Universite Laval (Canada)

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Charles AbesqueCivil Engineering2001 Marc-Andre Berube (grad student)
Daoud Ait-KadiIndustrial Engineering, System Science Engineering
Boussaad AkrourGeodesy, Civil Engineering2002 Rock Santerre (grad student)
Ali A. AmidianElectronics and Electrical Engineering2002 Michel Lecours (grad student)
Mohamed L. AmmariElectronics and Electrical Engineering2003 Huu T. Huynh (grad student)
Abdelkrim AmmoucheCivil Engineering2000 Denys Breysse (grad student)
Roch AngersMaterials Science Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering
Moncef ArfaouiCivil Engineering2003 Jean-Louis Verrette (grad student)
Remi BarbaruloCivil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Nuclear Engineering2003 Jacques Marchand (grad student)
Josee BastienCivil Engineering
Michel BeaudoinMaterials Science Engineering, Wood Technology Agriculture, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture
Ginette BeginIndustrial Engineering2000 Pierre Lefrancois (grad student)
Abder R. BenaskeurElectronics and Electrical Engineering2000 Andre Desbiens (grad student)
Zohir BenrabahMechanical Engineering2002 Marie Faford (grad student)
Antoine BertonMetallurgy Engineering2004 Daniel Hodouin (grad student)
Marc-Andre BerubeCivil Engineering
Pascal BesnardElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Stephane BlinElectronics and Electrical Engineering2004 Pascal Besnard (grad student)
Etienne L. BoucartCivil Engineering2003 Michel Pigeon (grad student)
Real BouchardMaterials Science Engineering2004 M R. Krishnader (grad student)
Abdeslem BoukhtoutaCivil Engineering2003 Bernard Lamond (grad student)
Daniel BouletCivil Engineering2001 Richard Pleau (grad student)
Mostapha M. BousminaChemical Engineering
Roxana S. Breahna StincescuElectronics and Electrical Engineering2003 Philippe Viarouge (grad student)
Denys BreysseCivil Engineering
Patrick BurlatIndustrial Engineering, System Science Engineering
Sandrine CatinaudCivil Engineering2001 Jacques Marchand (grad student)
Martin ChamberlandElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Alain d. ChamplainMechanical Engineering
Jean-Philippe CharronCivil Engineering2003 Jacques Marchand (grad student)
Louis CloutierMechanical Engineering
Rosa G. CloutierEnvironmental Engineering
Alain CloutierWood Technology Agriculture, Chemical Engineering
Jean CoteCivil Engineering2000 Jean-Marie Konrad (grad student)
Sophie D'AmoursIndustrial Engineering, Management Business Administration
Christophe K. DanumahChemical Engineering2002 Serge Kaliaguine (grad student)
Akbar DarabiElectronics and Electrical Engineering2000 Xavier Maldague (grad student)
Houshang Darvishi AlamdariMaterials Science Engineering2001 Andre V. Neste (grad student)
Luiz R. De Andrade LimaMetallurgy Engineering2001 Daniel Hodouin (grad student)
Alain DeChamplainBiomedical Engineering, Animal Physiology Biology, Medicine and Surgery
Soumaine DehkissiaChemical Engineering, Energy, Petroleum Engineering2004 Faical Larachi (grad student)
G Y. DelisleElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Gilles Y. DelisleElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Andre DesbiensElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Christophe DeutschElectronics and Electrical Engineering2001 Andre Zoccarin (grad student)
Denis DionElectronics and Electrical Engineering2001 Denis Laurendeau (grad student)
Jianyi DuMechanical Engineering2000 Alain d. Champlain (grad student)
Jean-Sebastien DubeEnvironmental Engineering, Soil Science Agriculture, Environmental Sciences2001 Thierry Winiarski (grad student)
Vincent Duchaine Clement M. Gosselin (grad student)
Louis DufresneMechanical Engineering2001 Guy Dumas (grad student)
Guy DumasMechanical Engineering
Asma El AmriCivil Engineering2004 Jean-Louis Verrette (grad student)
Karim El MarrouniChemical Engineering2004 Serge Kaliaguine (grad student)
Mario FafardCivil Engineering
Marie FafordMechanical Engineering
Habib FathallahElectronics and Electrical Engineering2002 Leslie A. Rusch (grad student)
Nasser FatouraeeBiomedical Engineering, Animal Physiology Biology, Medicine and Surgery2000 Alain d. Champlain (grad student)
