Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Zuqiang Bian
Huiling Duan Jianxiang Wang (grad student)
Liangbing Gan College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering1991 Chunhui Huang (post-doc)
Jiawei HeRare earth chemistry, optoelectronics, polymer materials College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering20202022 Zuqiang Bian (research assistant)
Yanyi Huangmicrofluidics, optoelectronics, sequencing Chemistry19951997 Liangbing Gan (research scientist)
Shenglin HuangNon-equilibrium mechanics Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science20152018 Huiling Duan (grad student)
Zehui Li2D materials, environmental sensors20202023 Kaihui Liu (post-doc)
Yibo Linphysical design, machine learning applications, emerging technology in VLSI CAD, hardware security
Peirong LinModeling and remote sensing of global river discharge
Guojie LuoComputer system architecture, energy-efficient computing, reconfigurable computing, electronic design automation, fault-tolerant design of VLSI systems, design for nanotechnologies, design and analysis of algorithms
Yu Qinmaterial science
Minghua Shen Computer Science20132017 Guojie Luo (grad student)
Feng Wang Computer Science20162021 Guojie Luo (grad student)
Jianxiang Wang
Defu WangMicrowave components and millimetre-wave integrated circuits
Chang Xu Computer Science20122017 Guojie Luo (grad student)
Zifeng Yuan Jacob Fish (grad student)
Wentai Zhang Computer Science20142020 Guojie Luo (grad student)
Size Mike ZhengComputer Architecture, Deep Learning Compiler