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2005 Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 
Tests and Measurements Education, Cognitive Psychology

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2018 Yang XY, Tse MCL, Hu X, Jia WH, Du GH, Chan CB. Interaction of CREB and PGC-1α Induces Fibronectin Type III Domain-Containing Protein 5 Expression in C2C12 Myotubes. Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry : International Journal of Experimental Cellular Physiology, Biochemistry, and Pharmacology. 50: 1574-1584. PMID 30359971 DOI: 10.1159/000494655  0.64
2018 Wood J, Tse MCL, Yang X, Brobst D, Liu Z, Pang BPS, Chan WS, Zaw AM, Chow BKC, Ye K, Lee CW, Chan CB. BDNF mimetic alleviates body weight gain in obese mice by enhancing mitochondrial biogenesis in skeletal muscle. Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental. PMID 29935237 DOI: 10.1016/j.metabol.2018.06.007  0.64
2016 Liu C, Chan CB, Ye K. 7,8-dihydroxyflavone, a small molecular TrkB agonist, is useful for treating various BDNF-implicated human disorders. Translational Neurodegeneration. 5: 2. PMID 26740873 DOI: 10.1186/s40035-015-0048-7  0.32
2015 Zhang S, Qi Q, Chan CB, Zhou W, Chen J, Luo HR, Appin C, Brat DJ, Ye K. Fyn-phosphorylated PIKE-A binds and inhibits AMPK signaling, blocking its tumor suppressive activity. Cell Death and Differentiation. PMID 26001218 DOI: 10.1038/Cdd.2015.66  0.32
2015 Gross C, Chang CW, Kelly SM, Bhattacharya A, McBride SM, Danielson SW, Jiang MQ, Chan CB, Ye K, Gibson JR, Klann E, Jongens TA, Moberg KH, Huber KM, Bassell GJ. Increased expression of the PI3K enhancer PIKE mediates deficits in synaptic plasticity and behavior in fragile X syndrome. Cell Reports. 11: 727-36. PMID 25921541 DOI: 10.1016/J.Celrep.2015.03.060  0.72
2015 Chan CB, Tse MC, Liu X, Zhang S, Schmidt R, Otten R, Liu L, Ye K. Activation of muscular TrkB by its small molecular agonist 7,8-dihydroxyflavone sex-dependently regulates energy metabolism in diet-induced obese mice. Chemistry & Biology. 22: 355-68. PMID 25754472 DOI: 10.1016/j.chembiol.2015.02.003  0.64
2014 Liu X, Obianyo O, Chan CB, Huang J, Xue S, Yang JJ, Zeng F, Goodman M, Ye K. Biochemical and biophysical investigation of the brain-derived neurotrophic factor mimetic 7,8-dihydroxyflavone in the binding and activation of the TrkB receptor. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 289: 27571-84. PMID 25143381 DOI: 10.1074/jbc.M114.562561  0.32
2014 Qiang G, Xue S, Yang JJ, Du G, Pang X, Li X, Goswami D, Griffin PR, Ortlund EA, Chan CB, Ye K. Identification of a small molecular insulin receptor agonist with potent antidiabetes activity. Diabetes. 63: 1394-409. PMID 24651808 DOI: 10.2337/Db13-0334  0.72
2014 Chan CB, Liu X, Zhao L, Liu G, Lee CW, Feng Y, Ye K. PIKE is essential for oligodendroglia development and CNS myelination. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 111: 1993-8. PMID 24449917 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1318185111  0.72
2014 Zhang Z, Liu X, Schroeder JP, Chan CB, Song M, Yu SP, Weinshenker D, Ye K. 7,8-dihydroxyflavone prevents synaptic loss and memory deficits in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. Neuropsychopharmacology : Official Publication of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology. 39: 638-50. PMID 24022672 DOI: 10.1038/Npp.2013.243  0.72
2013 He K, Qi Q, Chan CB, Xiao G, Liu X, Tucker-Burden C, Wang L, Mao H, Lu X, McDonald FE, Luo H, Fan QW, Weiss WA, Sun SY, Brat DJ, et al. Blockade of glioma proliferation through allosteric inhibition of JAK2. Science Signaling. 6: ra55. PMID 23838182 DOI: 10.1126/Scisignal.2003900  0.32
2013 Chan CB, Ye K. Serine-arginine protein kinases: new players in neurodegenerative diseases? Reviews in the Neurosciences. 24: 401-13. PMID 23828492 DOI: 10.1515/revneuro-2013-0014  0.72
