) Tel Aviv University arnonh 2010‑07‑12
Abraham Yogev (Info) Tel Aviv University Education and social-ethnic stratification; education and social changes, educational policy arnonh 2010‑07‑13
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