Jacques GallichandAgricultural Engineering, General Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering, Hydrology
Rosa Galvez-CloutierEnvironmental Engineering, Soil Science Agriculture, Environmental Sciences
Stefan B. GanevWood Technology Agriculture2002 Alain Cloutier (grad student)
Marc-Olivier GasserSoil Science Agriculture2000 Robert Lagace (grad student)
Alain GeigerGeodesy, Civil Engineering
Jerome GenestElectronics and Electrical Engineering2001 Martin Chamberland (grad student)
Edward GhaliMetallurgy Engineering
Claire GirardCivil Engineering2000 Josee Bastien (grad student)
Laurent GiraudMechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Agricultural Engineering2000 Daoud A. Kadi (grad student)
Clement M. GosselinMechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering
Patrice GouletChemical Engineering2004 Rene Lacroix (grad student)
Dominic GrenierElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Martin GrenonMining Engineering2000 John Hadjigeorgiou (grad student)
Martin GuyElectronics and Electrical Engineering
John HadjigeorgiouMining Engineering
Yasser HamdiCivil Engineering, Hydrology2001 Jean-Loup Robert (grad student)
Abdelkader HammamiIndustrial Engineering, System Science Engineering2003 Daoud A. Kadi (grad student)
Mustapha HamzaElectronics and Electrical Engineering2004 Hua T. Huynh (grad student)
Daniel HodouinChemical Engineering
Huu T. HuynhElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Hua T. HuynhElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Elie InatyElectronics and Electrical Engineering2001 Hossam Shalaby (grad student)
Mohamed A. JamaliIndustrial Engineering2004 Daoud A. Kadi (grad student)
Azeddine KaddouriElectronics and Electrical Engineering2000 Hoang Le-Huy (grad student)
Lyes KademMechanical Engineering2004 Philippe Pibarot (grad student)
Daoud A. KadiMechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Agricultural Engineering
Hedi KaffelIndustrial Engineering, Management Business Administration2001 Sophie D'Amours (grad student)
Serge KaliaguineChemical Engineering
S KaliaguineChemical Engineering
Smail KallaMechanical Engineering2002 Alain d. Champlain (grad student)
Innocent KamwaElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Dragan KomljenovicMaterials Science Engineering2002 Jacek Paraszczak (grad student)
Xianwen KongMechanical Engineering2003 Clement M. Gosselin (grad student)
Jean-Marie KonradCivil Engineering
Detlef KretschmerMechanical Engineering
M R. KrishnaderMaterials Science Engineering
M R. KrishnadevMetallurgy Engineering, Materials Science Engineering
Rene LacroixChemical Engineering
Robert LagaceAgricultural Engineering, Physical Geography, Agronomy Agriculture
Bernard LamondCivil Engineering
Ann LamontagneMining Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering2001 Richard Poulin (grad student)
Faical LarachiChemical Engineering, Energy, Petroleum Engineering
Anne-Marie LarocheAgricultural Engineering, General Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering, Hydrology2000 Jacques Gallichand (grad student)
Sophie LaRochelleElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Laurent LassabatereEnvironmental Engineering2003 Thierry Winiarski (grad student)
Olivier LaurenceCivil Engineering2002 Michel Pigeon (grad student)
Denis LaurendeauElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Mario Le BlancElectronics and Electrical Engineering2000 G Y. Delisle (grad student)
Hoang Le-HuyElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Remi E. LebrunEnvironmental Engineering
Michel LecoursElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Elie LefeuvreElectronics and Electrical Engineering2001 Philippe Viarouge (grad student)
Pierre LefrancoisIndustrial Engineering
Hugo LemieuxMaterials Science Engineering, Wood Technology Agriculture, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture2002 Michel Beaudoin (grad student)
Frank LemyMining Engineering2002 John Hadjigeorgiou (grad student)
Serge LeroueilGeotechnology, Civil Engineering
Jean-Francois LessardMining Engineering2004 John Hadjigeorgiou (grad student)
Desheng LiMechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering2003 Clement M. Gosselin (grad student)