2013 Tse MC, Liu X, Yang S, Ye K, Chan CB. Fyn regulates adipogenesis by promoting PIKE-A/STAT5a interaction. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 33: 1797-808. PMID 23438599 DOI: 10.1128/MCB.01410-12  0.72
2012 Hong Y, Chan CB, Kwon IS, Li X, Song M, Lee HP, Liu X, Sompol P, Jin P, Lee HG, Yu SP, Ye K. SRPK2 phosphorylates tau and mediates the cognitive defects in Alzheimer's disease. The Journal of Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the Society For Neuroscience. 32: 17262-72. PMID 23197718 DOI: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.3300-12.2012  0.72
2012 Liu X, Chan CB, Qi Q, Xiao G, Luo HR, He X, Ye K. Optimization of a small tropomyosin-related kinase B (TrkB) agonist 7,8-dihydroxyflavone active in mouse models of depression. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 55: 8524-37. PMID 22984948 DOI: 10.1021/Jm301099X  0.72
2012 Chan CB, Ye K. Phosphoinositide 3-kinase enhancer (PIKE) in the brain: is it simply a phosphoinositide 3-kinase/Akt enhancer? Reviews in the Neurosciences. 23: 153-61. PMID 22499674 DOI: 10.1515/revneuro-2011-0066  0.72
2012 Qi Q, He K, Yoo MH, Chan CB, Liu X, Zhang Z, Olson JJ, Xiao G, Wang L, Mao H, Fu H, Tao H, Ramalingam SS, Sun SY, Mischel PS, et al. Acridine yellow G blocks glioblastoma growth via dual inhibition of epidermal growth factor receptor and protein kinase C kinases. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 287: 6113-27. PMID 22215664 DOI: 10.1074/Jbc.M111.293605  0.72
2012 Chan CB, Chen Y, Liu X, Papale L, Escayg A, Mei L, Ye K. Essential role of PIKE GTPases in neuronal protection against excitotoxic insults. Advances in Biological Regulation. 52: 66-76. PMID 21925531 DOI: 10.1016/J.Advenzreg.2011.09.012  0.72
2011 Chan CB, Ye K. What we have learnt about PIKE from the knockout mice. International Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. 2: 228-39. PMID 22003435  0.32
2011 He K, Chan CB, Liu X, Jia Y, Luo HR, France SA, Liu Y, Wilson WD, Ye K. Identification of a molecular activator for insulin receptor with potent anti-diabetic effects. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 286: 37379-88. PMID 21908618 DOI: 10.1074/jbc.M111.247387  0.72
2011 Chan CB, Chen Y, Liu X, Tang X, Lee CW, Mei L, Ye K. PIKE-mediated PI3-kinase activity is required for AMPA receptor surface expression. The Embo Journal. 30: 4274-86. PMID 21847098 DOI: 10.1038/Emboj.2011.281  0.72
2011 Chan CB, Liu X, He K, Qi Q, Jung DY, Kim JK, Ye K. The association of phosphoinositide 3-kinase enhancer A with hepatic insulin receptor enhances its kinase activity. Embo Reports. 12: 847-54. PMID 21720388 DOI: 10.1038/embor.2011.108  0.72
2011 Chan CB, Liu X, Pradoldej S, Hao C, An J, Yepes M, Luo HR, Ye K. Phosphoinositide 3-kinase enhancer regulates neuronal dendritogenesis and survival in neocortex. The Journal of Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the Society For Neuroscience. 31: 8083-92. PMID 21632930 DOI: 10.1523/Jneurosci.1129-11.2011  0.72
2011 Chan CB, Ye K. What we have learnt about PIKE from the knockout mice International Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. 2: 228-239.  0.72
2010 Liu X, Chan CB, Jang SW, Pradoldej S, Huang J, He K, Phun LH, France S, Xiao G, Jia Y, Luo HR, Ye K. A synthetic 7,8-dihydroxyflavone derivative promotes neurogenesis and exhibits potent antidepressant effect. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 53: 8274-86. PMID 21073191 DOI: 10.1021/jm101206p  0.32
2010 Gross C, Nakamoto M, Yao X, Chan CB, Yim SY, Ye K, Warren ST, Bassell GJ. Excess phosphoinositide 3-kinase subunit synthesis and activity as a novel therapeutic target in fragile X syndrome. The Journal of Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the Society For Neuroscience. 30: 10624-38. PMID 20702695 DOI: 10.1523/Jneurosci.0402-10.2010  0.72
