Case Institute of Technology

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Robert J. AdlerChemical engineering
Perry Lynnfield Blackshear1956 Harold G. Elrod (grad student)
Fred K. Bogner1967 Lucien André Schmit (grad student)
LeeRoy BronnerIndustrial Engineering, Biomedical Engineering1973 James D Schoeffler (grad student)
Lynn John Ebert19411943 George Sachs (research assistant)
Donald P. EckmanProcess Control
Altan M. FerendeciElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Packaging Engineering1963 Osman K. Mawardi (grad student)
Richard Lion Fox1965 Lucien André Schmit (grad student)
Arthur Gene Hansenfluid dynamics1959 Gustav Kuerti (grad student)
Siegfried S. Heckerplutonium science, nuclear weapons policy and international security, nuclear security (including nonproliferation and counter terrorism), and cooperative nuclear threat reduction1968 Lynn John Ebert (grad student)
Carl C. KochMaterials Science Engineering, Nanotechnology1964 Alexander Robert Troiano (grad student)
Irving LefkowitzAutomatic control1958 Donald P. Eckman (grad student)
Osman K. Mawardielectro-acoustics
Fred MosesCivil Engineering, Accounting Business Administration1963 Lucien André Schmit (research scientist)
George Sachs
Lucien André SchmitAerospace Engineering
James D Schoeffler
W. Milton Swanson
Herbert WeinsteinChemical Engineering1963 Robert J. Adler (grad student)