New York University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Robert Alfano1972 Leonard Yarmus (grad student)
Adriana G. AritaEnvironmental Health, Toxicology Basic Medical Science2011 Max Costa (grad student)
Eray S. AydilMaterials Science Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering
Janeen R. AzareMolecular Biology, Pharmacology2000 Max Costa (grad student)
David A. Bella Civil engineering1967 William E. Dobbins (grad student)
Hakan CangulOncology, Molecular Biology, Pathology2002 Max Costa (grad student)
Haobin ChenToxicology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology2006 Max Costa (grad student)
Fred Chernow1962 Hartmut Paul Kallmann (grad student)
Yana ChervonaToxicology, Environmental Sciences, Genetics Environmental Health Science2013 Max Costa (grad student)
William Chin Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering2017 Bruce A. Garetz (grad student)
Pei Chi Chou1951 Chi-Teh Wang (grad student)
Harriet A. ClancyToxicology, Environmental Health, Cell Biology, Oncology Environmental Health Science2012 Max Costa (grad student)
Max CostaToxicology, Environmental Engineering, Molecular Biology
Merril Eisenbud
Norman Epsteinlectrokinetic Phenomena, Fouling, Heat Exchangers, Interfacial Phenomena, Particulate Systems, Spouted Beds1954 John Happel (grad student)
Nachman N. Eshelelasticity
Chen FengComputer Vision, Robotics, Machine Learning, Construction Robotics
Vasilis M. FthenakisEnvironmental Engineering, Energy, General Psychology1991 Victor Zakkay (grad student)
Paul Roesel Garabedian
Bruce A. GaretzInteraction of light with molecules and materials
Lisa GesumariaMolecular Biology, Aging, Environmental Health Environmental Health Medicine2015 Max Costa (grad student)
Alvin S. GoodmanCivil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Operations Research1965 William E. Dobbins (grad student)
Ryan L. HartmanChemical Engineering
John Hsu-Kan KaoReliability engineering, quality control and sampling inspection
Ramesh KarriElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Qingdong KeToxicology, Environmental Engineering, Molecular Biology2007 Max Costa (grad student)
Henry J. Kelley NYU Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences NYU Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences Richard Courant (grad student), James Johnston Stoker (grad student)
Jin Ryoun Kim
Hwasung Lee
Tal Linzen
Kuo-nan Liou Engineering and Science1970 Richard M Schotland (grad student)
Yuzhou LiuMolecular Chemistry, Chemical Engineering Chemistry2011 Michael D. Ward (grad student)
Harold MargolinMetallurgy
Van C. MowBiomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Rehabilitation and Therapy19671968 Joseph Bishop Keller (post-doc)
Misha Pavelcomputational models of cognition and neural systems, behavioral informatics, machine learning, mobile health, elder care1980 Jean-Claude Falmagne (grad student)
Robert PfefferChemical Engineering19581962 John Happel (grad student)
Jeyavijayan Rajendran Electrical and Computer Engineering2015 Ramesh Karri (grad student)
Brian C. RiderElectronics and Electrical Engineering2000 Henry P. McKean (grad student)
Philip Eugene SarachikElectrical engineering
Sebastian Schustercomputational linguistics, psycholinguistics, pragmatics Linguistics2021 Tal Linzen (post-doc)
Henry SpitzBiomedical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Radiation Physics Environmental Health1978 McDonald Edward Wrenn (grad student)
Jack Tang Electrical and Computer Engineering2018 Ramesh Karri (grad student)
Chi-Teh Wang
Xin Wang Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering2015 Bruce A. Garetz (grad student)
Michael D. Wardcrystallography, microscopy, interfacial phenomena
McDonald Edward WrennEnvironmental Medicine1966 Merril Eisenbud (grad student)
Wenchang Xiao2015 Michael D. Ward (grad student)
Victor Zakkay
Xue ZhouOccupational Health and Safety, Toxicology, Environmental Health Environmental Health Medicine2010 Max Costa (grad student)
Yudong ZhuBiomedical Engineering