The University of Tennessee

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Ammar M. AamerIndustrial Engineering2005 Rapinder S. Sawhney (grad student)
Parag S. AdhangaleChemical Engineering2004 David J. Keffer (grad student)
Igor AlexeffElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Basil N. AntarMechanical Engineering
Ibrahim K. AttiehNuclear Engineering2004 Ronald E. Pevey (grad student)
Chunggi BaigChemical Engineering2005 Hank D. Cochran (grad student)
Allen J. BakerMechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering
Roberto S. BensonMaterials Science Engineering
Gajanan S. BhatMaterials Science Engineering, Textile Technology
Brent W. BlahaMechanical Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering2001 T D. McCay (grad student)
Dan BouldinElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Charlie R. BrooksMaterials Science Engineering
Raymond A. BuchananMaterials Science Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering
John R. BuchanenEnvironmental Engineering, Agricultural Engineering
Edwin G. BurdetteCivil Engineering
Maksym BychkovOperations Research, Banking Business Administration, Management Business Administration2005 Chanaka Edirisinghe (grad student)
Nelly Margareth Cantillo Cuello Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Thomas A. Zawodzinski (grad student)
Ipek CelenEnvironmental Engineering, Agricultural Engineering2006 John R. Buchanen (grad student)
Peter F. CentoMechanical Engineering2000 Grzegorz Kawiecki (grad student)
Zachariah ChambersApplied Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering2000 Joseph Iannelli (grad student)
Vijaysekhar ChellaboinaMechanical Engineering
John ChiassonElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Samantha T. ClarkLipids, proteins, vesicles, photosystem I Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering20122019 Paul D. Frymier (grad student)
Hank D. CochranChemical Engineering
Billie J. CollierMaterials Science Engineering
Emma J. CooleyMechanical Engineering2000 Remi Engels (grad student)
Robert M. CounceChemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Sanitary and Municipal Engineering
Atul DahiyaMaterials Science Engineering2006 Billie J. Collier (grad student)
J Harold DeatherageCivil Engineering, Operations Research
Fong-Yuen DingIndustrial Engineering
Eric C. DrummCivil Engineering
Zhong DuElectronics and Electrical Engineering2005 Leon M. Tolbert (grad student)
Chandra S. DurisetyElectronics and Electrical Engineering2006 Benjamin J. Blalock (grad student)
Amal K. DuttaCivil Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2006 Dayakar Penumadu (grad student)
Chanaka EdirisingheOperations Research, Management Business Administration, Urban and Regional Planning, Civil Engineering, Energy
Itamar ElhananyElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Remi EngelsAerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Milton N. EricsonElectronics and Electrical Engineering2002 James Rochelle (grad student)
Douglas S. FalconMaterials Science Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering2003 Charlie R. Brooks (grad student)
Gary A. FlandroAerospace Engineering
Paul D. FrymierChemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Toxicology, Sanitary and Municipal Engineering
Aravind GaliMaterials Science Engineering2006 Easo P. George (grad student)
Easo P. GeorgeMaterials Science Engineering
Paulo C. GioielliMechanical Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering2000 John D. Landes (grad student)
Bradley M. GreeneIndustrial Engineering, Management Business Administration, Automotive Engineering2002 Kenneth E. Kirby (grad student)
Yingfeng GuanMaterials Science Engineering2004 Anthony J. Pedraza (grad student)
Scott W. HaleMechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2001 Majid Keyhani (grad student)
William R. HamelMechanical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Bill HamelMechanical Engineering
Md HasanuzzamanElectronics and Electrical Engineering2005 Syed K. Islam (grad student)
Mostofa K. HowladerElectronics and Electrical Engineering
