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2000 Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ, United States 
Genetics, Zoology Biology, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture

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2020 Bagley JC, Heming NM, Gutiérrez EE, Devisetty UK, Mock KE, Eckert AJ, Strauss SH. Genotyping-by-sequencing and ecological niche modeling illuminate phylogeography, admixture, and Pleistocene range dynamics in quaking aspen (). Ecology and Evolution. 10: 4609-4629. PMID 32551047 DOI: 10.1002/Ece3.6214  0.01
2018 Eidson EL, Mock KE, Bentz BJ. Low offspring survival in mountain pine beetle infesting the resistant Great Basin bristlecone pine supports the preference-performance hypothesis. Plos One. 13: e0196732. PMID 29715269 DOI: 10.1371/Journal.Pone.0196732  0.01
2018 Dysthe JC, Rodgers T, Franklin TW, Carim KJ, Young MK, McKelvey KS, Mock KE, Schwartz MK. Repurposing environmental DNA samples-detecting the western pearlshell () as a proof of concept. Ecology and Evolution. 8: 2659-2670. PMID 29531684 DOI: 10.1002/Ece3.3898  0.01
2018 Rodgers TW, Olson JR, Klobucar SL, Mock KE. Quantitative PCR assays for detection of five arctic fish species: Lota lota, Cottus cognatus, Salvelinus alpinus, Salvelinus malma, and Thymallus arcticus from environmental DNA Conservation Genetics Resources. 10: 859-865. DOI: 10.1007/S12686-017-0883-1  0.01
2017 Dowle EJ, Bracewell RR, Pfrender ME, Mock KE, Bentz BJ, Ragland GJ. Reproductive isolation and environmental adaptation shape the phylogeography of mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae). Molecular Ecology. PMID 29116665 DOI: 10.1111/Mec.14342  0.01
2017 Gompert Z, Mock KE. Detection of individual ploidy levels with genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) analysis. Molecular Ecology Resources. PMID 28150424 DOI: 10.1111/1755-0998.12657  0.01
2016 Lopes-Lima M, Froufe E, Do VT, Ghamizi M, Mock KE, Kebapçi Ü, Klishko O, Kovitvadhi S, Kovitvadhi U, Paulo OS, Pfeiffer JM, Raley M, Riccardi N, Şereflişan H, Sousa R, et al. Phylogeny of most species rich freshwater bivalve family (Bivalvia: Unionida: Unionidae): Defining modern subfamilies and tribes. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. PMID 27621130 DOI: 10.1016/J.Ympev.2016.08.021  1
2016 Bentz BJ, Hood SA, Hansen EM, Vandygriff JC, Mock KE. Defense traits in the long-lived Great Basin bristlecone pine and resistance to the native herbivore mountain pine beetle. The New Phytologist. PMID 27612209 DOI: 10.1111/Nph.14191  0.01
2016 Britton JM, DeRose RJ, Mock KE, Long JN. Herbivory and advance reproduction influence quaking aspen regeneration response to management in southern Utah, USA Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 46: 674-682. DOI: 10.1139/Cjfr-2016-0010  1
2016 Kettenring KM, Mock KE, Zaman B, McKee M. Life on the edge: reproductive mode and rate of invasive Phragmites australis patch expansion Biological Invasions. 1-21. DOI: 10.1007/S10530-016-1125-2  1
2015 Chalmers JW, Mock KE, Kohl KD, Madsen KJ, Nadkarni NM. Clonality and dynamics of leaf abscission of Gambel oaks at small spatial scales in Utah Forest Science. 61: 829-833. DOI: 10.5849/Forsci.14-204  1
2015 Ellis MW, Wolf PG, Bardot S, Walton JA, Rowe CA, Kulpa S, Mock KE. Further examination of the geographic range of Eriogonum corymbosum var. nilesii (Polygonaceae, Eriogoneae) Phytotaxa. 203: 279-286. DOI: 10.11646/Phytotaxa.203.3.7  1