Haidong LiMechanical Engineering2005 Clement M. Gosselin (grad student)
Claude LincourtMetallurgy Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2003 M R. Krishnadev (grad student)
Rajouene MajdoubEnvironmental Sciences2001 Jacques Gallichand (grad student)
Xavier MaldagueElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Daniel MarceauCivil Engineering, Applied Mechanics2001 Mario Fafard (grad student)
Jacques MarchandCivil Engineering
Luc MartelElectronics and Electrical Engineering2004 Andre Zaccarin (grad student)
Mourad MenifElectronics and Electrical Engineering2002 Leslie A. Rusch (grad student)
Thierry MercierMaterials Science Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering2003 Roch Angers (grad student)
Thierry MeynardElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Hicham MirCivil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering2003 Mario Fafard (grad student)
Jean N. MurwanashyakaChemical Engineering2000 Hooshang Pakdel (grad student)
Raymond NadeauIndustrial Engineering
Moise NdohElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Mining Engineering2004 G Y. Delisle (grad student)
Andre V. NesteMaterials Science Engineering
Isabelle NoelEnvironmental Engineering2002 Remi E. Lebrun (grad student)
Hooshang PakdelChemical Engineering
Jacek ParaszczakMaterials Science Engineering
Marc ParizeauElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Ilie Petre-LazarCivil Engineering2001 Jacques Marchand (grad student)
Philippe PibarotMechanical Engineering
Michel PigeonCivil Engineering
Gilles Pijaudier-CabotCivil Engineering
Richard PleauCivil Engineering
Dominique PomerleauChemical Engineering2003 Daniel Hodouin (grad student)
Richard PoulinMining Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering
Nadia PouliotCivil Engineering2002 Jacques Marchand (grad student)
Hua QiuChemical Engineering2000 Mostapha M. Bousmina (grad student)
Ahmed RahemCivil Engineering2001 Mario Fafard (grad student)
Daniel RichardCivil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering2004 Mario Fafard (grad student)
Jean-Loup RobertCivil Engineering, Hydrology
Sophie L. RochelleElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Martin RochetteElectronics and Electrical Engineering2001 Martin Guy (grad student)
Leslie A. RuschElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Rock SanterreGeodesy, Civil Engineering
Abdelhamid SayariChemical Engineering
Assia SemmarElectronics and Electrical Engineering2000 Michel Lecours (grad student)
Hossam ShalabyElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Nizar SmaouiCivil Engineering2003 Marc-Andre Berube (grad student)
Souad Souafi-BensafiElectronics and Electrical Engineering2002 Marc Parizeau (grad student)
Robert StoweAerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering2001 Alain d. Champlain (grad student)
Giasson SuzanneChemical Engineering
Veronique SzaboChemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering2002 Serge Kaliaguine (grad student)
Pierre-Martin TardifElectronics and Electrical Engineering2000 Andre Zaccarin (grad student)
Grazia D. TomaCivil Engineering2000 Michel Pigeon (grad student)
Real TremblayMaterials Science Engineering
Mohammad H. Vadjed SamieiElectronics and Electrical Engineering2000 G Y. Delisle (grad student)
Sebastien VaudreuilChemical Engineering2003 Serge Kaliaguine (grad student)
Jean VaunatCivil Engineering2002 Serge Leroueil (grad student)
Bertrand VeilleuxMetallurgy Engineering2002 Edward Ghali (grad student)
Jean-Louis VerretteCivil Engineering
Philippe ViarougeElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Rene d. VillarMetallurgy Engineering
Qingyuan WangElectronics and Electrical Engineering2000 Michel Lecours (grad student)
Thierry WiniarskiEnvironmental Engineering, Soil Science Agriculture, Environmental Sciences
Yangnian WuMechanical Engineering2003 Clement M. Gosselin (grad student)
Mehran YazdiElectronics and Electrical Engineering2003 Andre Zaccarin (grad student)
Andre ZaccarinElectronics and Electrical Engineering
S. M. ZaidiChemical Engineering2000 S Kaliaguine (grad student)
Andre ZoccarinElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Bruno ZuberCivil Engineering2005 Jacques Marchand (grad student)