State University of New York, Albany

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Denis B. AkankundaHealth Care Management, Epidemiology, Information Technology Health Policy, Management and Behavior2014 Barry Sherman (grad student)
Kamiar AlaeiPublic Health Health Policy, Management and Behavior2013 Benjamin A. Shaw (grad student)
Ashar AtaEpidemiology, Public Health Epidemiology2014 David S. Strogatz (grad student)
Souvik BanerjeeGeneral Economics, Labor Economics Economics2014 Kajal Lahiri (grad student)
Melanie C. BesculidesPublic Health, Ethnic and Racial Studies2000 Barry Sherman (grad student)
Meghan G. BlaskowitzPublic Health, Public and Social Welfare, Health Care Management Public Health2014 Benjamin A. Shaw (grad student)
Franics P. BoscoeEpidemiology, Public Health, Oncology
Tonia C. CarterEpidemiology, Obstetrics and Gynecology2007 Charlotte Druschel (grad student)
Nandini ChatterjeeGeneral Economics, Finance2004 Kajal Lahiri (grad student)
Lindsay W. CoganEpidemiology Epidemiology2013 Marilyn A. Kacica (grad student)
A Gregory DiRienzoBiostatistics Biology, Epidemiology
Charlotte DruschelEpidemiology, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Giulia Earle-RichardsonOccupational Health and Safety, Public Health2006 David S. Strogatz (grad student)
Lynn S. EdmundsPublic Health, Nutrition Public Health2012 Howard Stratton (grad student)
Millicent EidsonPublic Health, Epidemiology, Environmental Health
Edward FitzgeraldEpidemiology, Environmental Health, Occupational Health and Safety, Oncology
Eric Y. FrimpongStatistics, Mathematics, Epidemiology2008 Howard Stratton (grad student)
Chuanming GaoTheory Economics2000 Kajal Lahiri (grad student)
Valerie B. HaleyBiostatistics Biology, Epidemiology Biometry and Statistics2013 A Gregory DiRienzo (grad student)
Brett R. HarrisPublic Health Health Policy, Management and Behavior2014 Benjamin A. Shaw (grad student)
Dina HoeferEpidemiology, Virology Biology Epidemiology2012 Marilyn A. Kacica (grad student)
Joseph HunterSocial Work, Clinical Psychology Social Welfare2010 Philip McCallion (grad student)
Tabassum Z. InsafEpidemiology, Theory and Methods Epidemiology2012 David S. Strogatz (grad student)
Gultekin IsiklarGeneral Economics, Finance2005 Kajal Lahiri (grad student)
Detelina IvanovaTheory Economics2000 Kajal Lahiri (grad student)
Yvonne A. JohnstonEpidemiology, Public Health, Occupational Health and Safety Epidemiology2014 David S. Strogatz (grad student)
Heesoo JooGeneral Economics, Aging, Epidemiology, Gerontology Economics2012 Kajal Lahiri (grad student)
Marilyn A. KacicaEpidemiology, Virology Biology
Dohyung KimGeneral Economics, Labor Economics, Mental Health, Public Health Economics2014 Kajal Lahiri (grad student)
Evelyn M. KintnerSocial Work, Epidemiology, Public Health Social Welfare2010 Philip McCallion (grad student)
Stacey R. KolomerSocial Work, Individual and Family Studies, Clinical Psychology2000 Philip McCallion (grad student)
Debra B. LaceySocial Work, Gerontology2002 Philip McCallion (grad student)
Kajal LahiriGeneral Economics, Epidemiology
Victoria G. Lazariu-BauerPublic Health, Public and Social Welfare2001 Howard Stratton (grad student)
Hua LinGeneral Economics, Health Care Management2008 Kajal Lahiri (grad student)
Wenli LuoBiostatistics Biology, Health Care Management Biometry and Statistics2009 Howard Stratton (grad student)
Michelle MacaraigEpidemiology, Public Health, Microbiology Biology Public Health2012 David S. Strogatz (grad student)
Nicole S. MacFarlandSocial Work Social Welfare2014 Philip McCallion (grad student)
Rachel H. MalloyEpidemiology Epidemiology2012 Lou C. Smith (grad student)
Philip McCallionSocial Work, Epidemiology, Public Health
Kimberly J. MooreEpidemiology, Recreation Epidemiology2012 David S. Strogatz (grad student)
Paul J. NoroskiGeneral Economics, Public and Social Welfare, Social Psychology Economics2011 Kajal Lahiri (grad student)
Thomas J. O'GradyEpidemiology, Public Health, Oncology Epidemiology2014 Franics P. Boscoe (grad student)
Martine J. OvereynderSocial Work, Gerontology, Individual and Family Studies2006 Philip McCallion (grad student)
Marleen RadiganMental Health, Public Health2004 Barry Sherman (grad student)
Sergio E. RecuencoPublic Health, Immunology2006 Millicent Eidson (grad student)
Daniel H. RicePublic Health, Epidemiology, Environmental Health Epidemiology2014 Millicent Eidson (grad student)
Jackson P. SekhoboPublic Health2004 David S. Strogatz (grad student)
Benjamin A. ShawEpidemiology, Theory and Methods
Xuguang ShengGeneral Economics, Theory Economics2008 Kajal Lahiri (grad student)
Barry ShermanHealth Care Management, Epidemiology, Information Technology
Srishti ShresthaEpidemiology, Environmental Health, Public Health Epidemiology2014 Edward Fitzgerald (grad student)
Lou C. SmithEpidemiology
Jingya SongGeneral Economics, Epidemiology Economics2012 Kajal Lahiri (grad student)
Howard StrattonStatistics, Mathematics, Epidemiology
David S. StrogatzEpidemiology, Theory and Methods
Simona SurduEpidemiology, Environmental Health, Occupational Health and Safety, Oncology Epidemiology2012 Edward Fitzgerald (grad student)
Elizabeth VillamilPublic Health, Epidemiology Health Policy, Management and Behavior2012 Benjamin A. Shaw (grad student)
Guibo XingGeneral Economics, Health Care Management2002 Kajal Lahiri (grad student)
Bao-Zhu YangBiostatistics Biology2001 Howard Stratton (grad student)
Wenxiong ( YaoGeneral Economics, Transportation2004 Kajal Lahiri (grad student)
Anna L. ZendellSocial Work Social Welfare2010 Philip McCallion (grad student)
Yongchen ZhaoGeneral Economics, Finance, Commerce-Business Economics Economics2014 Kajal Lahiri (grad student)