2015 Rodgers TW, Mock KE. Drinking water as a source of environmental DNA for the detection of terrestrial wildlife species Conservation Genetics Resources. 7: 693-696. DOI: 10.1007/S12686-015-0478-7  1
2014 Schilling MP, Wolf PG, Duffy AM, Rai HS, Rowe CA, Richardson BA, Mock KE. Genotyping-by-sequencing for Populus population genomics: an assessment of genome sampling patterns and filtering approaches. Plos One. 9: e95292. PMID 24748384 DOI: 10.1371/Journal.Pone.0095292  1
2014 Madritch MD, Kingdon CC, Singh A, Mock KE, Lindroth RL, Townsend PA. Imaging spectroscopy links aspen genotype with below-ground processes at landscape scales. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences. 369: 20130194. PMID 24733949 DOI: 10.1098/Rstb.2013.0194  1
2014 Fairweather ML, Rokala EA, Mock KE. Aspen seedling establishment and growth after wildfire in central arizona: An instructive case history Forest Science. 60: 703-712. DOI: 10.5849/Forsci.13-048  1
2014 Ellis MW, Wolf PG, Bardot S, Walton JA, Rowe CA, Kulpa S, Mock KE. Further Examination of the Geographic Range of Eriogonum corymbosum var. nilesii (Polygonaceae) Phytotaxa. DOI: 10.15142/T3Q30W  0.01
2014 DeRose RJ, Mock KE, Long JN. Cytotype differences in radial increment provide novel insight into aspen reproductive ecology and stand dynamics Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 45: 1-8. DOI: 10.1139/Cjfr-2014-0382  1
2014 Hegeman EE, Miller SW, Mock KE. Modeling freshwater mussel distribution in relation to biotic and abiotic habitat variables at multiple spatial scales Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. 71: 1483-1497. DOI: 10.1139/cjfas-2014-0110  1
2014 O'Donnell RP, Drost CA, Mock KE. Development and characterization of 12 microsatellite markers for the Island Night Lizard (Xantusia riversiana), a threatened species endemic to the Channel Islands, California, USA Conservation Genetics Resources. 6: 699-700. DOI: 10.1007/S12686-014-0189-5  1
2013 Mock KE, Brim Box JC, Chong JP, Furnish J, Howard JK. Comparison of population genetic patterns in two widespread freshwater mussels with contrasting life histories in western North America. Molecular Ecology. 22: 6060-73. PMID 24118560 DOI: 10.1111/Mec.12557  1
2013 Breidinger LS, Mock KE, Messmer TA. Greater sage-grouse and natural gas development in Utah: Using population genetic data for conservation efforts Western North American Naturalist. 73: 177-183. DOI: 10.3398/064.073.0207  1
2013 Bracewell RR, Pfrender ME, Mock KE, Bentz BJ. Contrasting geographic patterns of genetic differentiation in body size and development time with reproductive isolation in dendroctonus ponderosae (coleoptera: Curculionidae, scolytinae) Annals of the Entomological Society of America. 106: 385-391. DOI: 10.1603/An12133  1
2013 Callahan CM, Rowe CA, Ryel RJ, Shaw JD, Madritch MD, Mock KE. Continental-scale assessment of genetic diversity and population structure in quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides) Journal of Biogeography. 40: 1780-1791. DOI: 10.1111/Jbi.12115  1
2013 Mock KE, Richardson BA, Wolf PG. Molecular tools and aspen management: A primer and prospectus Forest Ecology and Management. 299: 6-13. DOI: 10.1016/J.Foreco.2012.11.004  1
2013 Sweetman AC, Kettenring KM, Mock KE. The pattern and structure of genetic diversity of Schoenoplectus maritimus: Implications for wetland revegetation Aquatic Botany. 104: 47-54. DOI: 10.1016/J.Aquabot.2012.09.008  1
2013 Rai HS, Mock KE, Richardson BA, Cronn RC, Hayden KJ, Wright JW, Knaus BJ, Wolf PG. Transcriptome characterization and detection of gene expression differences in aspen (Populus tremuloides) Tree Genetics and Genomes. 9: 1031-1041. DOI: 10.1007/S11295-013-0615-Y  1