John C. HungerfordAutomotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Hasina F. HuqElectronics and Electrical Engineering2006 Syed K. Islam (grad student)
Joseph IannelliApplied Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering1991 Allen J. Baker (grad student)
Jovan IlicElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Energy2001 Jack Lawler (grad student)
Earl E. IngramCivil Engineering2002 Edwin G. Burdette (grad student)
Syed K. IslamElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Stephen JesseMaterials Science Engineering2004 Anthony J. Pedraza (grad student)
Bangwu JiangChemical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2005 David J. Keffer (grad student)
Saurabh KabraMaterials Science Engineering2006 Easo P. George (grad student)
Ajeet G. KamathMechanical Engineering2006 Vijaysekhar Chellaboina (grad student)
Weng L. KangElectronics and Electrical Engineering2000 Igor Alexeff (grad student)
Grzegorz KawieckiMechanical Engineering
David J. KefferChemical Engineering
Nabil F. KerkizElectronics and Electrical Engineering2000 Dan Bouldin (grad student)
Majid KeyhaniMechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering
Surin KhomfoiElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Artificial Intelligence2007 Leon M. Tolbert (grad student)
Kevin L. KilpatrickMechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering2001 Allen J. Baker (grad student)
Sewoong KimMechanical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering2002 William R. Hamel (grad student)
Kenneth E. KirbyIndustrial Engineering, Management Business Administration, Automotive Engineering
Robert J. KraneMechanical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Phillip A Krethflow control, optical diagnostics, hypersonics
Jose A. LamasMechanical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering2002 Robert J. Krane (grad student)
John D. LandesMechanical Engineering, Applied Mechanics
Jack LawlerElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Energy
Clark H Lewis
Hung-Chih LiChemical Engineering2002 Hank D. Cochran (grad student)
Xike LiElectronics and Electrical Engineering2006 Itamar Elhanany (grad student)
Xiaoyun LingPlastics Technology, Materials Science Engineering2005 Joseph E. Spruiell (grad student)
Baofu LuNuclear Engineering2005 Belle R. Upadhyaya (grad student)
Arnold LumsdaineMechanical Engineering
Carl D. LundinMetallurgy Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Petroleum Engineering
Xiaoyu LuoMaterials Science Engineering2006 Roberto S. Benson (grad student)
J A. M. BouletMechanical Engineering
Daniel L. MaxwellMechanical Engineering2000 Basil N. Antar (grad student)
Mary H. McCayAerospace Engineering, Materials Science Engineering
T D. McCayMechanical Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering
Marshall T McDonnellatomistic modeling, neutron scattering20112016 David J. Keffer (grad student)
Abraham J. MeganathanMechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering2005 Ahmad D. Vakili (grad student)
Charles L. MerkleAerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Lloyd M. MiddletonCivil Engineering, Operations Research2006 J Harold Deatherage (grad student)
Fabio R. MirandaAgricultural Engineering, Agronomy Agriculture2003 Ronald E. Yoder (grad student)
Pamela M. MoorMechanical Engineering2007 Bill Hamel (grad student)
Samuel A. MortonChemical Engineering2004 Robert M. Counce (grad student)
Burak OzpineciElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Automotive Engineering2002 Leon M. Tolbert (grad student)
Earl I. PattersonOperations Research2001 Chanaka Edirisinghe (grad student)
Anthony J. PedrazaMaterials Science Engineering
Dayakar PenumaduGeotechnology, Civil Engineering
Ronald E. PeveyNuclear Engineering
Joao O. PintoElectronics and Electrical Engineering2001 Jack Lawler (grad student)
William D. PointerNuclear Engineering, Mechanical Engineering2001 Arthur Ruggles (grad student)
Amit PrashantCivil Engineering, Geotechnology2004 Dayakar Penumadu (grad student)
Bryan S. PuckettElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering2001 James Rochelle (grad student)