2010 Jang SW, Liu X, Chan CB, France SA, Sayeed I, Tang W, Lin X, Xiao G, Andero R, Chang Q, Ressler KJ, Ye K. Deoxygedunin, a natural product with potent neurotrophic activity in mice. Plos One. 5: e11528. PMID 20644624 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0011528  0.72
2010 Chan CB, Ye K. Multiple functions of phosphoinositide-3 kinase enhancer (PIKE). Thescientificworldjournal. 10: 613-23. PMID 20419274 DOI: 10.1100/tsw.2010.64  0.72
2010 Chan CB, Liu X, Ensslin MA, Dillehay DL, Ormandy CJ, Sohn P, Serra R, Ye K. PIKE-A is required for prolactin-mediated STAT5a activation in mammary gland development. The Embo Journal. 29: 956-68. PMID 20075866 DOI: 10.1038/Emboj.2009.406  0.32
2010 Chan CB, Liu X, Jung DY, Jun JY, Luo HR, Kim JK, Ye K. Deficiency of phosphoinositide 3-kinase enhancer protects mice from diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance. Diabetes. 59: 883-93. PMID 20068140 DOI: 10.2337/db09-1404  0.72
2010 Oh SM, Liu Z, Okada M, Jang SW, Liu X, Chan CB, Luo H, Ye K. Ebp1 sumoylation, regulated by TLS/FUS E3 ligase, is required for its anti-proliferative activity. Oncogene. 29: 1017-30. PMID 19946338 DOI: 10.1038/Onc.2009.411  0.32
2009 Chan CB, Liu X, Jang SW, Hsu SI, Williams I, Kang S, Chen J, Ye K. NGF inhibits human leukemia proliferation by downregulating cyclin A1 expression through promoting acinus/CtBP2 association. Oncogene. 28: 3825-36. PMID 19668232 DOI: 10.1038/onc.2009.236  0.32
2009 Jang SW, Liu X, Chan CB, Weinshenker D, Hall RA, Xiao G, Ye K. Amitriptyline is a TrkA and TrkB receptor agonist that promotes TrkA/TrkB heterodimerization and has potent neurotrophic activity. Chemistry & Biology. 16: 644-56. PMID 19549602 DOI: 10.1016/J.Chembiol.2009.05.010  0.72
2009 Lau PN, Chow KB, Chan CB, Cheng CH, Wise H. The constitutive activity of the ghrelin receptor attenuates apoptosis via a protein kinase C-dependent pathway. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology. 299: 232-9. PMID 19135127 DOI: 10.1016/j.mce.2008.12.006  0.72
2009 Chan CB, Abe M, Hashimoto N, Hao C, Williams IR, Liu X, Nakao S, Yamamoto A, Zheng C, Henter JI, Meeths M, Nordenskjold M, Li SY, Hara-Nishimura I, Asano M, et al. Mice lacking asparaginyl endopeptidase develop disorders resembling hemophagocytic syndrome. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 106: 468-73. PMID 19106291 DOI: 10.1073/Pnas.0809824105  0.72
2008 Tang X, Jang SW, Okada M, Chan CB, Feng Y, Liu Y, Luo SW, Hong Y, Rama N, Xiong WC, Mehlen P, Ye K. Netrin-1 mediates neuronal survival through PIKE-L interaction with the dependence receptor UNC5B. Nature Cell Biology. 10: 698-706. PMID 18469807 DOI: 10.1038/ncb1732  0.72
2007 Wang X, Yue P, Chan CB, Ye K, Ueda T, Watanabe-Fukunaga R, Fukunaga R, Fu H, Khuri FR, Sun SY. Inhibition of mammalian target of rapamycin induces phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-dependent and Mnk-mediated eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4E phosphorylation. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 27: 7405-13. PMID 17724079 DOI: 10.1128/MCB.00760-07  0.72
2007 Chan CB, Liu X, Tang X, Fu H, Ye K. Akt phosphorylation of zyxin mediates its interaction with acinus-S and prevents acinus-triggered chromatin condensation Cell Death and Differentiation. 14: 1688-1699. PMID 17572661 DOI: 10.1038/sj.cdd.4402179  0.72
2007 Chan CB, Ye K. PIKE GTPase are phosphoinositide-3-kinase enhancers, suppressing programmed cell death. Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine. 11: 39-53. PMID 17367500 DOI: 10.1111/j.1582-4934.2007.00014.x  0.72