2012 Mock KE, Callahan CM, Islam-Faridi MN, Shaw JD, Rai HS, Sanderson SC, Rowe CA, Ryel RJ, Madritch MD, Gardner RS, Wolf PG. Widespread triploidy in Western North American aspen (Populus tremuloides). Plos One. 7: e48406. PMID 23119006 DOI: 10.1371/Journal.Pone.0048406  1
2012 Gayathri Samarasekera GD, Bartell NV, Lindgren BS, Cooke JE, Davis CS, James PM, Coltman DW, Mock KE, Murray BW. Spatial genetic structure of the mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) outbreak in western Canada: historical patterns and contemporary dispersal. Molecular Ecology. 21: 2931-48. PMID 22554298 DOI: 10.1111/J.1365-294X.2012.05587.X  1
2012 O'Donnell RP, Mock KE. Two frog species or one? A multi-marker approach to assessing the distinctiveness of genetic lineages in the Northern Leopard Frog, Rana pipiens Conservation Genetics. 13: 1167-1182. DOI: 10.1007/S10592-012-0384-4  1
2012 Kettenring KM, Mock KE. Genetic diversity, reproductive mode, and dispersal differ between the cryptic invader, Phragmites australis, and its native conspecific Biological Invasions. 14: 2489-2504. DOI: 10.1007/S10530-012-0246-5  1
2011 Chaves LD, Faile GM, Hendrickson JA, Mock KE, Reed KM. A locus-wide approach to assessing variation in the avian MHC: The B-locus of the wild turkey Heredity. 107: 40-49. PMID 21179065 DOI: 10.1038/Hdy.2010.153  1
2011 Bracewell RR, Pfrender ME, Mock KE, Bentz BJ. Cryptic postzygotic isolation in an eruptive species of bark beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae). Evolution; International Journal of Organic Evolution. 65: 961-75. PMID 21108639 DOI: 10.1111/J.1558-5646.2010.01201.X  1
2011 Kulmatiski A, Beard KH, Meyerson LA, Gibson JR, Mock KE. Nonnative phragmites australis invasion into Utah Wetlands Western North American Naturalist. 70: 541-552. DOI: 10.3398/064.070.0414  1
2011 Shivik JA, Ruid D, Willging RC, Mock KE. Are the same bears repeatedly translocated from corn crops in Wisconsin? Ursus. 22: 114-119. DOI: 10.2192/Ursus-D-10-00031.1  1
2011 Bentz BJ, Bracewell RR, Mock KE, Pfrender ME. Genetic architecture and phenotypic plasticity of thermally-regulated traits in an eruptive species, Dendroctonus ponderosae Evolutionary Ecology. 25: 1269-1288. DOI: 10.1007/S10682-011-9474-X  1
2010 Mock KE, Box JC, Chong JP, Howard JK, Nez DA, Wolf D, Gardner RS. Genetic structuring in the freshwater mussel Anodonta corresponds with major hydrologic basins in the western United States. Molecular Ecology. 19: 569-91. PMID 20070523 DOI: 10.1111/J.1365-294X.2009.04468.X  1
2010 Pettorelli N, Gordon IJ, Katzner T, Gompper ME, Mock K, Redpath S, Garner TWJ, Altwegg R. Protected areas: The challenge of maintaining a strong backbone for conservation strategies worldwide Animal Conservation. 13: 333-334. DOI: 10.1111/J.1469-1795.2010.00380.X  1
2010 Blackburn TM, Pettorelli N, Katzner T, Gompper ME, Mock K, Garner TWJ, Altwegg R, Redpath S, Gordon IJ. Dying for conservation: Eradicating invasive alien species in the face of opposition Animal Conservation. 13: 227-228. DOI: 10.1111/J.1469-1795.2010.00372.X  1
2010 Gordon IJ, Pettorelli N, Katzner T, Gompper ME, Mock K, Redpath S, Garner TWJ, Altwegg R. International year of biodiversity: Missed targets and the need for better monitoring, real action and global policy Animal Conservation. 13: 113-114. DOI: 10.1111/J.1469-1795.2010.00365.X  1
