University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Alden C. Adrion Environmental Sciences and Engineering20112015 Michael D. Aitken (grad student)
Michael D. AitkenEnvironmental Engineering, Molecular Biology, Microbiology Biology
Maren E. AndersonEnvironmental Sciences, Public Health, Microbiology Biology, Environmental Engineering, Agricultural Engineering2003 Mark D. Sobsey (grad student)
Louise M. Ball
David A. BattigelliPublic Health, Environmental Sciences, Sanitary and Municipal Engineering, Microbiology Biology2002 Mark D. Sobsey (grad student)
Susan R. BielmeierToxicology, Sanitary and Municipal Engineering2003 Michael G. Narotsky (grad student)
Treavor H. BoyerEnvironmental Engineering, Sanitary and Municipal Engineering Environmental Sciences & Engineering2008 Philip C. Singer (grad student)
Jo E. BrandmeyerEnvironmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Computer Science, Remote Sensing2000 Harvey Edward Jeffries (grad student)
Matthew J. CampenEnvironmental Sciences, Animal Physiology Biology2000 Louise M. Ball (grad student)
Bharadwaj ChandramouliEnvironmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering2002 Richard M. Kamens (grad student)
Yi-Chun E. ChaoEnvironmental Engineering, Occupational Health and Safety2005 Leena A. Nylander-French (grad student)
Gregory W. CharacklisEnvironmental Engineering
Chidsanuphong Chart-asaEnvironmental Health, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering Environmental Sciences and Engineering2014 Jacqueline A. MacDonald-Gibson (grad student)
Chao-Jung ChienEnvironmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Geophysics2001 Harvey Edward Jeffries (grad student)
Huei-An ( ChuEnvironmental Sciences, Public Health, Environmental Engineering2006 Douglas J. Crawford-Brown (grad student)
Maria Manta ConroyUrban and Regional Planning, Environmental Sciences2000 Philip Berke (grad student)
Angela D. CoullietteEnvironmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering Environmental Sciences & Engineering2008 Rachel T. Noble (grad student)
Brian A. DempseyEnvironmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Geochemistry1981 Charles R. O’Melia (grad student)
Andrea M. DietrichCivil Engineering Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering1987 Louise M. Ball (grad student)
Francis A. DiGianoEnvironmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Health
Melanie L. DoyleEnvironmental Sciences, Toxicology, Environmental Engineering, Atmospheric Sciences2006 Harvey Edward Jeffries (grad student)
Rebecca C. FryEnvironmental Health, Cell Biology, Environmental Engineering
Gregory W. HarringtonEnvironmental Engineering, Microbiology Biology1997 Philip C. Singer (grad student)
Vincent R. HillEnvironmental Engineering, Public Health, Environmental Sciences2001 Mark D. Sobsey (grad student)
Jing Hu Environmental Sciences and Engineering20082012 Michael D. Aitken (grad student)
Myoseon JangEnvironmental Engineering, Atmospheric Sciences
Harvey Edward JeffriesEnvironmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Geophysics Sanitary Engineering1972 Lyman Ripperton (grad student)
Marc JeulandWater Resource Management, Environmental Economics, Environmental Engineering, Climate Change Environmental Sciences & Engineering2009 Dale Whittington (grad student)
Chikoma S. KazungaEnvironmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering2000 Michael D. Aitken (grad student)
Jordan D. KernEnvironmental Engineering, Energy, Hydrology, Environmental Economics Environmental Sciences and Engineering2014 Gregory W. Characklis (grad student)
Byeong-Uk KimEnvironmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering, Atmospheric Science Physics2006 Harvey Edward Jeffries (grad student)
Yu-Mee KimToxicology2006 Louise M. Ball (grad student)
Jeonghwan ( KimEnvironmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering2005 Francis A. DiGiano (grad student)
Alexander KolovosEnvironmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences2001 George Christakos (grad student)
Jordan L. KovitzEnvironmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Statistics2002 George Christakos (grad student)
Leigh-Anne H. KrometisEnvironmental Engineering Environmental Sciences & Engineering2009 Gregory W. Characklis (grad student)
