University of Southern California

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Tanya L. AlderetePhilosophy of Science Systems Biology and Disease2014 Michael I. Goran (grad student)
Hooman AllayeeGenetics, Epidemiology
Theresa M. BastainEpidemiology, Environmental Health, Public Health Epidemiology2012 Frank D. Gilliland (grad student)
James W. BaurleyBiostatistics Biology, Bioinformatics Biology Biostatistics2010 Duncan Thomas (grad student)
Annie W. BeringerMicrobiology Biology, Epidemiology
Leslie BernsteinEpidemiology1981 Malcolm C. Pike (grad student)
Mark BorchertEpidemiology, Biostatistics Biology
Courtney E. Byrd-WilliamsPublic Health, Hispanic American Studies, Black Studies Preventive Medicine (Health Behavior Research)2009 Michael I. Goran (grad student)
Chelsea CatsburgEpidemiology, Molecular Biology, Genetics Molecular Epidemiology2013 Mariana C. Stern (grad student)
Wendy H. ChengAmerican Studies, Geography, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Hispanic American Studies American Studies and Ethnicity2009 Ruth W. Gilmore (grad student)
Loren Z. ChiuRecreation, Physiology Biology Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy2008 George J. Salem (grad student)
Myles CockburnBiostatistics Biology, Epidemiology
Gerhard A. CoetzeeMolecular Biology, Epidemiology
Michelle D. CommanderAfrican American Studies, American Studies, American Literature American Studies and Ethnicity2010 Ruth W. Gilmore (grad student)
David V. ContiEpidemiology
Victoria K. CortessisEpidemiology
Roberta M. CowdinEpidemiology, Public Health
Wendy CozenEpidemiology
Carol A. Davis-DaoEpidemiology Epidemiology2011 Victoria K. Cortessis (grad student)
Anne DeeEpidemiology, Public Health Epidemiology2013 Roberta M. Cowdin (grad student)
Lei DuanBiostatistics Preventive Medicine (Health Behavior Research)2008 Leslie Bernstein (grad student)
Sean P. FlanaganRecreation, Applied Mechanics2004 George J. Salem (grad student)
Melissa A. FrascoEpidemiology, Genetics, Women's Studies Epidemiology2012 Celeste L. Pearce (grad student)
Manuela Gago-DominquezEpidemiology
Jim GaudermanEpidemiology
Mulugeta GebregziabherBiostatistics Biology2006 Bryan Langholz (grad student)
Frank D. GillilandEpidemiology, Environmental Health, Public Health
Ruth W. GilmoreGeography, Public Health, Epidemiology
Michael I. GoranPublic Health, Epidemiology
Christopher A. HaimanEpidemiology, Genetics
Laura L. HarjoGeography, American Studies, Native American Studies Geography2012 Ruth W. Gilmore (grad student)
Jaana A. HartialaGenetics, Computer Science, Biostatistics Biology Preventive Medicine (Health Behavior Research)2014 Hooman Allayee (grad student)
Mohamed T. HassaneinGenetics, Epidemiology, Physiology Biology Systems Biology and Disease2011 Fredrick Schumacher (grad student)
Christina L. HeathertonLatin American History, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Modern History, American Studies American Studies and Ethnicity2012 Ruth W. Gilmore (grad student)
Katherine D. HendersonPublic Health, Biostatistics Biology, Women's Studies, Ethnic and Racial Studies20052007 Sue Ingles (grad student), Leslie Bernstein (post-doc)
April R. HoffmannGeography, Public Health, Epidemiology Geography2013 Ruth W. Gilmore (grad student)
Terry T. HuangMedicine and Surgery, Public Health2001 Michael I. Goran (grad student)
Amie E. HwangEpidemiology, Immunology Epidemiology2012 Wendy Cozen (grad student)
Sue InglesEpidemiology, Bioinformatics Biology, Hispanic American Studies
Ryan A. IrvineMolecular Biology, Oncology, Immunology2000 Gerhard A. Coetzee (grad student)
Xuejuan JiangEpidemiology Preventive Medicine (Health Behavior Research): Doctor of Philosophy2007 Manuela Gago-Dominquez (grad student)
Jenny Q. JiaoBiostatistics Biology, Statistics, Public Health2002 Bryan Langholz (grad student)
Amit D. JoshiEpidemiology, Genetics, Oncology Molecular Epidemiology2011 Sue Ingles (grad student)
Omar KhalidMolecular Biology, Cell Biology Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Sciences2009 Gerhard A. Coetzee (grad student)
Phillip L. KraftBiostatistics Biology, Genetics2002 Duncan Thomas (grad student)
Bryan LangholzBiostatistics Biology, Statistics, Epidemiology
Won Ho Lee Biostatistics2012 David V. Conti (grad student)
Philippa LevineEuropean History, History of Science, Epidemiology
Yu-Fen LiStatistics, Biostatistics Biology2004 Bryan Langholz (grad student)