2010 Penteriani V, Pettorelli N, Gordon IJ, Katzner T, Mock K, Redpath S, Altwegg R, Gompper ME. New European Union fisheries regulations could benefit conservation of marine animals Animal Conservation. 13: 1-2. DOI: 10.1111/J.1469-1795.2010.00348.X  1
2010 St. Clair SB, Mock KE, LaMalfa EM, Campbell RB, Ryel RJ. Genetic contributions to phenotypic variation in physiology, growth, and vigor of western aspen (Populus tremuloides) clones Forest Science. 56: 222-230. DOI: 10.1093/Forestscience/56.2.222  1
2009 Davis CS, Mock KE, Bentz BJ, Bromilow SM, Bartell NV, Murray BW, Roe AD, Cooke JE. Isolation and characterization of 16 microsatellite loci in the mountain pine beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae Hopkins (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae). Molecular Ecology Resources. 9: 1071-3. PMID 21564842 DOI: 10.1111/J.1755-0998.2009.02579.X  1
2009 Chong JP, Box JB, Nez DA, Mock KE. Isolation and characterization of microsatellite loci in the western pearlshell mussel, Margaritifera falcata (Gould). Molecular Ecology Resources. 9: 995-9. PMID 21564817 DOI: 10.1111/J.1755-0998.2009.02529.X  1
2009 Chong JP, Brim Box JC, Nez DA, Mock KE. Isolation and characterization of microsatellite loci in western North American Anodonta species. Molecular Ecology Resources. 9: 939-43. PMID 21564798 DOI: 10.1111/J.1755-0998.2008.02493.X  1
2009 Pettorelli N, Katzner T, Gordon I, Garner T, Mock K, Redpath S, Gompper M. Possible consequences of the Copenhagen climate change meeting for conservation of animals Animal Conservation. 12: 503-504. DOI: 10.1111/J.1469-1795.2009.00327.X  1
2009 Kanaga MK, Latta LC, Mock KE, Ryel RJ, Lindroth RL, Pfrender ME. Plant genotypic diversity and environmental stress interact to negatively affect arthropod community diversity Arthropod-Plant Interactions. 3: 249-258. DOI: 10.1007/S11829-009-9073-8  1
2008 Mock KE, Bjerregaard LS, Belk MC, Rowe C, Johnson JB. Microsatellite markers for leatherside chubs Lepidomeda aliciae and Lepidomeda copei. Molecular Ecology Resources. 8: 172-4. PMID 21585748 DOI: 10.1111/J.1471-8286.2007.01915.X  1
2008 Peters MB, Beard KH, Hagen C, O'Neill EM, Mock KE, Pitt WC, Glenn TC. Isolation of microsatellite loci from the coqui frog, Eleutherodactylus coqui. Molecular Ecology Resources. 8: 139-41. PMID 21585738 DOI: 10.1111/J.1471-8286.2007.01899.X  1
2008 Mock KE, Rowe CA, Hooten MB, Dewoody J, Hipkins VD. Clonal dynamics in western North American aspen (Populus tremuloides) Molecular Ecology. 17: 4827-4844. PMID 19140975 DOI: 10.1111/J.1365-294X.2008.03963.X  1
2008 Cole DD, Mock KE, Cardall BL, Crowl TA. Morphological and genetic structuring in the Utah Lake sucker complex Molecular Ecology. 17: 5189-5204. PMID 19067800 DOI: 10.1111/J.1365-294X.2008.03990.X  1
2008 DeWoody J, Rowe CA, Hipkins VD, Mock KE. "Pando" lives: Molecular genetic evidence of a giant aspen clone in central Utah Western North American Naturalist. 68: 493-497. DOI: 10.3398/1527-0904-68.4.493  1
2008 Kanaga MK, Ryel RJ, Mock KE, Pfrender ME. Quantitative-genetic variation in morphological and physiological traits within a quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides) population Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 38: 1690-1694. DOI: 10.1139/X08-012  1
2008 Homel K, Budy P, Pfrender ME, Whitesel TA, Mock K. Evaluating genetic structure among resident and migratory forms of bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus) in Northeast Oregon Ecology of Freshwater Fish. 17: 465-474. DOI: 10.1111/J.1600-0633.2008.00299.X  1