Aaron M. LawEnvironmental Engineering2004 Michael D. Aitken (grad student)
Desmond F. LawlerEnvironmental Engineering1980 Charles R. O’Melia (grad student)
Sirakarn LeungsakulEnvironmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering2004 Richard M. Kamens (grad student)
Joseph N. LoBuglioEnvironmental Engineering, Water Resource Management Environmental Sciences & Engineering2012 Gregory W. Characklis (grad student)
Bonnie A. LyonEnvironmental Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Public Health Environmental Sciences & Engineering2012 Howard S. Weinberg (grad student)
Randall B. MarxEnvironmental Engineering, Molecular Biology, Microbiology Biology2000 Michael D. Aitken (grad student)
Brian MaskeryPublic Health, Environmental Engineering, Epidemiology Environmental Sciences & Engineering2009 Dale Whittington (grad student)
Maria C. MirabelliPublic Health, Environmental Engineering2005 Steve Wing (grad student)
Eric S. MoneyEnvironmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering, Hydrology Environmental Sciences & Engineering2009 Marc L. Serre (grad student)
Michael G. NarotskyToxicology, Sanitary and Municipal Engineering
Rachel T. NobleEnvironmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering
Amanda L. NorthcrossEnvironmental Engineering, Atmospheric Sciences Environmental Sciences & Engineering2007 Myoseon Jang (grad student)
Alexa ObolenskyEnvironmental Engineering Environmental Sciences & Engineering2007 Philip C. Singer (grad student)
Vanessa R. PereiraEnvironmental Engineering2005 Howard S. Weinberg (grad student)
Frederic K. PfaenderEnvironmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Biogeochemistry
Sitthichok PuangthongthubPublic Health, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering2006 Marc L. Serre (grad student)
Julia E. RagerEnvironmental Health, Cell Biology, Environmental Engineering Environmental Sciences and Engineering2013 Rebecca C. Fry (grad student)
Jennifer L. RaynerEnvironmental Sciences, General Agriculture2006 Louise M. Ball (grad student)
David A. ReckhowEnvironmental Engineering, Sanitary and Municipal Engineering Environmental Engineering Philip C. Singer (grad student)
Stephen D. RichardsonEnvironmental Engineering Environmental Sciences & Engineering2010 Michael D. Aitken (grad student)
Marc L. SerreEnvironmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering, Hydrology
Daniel T. ShaughnessyEnvironmental Sciences, Public Health2002 Louise M. Ball (grad student)
Daehyok ShinPhysical Geography, Hydrology, Environmental Engineering2006 Lawrence Band (grad student)
Philip C. SingerEnvironmental Engineering
Mark D. SobseyPublic Health, Microbiology Biology
Vanessa L. SpeightEnvironmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Sanitary and Municipal Engineering2003 Francis A. DiGiano (grad student)
Benjamin D. StanfordEnvironmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering Environmental Sciences & Engineering2007 Howard S. Weinberg (grad student)
Christine E. StauberEnvironmental Sciences, Epidemiology, Environmental Engineering Environmental Sciences & Engineering2007 Mark D. Sobsey (grad student)
Zhenyu TianEnvironmental chemistry Environmental Sciences and Engineering20142018 Michael D. Aitken (grad student)
Gregory V. UlirschPublic Health, Environmental Sciences2005 Louise M. Ball (grad student)
Mindy VanderfordEnvironmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Biogeochemistry2001 Frederic K. Pfaender (grad student)
Glenn W. WaltersEnvironmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Microbiology Biology2005 Michael D. Aitken (grad student)
Howard S. WeinbergEnvironmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering
Lindsay B. WichersEnvironmental Sciences, Toxicology, Public Health2005 Louise M. Ball (grad student)
Sacoby M. WilsonEnvironmental Sciences, Public Health, Agricultural Engineering2005 Louise M. Ball (grad student)
Steven B. WingPublic Health, Environmental Engineering
Wenjie YeEnvironmental Sciences, Biochemistry, Toxicology Environmental Sciences & Engineering2009 Louise M. Ball (grad student)
Zhengqi YeEnvironmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering2005 Howard S. Weinberg (grad student)
Hongbo ZhuEnvironmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences Environmental Sciences & Engineering2008 Michael D. Aitken (grad student)