University of Prince Edward Island (Canada)

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Pipat ArunvipasVeterinary Science Biology, Animal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture2005 Ian R. Dohoo (grad student)
Timothy A. BurnleyFisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture, Biostatistics Biology, Epidemiology2011 Henrik Stryhn (grad student)
Ian R. DohooVeterinary Science Biology, Epidemiology
Fernanda C. DoreaEpidemiology, Veterinary Science Biology, Bioinformatics Biology2013 Crawford Revie (grad student)
Sithar DorjeeVeterinary Science Biology, Epidemiology2014 Javier Sanchez (grad student)
Larry HammellFisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture, Veterinary Science Biology, Epidemiology
Greg P. KeefeVeterinary Science Biology, Epidemiology
Carrie J. LaversVeterinary Science Biology2014 Greg P. Keefe (grad student)
John V. LeeuwenEpidemiology, General Biophysics
Kimberley A. MacDonaldVeterinary Science Biology, Epidemiology2011 Greg P. Keefe (grad student)
Carol McClureFisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture, Veterinary Science Biology, Epidemiology2004 Ian R. Dohoo (grad student)
Nicole Y. O'BrienVeterinary Science Biology, Fisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture, Epidemiology2012 Henrik Stryhn (grad student)
Crawford RevieEpidemiology, Veterinary Science Biology, Bioinformatics Biology
Kristen K. ReyherAnimal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture, Public Health2013 Ian R. Dohoo (grad student)
Javier Sanchez2004 Ian R. Dohoo (grad student)
Henrik StryhnFisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture, Biostatistics Biology, Epidemiology
Peter J. Sykes2012 Carol McClure (grad student)
E. A. Tasony-WagenerVeterinary Science Biology, Virology Biology, Zoology Biology2012 Ian R. Dohoo (grad student)
John A. VanLeeuwenEpidemiology, Public Health, Nutrition
Colleen G. WaltonEpidemiology, Public Health, Nutrition2012 John A. VanLeeuwen (grad student)
Zhiying ZhangNutrition Health Management20022005 Herman Wildrik Barkema (grad student)