University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Peter J. BerkelmanBiomedical Engineering, Medicine and Surgery
Thomas ErnstBiomedical Engineering, Radiology
Brian C. Andrews-ShigakiBiomedical Engineering, Radiology2010 Thomas Ernst (grad student)
Linlin HuangCivil Engineering2004 H Ronald Riggs (grad student)
Wai-Fah ChenCivil Engineering
Krystian PaczkowskiCivil Engineering2011 H Ronald Riggs (grad student)
Horst G. BrandesCivil Engineering
Shentang WangCivil Engineering2006 Horst G. Brandes (grad student)
Phillip OoiCivil Engineering
Yonghui SongCivil Engineering2009 Phillip Ooi (grad student)
Xiaojin JiCivil Engineering2006 Panos D. Prevedouros (grad student)
H Ronald RiggsCivil Engineering, Applied Mechanics, Aerospace Engineering
Clark C. K. LiuCivil Engineering, Environmental Engineering
Tieshi HuangCivil Engineering, Environmental Engineering2011 Roger W. Babcock (grad student)
Roger W. BabcockCivil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Natural Resource Management
Yanling LiCivil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Sustainability2014 Roger W. Babcock (grad student)
Lampros K. MitropoulosCivil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Transportation2011 Panos D. Prevedouros (grad student)
Peter G. NicholsonCivil Engineering, Geotechnology, Geological Engineering, Geodesy
Shailesh NamekarCivil Engineering, Geotechnology, Geological Engineering, Geodesy Civil Engineering2013 Peter G. Nicholson (grad student)
Mingxun DingCivil Engineering, Soil Science Agriculture2000 Peter G. Nicholson (grad student)
Honglong LiCivil Engineering, System Science Engineering, Transportation2002 Panos D. Prevedouros (grad student)
Panos D. PrevedourosCivil Engineering, Transportation
Motohiko UmeyamaCoastal and Ocean Engineering Ocean Engineering19841989 Charles Leroy Bretschneider (grad student)
Vinod MalhotraElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Wenyi JinElectronics and Electrical Engineering2006 Marc P. C. Fossorier (grad student)
Juntan ZhangElectronics and Electrical Engineering2005 Marc P. C. Fossorier (grad student)
Nenad MiladinovicElectronics and Electrical Engineering2005 Marc P. C. Fossorier (grad student)
Anders Host-MadsenElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Jinghu ChenElectronics and Electrical Engineering2003 Marc P. C. Fossorier (grad student)
Hui OuElectronics and Electrical Engineering2009 Vassilis Syrmos (grad student)
Claudio TalaricoElectronics and Electrical Engineering2004 Vinod Malhotra (grad student)
Vassilis SyrmosElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Yige WangElectronics and Electrical Engineering2008 Marc P. C. Fossorier (grad student)
Wayne C. KimElectronics and Electrical Engineering2006 Magdy F Iskander (grad student)
Jodie M. BellElectronics and Electrical Engineering2008 Magdy F Iskander (grad student)
Nuri CelikElectronics and Electrical Engineering2009 Magdy F Iskander (grad student)
Chaopin ZhuElectronics and Electrical Engineering2006 Anthony Kuh (grad student)
Wayne A. ShiromaElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Grant S. ShiromaElectronics and Electrical Engineering2007 Wayne A. Shiroma (grad student)
Anthony KuhElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Magdy F IskanderElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Marc P. C. FossorierElectronics and Electrical Engineering1994 Shu Lin (grad student)
Soo Y. LimElectronics and Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering2010 Zhengqing Yun (grad student)
Isar MostafanezhadElectronics and Electrical Engineering2010 Olga Boric-Lubecke (grad student)
Seungjae BahngElectronics and Electrical Engineering2005 Anders Host-Madsen (grad student)
Zigui YangElectronics and Electrical Engineering2006 Anders Host-Madsen (grad student)
Minqi ShenElectronics and Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering2013 Anders Host-Madsen (grad student)
Ivy LoElectronics and Electrical Engineering2009 Olga Boric-Lubecke (grad student)
Gregory T. UeharaElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Eric B. NakamukaElectronics and Electrical Engineering2001 Gregory T. Uehara (grad student)
Bryson PadasdaoElectronics and Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering2013 Olga Boric-Lubecke (grad student)
David Y. Y. YunElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Tianyu LuElectronics and Electrical Engineering2000 David Y. Y. Yun (grad student)
Jianhan LiuElectronics and Electrical Engineering2005 Anders Host-Madsen (grad student)
Zhengqing YunElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Olga Boric-LubeckeElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Wansuree MassagramElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering2008 Olga Boric-Lubecke (grad student)
Jennifer B. CarderEntomology Biology, Agricultural Engineering2000 Marshall W. Johnson (grad student)
Marshall W. JohnsonEntomology Biology, Agricultural Engineering
Cerruti R. HooksEntomology Biology, Agronomy Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering2000 Marshall W. Johnson (grad student)
Nathan C. PeabodyEntomology Biology, Molecular Biology2001 Marshall W. Johnson (grad student)
Marcelo H. KobayashiMechanical Engineering
Carlos F. M. CoimbraMechanical Engineering
Aaron M. HanaiMechanical Engineering2010 Peter J. Berkelman (grad student)
Raghu SrinivasanMechanical Engineering2010 Lloyd H. Hihara (grad student)
Hugo T. Carreira PedroMechanical Engineering2010 Marcelo H. Kobayashi (grad student)
Shengxi LiMechanical Engineering2010 Lloyd H. Hihara (grad student)
Edwin A. LimMechanical Engineering2006 Carlos F. M. Coimbra (grad student)
Mehrdad G. NejhadMechanical Engineering
Ali YousefpourMechanical Engineering2000 Mehrdad G. Nejhad (grad student)
Nicolas AntinMechanical Engineering2010 Mehrdad G. Nejhad (grad student)
Ronald H. KnappMechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering
Reza GhorbaniMechanical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Automotive Engineering
Volker SchwarzerMechanical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Automotive Engineering2012 Reza Ghorbani (grad student)
Beei-Huan ChaoMechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering
Shiling LiuMechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering2001 Beei-Huan Chao (grad student)
Mehrdad N. Ghasemi NejhadMechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering
Kentaro KusadaMechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2012 Lloyd H. Hihara (grad student)
Lloyd H. HiharaMechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering
Shruti TiwariMechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering Mechanical Engineering2013 Lloyd H. Hihara (grad student)
Mehrdad N. Ghasemi-NejhadMechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering
Vinod P. VeeduMechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2006 Mehrdad G. Nejhad (grad student)
Davood AskariMechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2009 Mehrdad G. Nejhad (grad student)
Vamshi GudapatiMechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Nanotechnology2011 Mehrdad G. Nejhad (grad student)
Charles Leroy BretschneiderOcean Engineering
Yunfeng ZhaiRenewable energy