The University of Mississippi Medical Center

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Ermeg L. AkylbekovaGenetics, Epidemiology2011 Warren May (grad student)
Gloria AreghanPublic Health, Epidemiology, Transportation2008 Warren May (grad student)
Teresa C. CarithersPublic Health, Environmental Sciences, Oncology, Toxicology2003 Dennis Frate (grad student)
Derrick L. ChandlerPhysiology Biology, Epidemiology2009 Joey P. Granger (grad student)
Dennis FrateEpidemiology, Public Health, Mental Health
Joey P. GrangerPhysiology Biology, Epidemiology
Denise D. KrausePublic Health2007 Warren May (grad student)
Jiankang LiuPublic Health2011 Warren May (grad student)
Warren MayBiostatistics Biology, Statistics, Epidemiology
Sydney R. MurphyPhysiology Biology2010 Joey P. Granger (grad student)
Mona H. SedeekPathology, Animal Physiology Biology, Medicine and Surgery2004 Joey P. Granger (grad student)
Joshua S. SpeedPhysiology Biology2011 Joey P. Granger (grad student)
Dwan S. WolfeEpidemiology, Gender Studies, Military Studies2011 Warren May (grad student)