Wei LiangBiostatistics Biology, Statistics Biostatistics2013 David V. Conti (grad student)
Elizabeth O. LilliePublic Health, Biostatistics Biology2004 Giske Ursin (grad student)
Jinghua LiuBiostatistics Biology Biostatistics2012 David V. Conti (grad student)
Ian M. LivieEuropean History, Modern History History2010 Philippa Levine (grad student)
Yani LuEpidemiology Public Health20092011 Leslie Bernstein (grad student), Leslie Bernstein (post-doc)
Sharon Luk American Studies and Ethnicity2012 Ruth W. Gilmore (grad student)
Thomas T. LyBiostatistics Biology, Epidemiology Medicine/Public Health2013 Bryan Langholz (grad student)
Huiyan MaPublic Health, Oncology2006 Giske Ursin (grad student)
Roberta McKean-CowdinEpidemiology
Kathleen A. MeeskeOncology20042006 Leslie Bernstein (grad student), Leslie Bernstein (post-doc)
Tillman W. NechtmanEuropean History, Asia History, Art History2005 Philippa Levine (grad student)
Matthew L. Newsom KerrEuropean History, History of Science, Epidemiology History2007 Philippa Levine (grad student)
Alpa V. PatelPublic Health, Recreation, Oncology, Women's Studies2003 Leslie Bernstein (grad student)
Celeste L. PearceEpidemiology, Genetics, Women's Studies
Jacob J. PetersGeography, Computer Science Geography2012 Ruth W. Gilmore (grad student)
Malcolm C. Pike
Beth L. PinelesPublic Health, Epidemiology, Medicine and Surgery Epidemiology2013 Jonathan M. Samet (grad student)
Samuel PosnerEpidemiology Laura A. Baker (grad student)
Jennifer PrescottMolecular Biology, Epidemiology Preventive Medicine2007 Gerhard A. Coetzee (grad student), Leslie Bernstein (post-doc)
Dajun QianBiostatistics Biology, Genetics2002 Duncan Thomas (grad student)
Jessi QuizarAfrican American Studies, American Studies, Black Studies American Studies and Ethnicity2014 Ruth W. Gilmore (grad student)
Kristin A. RandEpidemiology Preventive Medicine (Health Behavior Research)2012 Wendy Cozen (grad student)
Pedram RazaviEpidemiology, Oncology, Genetics Epidemiology2009 Giske Ursin (grad student)
Suhn K. RhieGenetics, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics Biology Genetic, Molecular, and Cell Biology2013 Gerhard A. Coetzee (grad student)
Md. T. SalamEpidemiology, Public Health, Biostatistics Biology Biostatistics2009 Frank D. Gilliland (grad student)
George J. SalemRecreation, Epidemiology
Jonathan M. SametPublic Health, Epidemiology, Medicine and Surgery
Tanmai SaxenaEpidemiology, General, Oncology Preventive Medicine (Health Behavior Research)2011 Roberta McKean-Cowdin (grad student)
Fredrick SchumacherGenetics, Epidemiology, Physiology Biology
Ahva ShahabiEpidemiology, Genetics, Oncology Preventive Medicine (Health Behavior Research)2014 Mariana C. Stern (grad student)
Gabriel Q. ShaibiPublic Health, Recreation, Nutrition, Physiology Biology2006 George J. Salem (grad student)
Howard C. ShenMolecular Biology Preventive Medicine (Health Behavior Research)2007 Gerhard A. Coetzee (grad student)
Micaela A. SmithLatin American History, Black Studies, Geography, Recreation, Cultural Resources Management American Studies and Ethnicity2012 Ruth W. Gilmore (grad student)
Jooeun SongBiomechanics Biophysics, Rehabilitation and Therapy Biokinesiology2010 George J. Salem (grad student)
Shawn C. SorensonRecreation, Epidemiology Biokinesiology2012 George J. Salem (grad student)
Mariana C. SternEpidemiology, Genetics, Oncology
Wei Sun Preventive Medicine (Health Behavior Research): Doctor of Philosophy2007 David V. Conti (grad student)
Duncan ThomasBiostatistics Biology, Statistics, Epidemiology
Claudia M. Toledo-CorralPublic Health, Epidemiology Preventive Medicine (Health Behavior Research)2010 Michael I. Goran (grad student)
Giske UrsinEpidemiology, Oncology, Genetics
Emily E. VenturaPublic Health, Nutrition Preventive Medicine (Health Behavior Research)2009 Michael I. Goran (grad student)
Matthew G. VillanuevaRecreation Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy2013 George J. Salem (grad student)
Man-Ying WangRehabilitation and Therapy, Medical Biophysics2002 George J. Salem (grad student)
Kevin M. WatersEpidemiology, Genetics Epidemiology2010 Christopher A. Haiman (grad student)
Hui-Lee WongPublic Health, Oncology2006 Sue Ingles (grad student)
Anny H. XiangStatistics, Biostatistics Biology, Epidemiology
Jason YamakiMicrobiology Biology, Epidemiology Pharmacy2013 Annie W. Beringer (grad student)
Xinbo ZhangBiostatistics Biology, Statistics, Epidemiology Biostatistics2009 Bryan Langholz (grad student)