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John H. Borden (Info) Simon Fraser Forest entomology, chemical ecology sacampbe 2014‑05‑07
Yves Carrière (Info) University of Arizona ecology, insect resistance, integrated pest management jen.perry 2021‑05‑27
Alex M. Chubaty (Info) Simon Fraser jen.perry 2021‑05‑27
Lee M. Henry (Info) Queen Mary University of London symbionts jen.perry 2021‑05‑27
Wim van Herk (Info) Simon Fraser jen.perry 2021‑05‑27
B. M. Hobby (Info) Oxford jen.perry 2021‑04‑14
Dezene P. Huber (Info) Simon Fraser University (Canada) Forest entomology, chemical ecology pq 2015‑09‑26
Robert G. Lalonde (Info) University of British Columbia Okanagan dormancy, Drosophila, Wolbachia jen.perry 2021‑05‑27
Brian Ma (Info) Simon Fraser jen.perry 2021‑05‑27
Jennifer C. Perry (Info) University of East Anglia entomology, behaviour, sexual selection, signaling, sexual conflict, insects, fruit flies, Drosophila jen.perry 2021‑04‑14
Jason H. Peterson (Info) Simon Fraser jen.perry 2021‑05‑27
Bernard D. Roitberg (Info) Simon Fraser behavioural ecology, population ecology, integrated pest management, mathematical modelling jen.perry 2021‑05‑27
Albert L. Turnbull (Info) Simon Fraser jen.perry 2021‑04‑23
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