University of Maryland, College Park

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Saptashati BiswasEnvironmental Sciences, Soil Science Agriculture, Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Health Environmental Science and Technology2014 Amir Sapkota (grad student)
Michael KearneyGeography, Public Health, Epidemiology
Bradley T. KerridgeEpidemiology, Public Health Epidemiology and Biostatistics2013 Amir Sapkota (grad student)
Lashale D. PughGeography, Public Health, Epidemiology Geography2009 Michael Kearney (grad student)
Jose G. Roa LoboGeography, Environmental Sciences Geography2007 Michael Kearney (grad student)
Amir SapkotaEpidemiology, Public Health
Kevin R. TurpieRemote Sensing, Environmental Sciences, Optics Physics Geography2012 Michael Kearney (grad student)