Sekhar RadhakrishnanMechanical Engineering2002 Ahmad D. Vakili (grad student)
Jayanthy RamakrishnanMechanical Engineering2006 Vijaysekhar Chellaboina (grad student)
Dave R. RamanAgricultural Engineering
Julian J. RaphaelMechanical Engineering2000 J A. M. Boulet (grad student)
Shijin RenChemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Toxicology, Sanitary and Municipal Engineering2001 Paul D. Frymier (grad student)
James RochelleElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering
Haoming RongMaterials Science Engineering, Textile Technology2004 Gajanan S. Bhat (grad student)
Arthur RugglesNuclear Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Nasreddine SaadouliOperations Research, Management Business Administration, Urban and Regional Planning, Civil Engineering, Energy2000 Chanaka Edirisinghe (grad student)
Ajanta SachanCivil Engineering, Soil Science Agriculture2005 Dayakar Penumadu (grad student)
Tarik A. SalehMaterials Science Engineering2006 Peter K. Liaw (grad student)
Steven C. SauerweinAerospace Engineering2002 Gary A. Flandro (grad student)
Rapinder S. SawhneyIndustrial Engineering
Jordan Sawyer Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering20112016 Zhili Zhang (grad student)
Xinjie ShiManagement Business Administration2006 Chanaka Edirisinghe (grad student)
Thada SomphoneMechanical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering2000 Niann-i Yu (grad student)
Joseph E. SpruiellPlastics Technology, Materials Science Engineering
John S. SteinhoffAerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Rejanah V. StewardMaterials Science Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering2006 Peter K. Liaw (grad student)
Grigoreta M. StoicaMaterials Science Engineering2007 Peter K. Liaw (grad student)
Junghoon SuhElectronics and Electrical Engineering2004 Mostofa K. Howlader (grad student)
Yinan SunMaterials Science Engineering2007 Peter K. Liaw (grad student)
Shing-Jia TangMechanical Engineering2007 Arnold Lumsdaine (grad student)
Kaixiang TaoMaterials Science Engineering2006 Hahn Choo (grad student)
Barbara M. ThibadeauOperations Research2006 Chanaka Edirisinghe (grad student)
Hongbo TianMaterials Science Engineering2003 Peter K. Liaw (grad student)
Leon M. TolbertElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Automotive Engineering
Chad A. ToneyIndustrial Engineering, General Business Administration2005 Kenneth E. Kirby (grad student)
Terri L. TramelAerospace Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2001 Mary H. McCay (grad student)
Belle R. UpadhyayaNuclear Engineering
Ahmad D. VakiliMechanical Engineering
Christel B. van de KolkAerospace Engineering2000 Gary A. Flandro (grad student)
Rajagopal VijayaraghavanElectronics and Electrical Engineering2007 Syed K. Islam (grad student)
Charles R. ViningMechanical Engineering2002 Remi Engels (grad student)
Gongyao WangMaterials Science Engineering2006 Peter K. Liaw (grad student)
Lesong WangAerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering2003 John S. Steinhoff (grad student)
Kaiyu WangElectronics and Electrical Engineering2005 John Chiasson (grad student)
Fei Fred WangPower Electronics
David L Whitfield1971 Clark H Lewis (grad student)
Wanchuck WooMaterials Science Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering2006 Peter K. Liaw (grad student), Hahn Choo (grad student)
Jie-zhi WuAerospace Engineering
Yue Wu Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering20102015 Zhili Zhang (grad student)
Sujing XieMaterials Science Engineering2007 Easo P. George (grad student)
Bing YangMaterials Science Engineering2003 Peter K. Liaw (grad student)
Ronald E. YoderAgricultural Engineering, Agronomy Agriculture
Niann-i YuMechanical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Bahram ZandiMechanical Engineering2005 Majid Keyhani (grad student)
Zheyu Zhang2015 Fei Fred Wang (grad student)
Renbin ZhouMechanical Engineering2006 William R. Hamel (grad student)
Fanglin ZhuAerospace Engineering2000 Jie-zhi Wu (grad student)
Gang ZuoCivil Engineering, Geotechnology2003 Eric C. Drumm (grad student)