2007 Leung PK, Chow KB, Lau PN, Chu KM, Chan CB, Cheng CH, Wise H. The truncated ghrelin receptor polypeptide (GHS-R1b) acts as a dominant-negative mutant of the ghrelin receptor. Cellular Signalling. 19: 1011-22. PMID 17229547 DOI: 10.1016/j.cellsig.2006.11.011  0.72
2007 Chu KM, Chow KB, Leung PK, Lau PN, Chan CB, Cheng CH, Wise H. Over-expression of the truncated ghrelin receptor polypeptide attenuates the constitutive activation of phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase C by ghrelin receptors but has no effect on ghrelin-stimulated extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2 activity. The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology. 39: 752-64. PMID 17169600 DOI: 10.1016/j.biocel.2006.11.007  0.72
2007 Chan CB, Tang WK, Cheng CH, Fong WP. Cloning of the black seabream (Acanthopagrus schlegeli) antiquitin gene and functional characterization of its promoter region. Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. 297: 151-60. PMID 17075685 DOI: 10.1007/s11010-006-9340-2  0.72
2006 Yeung CM, Chan CB, Woo NY, Cheng CH. Seabream ghrelin: cDNA cloning, genomic organization and promoter studies. The Journal of Endocrinology. 189: 365-79. PMID 16648303 DOI: 10.1677/Joe.1.06593  0.72
2006 Yeung CM, Chan CB, Leung PS, Cheng CH. Cells of the anterior pituitary. The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology. 38: 1441-9. PMID 16621669 DOI: 10.1016/J.Biocel.2006.02.012  0.72
2005 Tang WK, Chan CB, Cheng CH, Fong WP. Seabream antiquitin: molecular cloning, tissue distribution, subcellular localization and functional expression. Febs Letters. 579: 3759-64. PMID 15967446 DOI: 10.1016/j.febslet.2005.05.070  0.72
2005 Chan CB, Tse MCL, Cheng CHK. Regulation and Mechanism of Growth Hormone and Insulin-like Growth Factor-I Biosynthesis and Secretion The Somatotrophic Axis in Brain Function. 7-23. DOI: 10.1016/B978-012088484-1/50004-5  0.72
2004 Chan CB, Fung CK, Fung W, Tse MC, Cheng CH. Stimulation of growth hormone secretion from seabream pituitary cells in primary culture by growth hormone secretagogues is independent of growth hormone transcription. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Toxicology & Pharmacology : Cbp. 139: 77-85. PMID 15556068 DOI: 10.1016/j.cca.2004.09.008  0.72
2004 Chan CB, Leung PK, Wise H, Cheng CH. Signal transduction mechanism of the seabream growth hormone secretagogue receptor. Febs Letters. 577: 147-53. PMID 15527776 DOI: 10.1016/j.febslet.2004.08.088  0.72
2004 Yeung CM, Chan CB, Cheng CH. Isolation and characterization of the 5'-flanking region of the growth hormone secretagogue receptor gene from black seabream Acanthopagrus schlegeli. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology. 223: 5-15. PMID 15279906 DOI: 10.1016/J.Mce.2004.06.005  0.72
2004 Chan CB, Cheng CH. Identification and functional characterization of two alternatively spliced growth hormone secretagogue receptor transcripts from the pituitary of black seabream Acanthopagrus schlegeli. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology. 214: 81-95. PMID 15062547 DOI: 10.1016/J.Mce.2003.11.020  0.72
2003 Tse DL, Tse MC, Chan CB, Deng L, Zhang WM, Lin HR, Cheng CH. Seabream growth hormone receptor: molecular cloning and functional studies of the full-length cDNA, and tissue expression of two alternatively spliced forms. Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta. 1625: 64-76. PMID 12527427 DOI: 10.1016/S0167-4781(02)00591-2  0.72
2000 Tse DL, Chow BK, Chan CB, Lee LT, Cheng CH. Molecular cloning and expression studies of a prolactin receptor in goldfish (Carassius auratus). Life Sciences. 66: 593-605. PMID 10794515 DOI: 10.1016/S0024-3205(99)00632-3  0.72
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