2008 Chong JP, Brim Box JC, Howard JK, Wolf D, Myers TL, Mock KE. Three deeply divided lineages of the freshwater mussel genus Anodonta in western North America Conservation Genetics. 9: 1303-1309. DOI: 10.1007/S10592-007-9485-X  1
2007 Mock KE, Bentz BJ, O'neill EM, Chong JP, Orwin J, Pfrender ME. Landscape-scale genetic variation in a forest outbreak species, the mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae). Molecular Ecology. 16: 553-68. PMID 17257113 DOI: 10.1111/J.1365-294X.2006.03158.X  1
2007 Mock KE, Bjerregaard LS. Genetic analysis of a recently discovered population of the least chub (Iotichthys phlegethontis) Western North American Naturalist. 67: 142-146. DOI: 10.3398/1527-0904(2007)67[142:Gaoard]2.0.Co;2  1
2007 Cardall BL, Bjerregaard LS, Mock KE. Microsatellite markers for the June sucker (Chasmistes liorus mictus), Utah sucker (Catostomus ardens), and five other catostomid fishes of western North America: Primer note Molecular Ecology Notes. 7: 457-460. DOI: 10.1111/J.1471-8286.2006.01617.X  1
2006 Spaulding AW, Mock KE, Schroeder MA, Warheit KI. Recency, range expansion, and unsorted lineages: Implications for interpreting neutral genetic variation in the sharp-tailed grouse (Tympanuchus phasianellus) Molecular Ecology. 15: 2317-2332. PMID 16842408 DOI: 10.1111/J.1365-294X.2006.02935.X  1
2006 Mock KE, Evans RP, Crawford M, Cardall BL, Janecke SU, Miller MP. Rangewide molecular structuring in the Utah sucker (Catostomus ardens) Molecular Ecology. 15: 2223-2238. PMID 16780436 DOI: 10.1111/J.1365-294X.2006.02932.X  1
2006 Wagner EJ, Wilson C, Arndt R, Goddard P, Miller M, Hodgson A, Vincent R, Mock K. Evaluation of disease resistance of the Fish Lake-DeSmet, wounded man, and Harrison Lake strains of rainbow trout exposed to Myxobolus cerebralis Journal of Aquatic Animal Health. 18: 128-135. DOI: 10.1577/H05-039.1  1
2006 Miller MP, Weigel DE, Mock KE. Patterns of genetic structure in the endangered aquatic gastropod Valvata utahensis (Mollusca: Valvatidae) at small and large spatial scales Freshwater Biology. 51: 2362-2375. DOI: 10.1111/J.1365-2427.2006.01665.X  1
2006 Miller MP, Weigel DE, Mock KE, Roth B. Evidence for an outcrossing reproductive strategy in the hermaphroditic heterobranch gastropod Valvata utahensis (valvatidae), with notes on the genetic differentiation of V. utahensis and V. humeralis Journal of Molluscan Studies. 72: 397-403. DOI: 10.1093/Mollus/Eyl016  1
2005 Mock KE, Miller MP. Patterns of molecular diversity in naturally occurring and refugial populations of the least chub Transactions of the American Fisheries Society. 134: 267-278. DOI: 10.1577/T04-037.1  1
2004 Mock KE, Brim-Box JC, Miller MP, Downing ME, Hoeh WR. Genetic diversity and divergence among freshwater mussel (Anodonta) populations in the Bonneville Basin of Utah Molecular Ecology. 13: 1085-1098. PMID 15078447 DOI: 10.1111/J.1365-294X.2004.02143.X  1
2004 Mock KE, Latch EK, Rhodes OE. Assessing losses of genetic diversity due to translocation: Long-term case histories in Merriam's turkey (Meleagris gallopavo merriami) Conservation Genetics. 5: 631-645. DOI: 10.1007/S10592-004-1849-X  1
2002 Mock KE, Theimer TC, Rhodes OE, Greenberg DL, Keim P. Genetic variation across the historical range of the wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo). Molecular Ecology. 11: 643-57. PMID 11972754 DOI: 10.1046/J.1365-294X.2002.01467.X  1
2001 Mock KE, Theimer TC, Wakeling BF, Rhodes O.E. J, Greenberg DL, Keim P. Verifying the origins of a reintroduced population of Gould's wild turkey Journal of Wildlife Management. 65: 871-879.  1
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