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Viktar Asadchy (Info) Aalto University Metamaterials and metasurfaces, spatial and temporal photonic crystals, magnetics at nanoscale, axion and Weyl electrodynamics, electromagnetic nonreciprocity polariton 2024‑02‑24
Behnaz Asadzadeh (Info) Aalto University Phase behavior, Separation process 2022‑09‑06
Mariangela Baggio (Info) Aalto University Nefedova_Irina 2021‑12‑02
Adam S. Foster (Info) Aalto University martha19031986 2017‑03‑03
Laszlo Fuchs (Info) KTH Royal Institute of Technology jpkeskinen 2016‑07‑23
Ossi Tapani Kaario (Info) Helsinki University of Technology, Aalto University, Aalto University jpkeskinen 2016‑07‑23
Joel Lamberg (Info) Aalto University Nefedova_Irina 2021‑12‑02
Antti Lamminen (Info) Aalto University mm96 2022‑09‑01
Martti Larmi (Info) Helsinki University of Technology, Aalto University, Aalto University jpkeskinen 2016‑07‑23
Jacky F.C. Loo (Info) Chinese University of Hong Kong, Aalto University DNA Nanotechnology, Bioplasmonics, Biosensors, Microfluidics, Biochemistry Jackyloo 2021‑06‑19
Maxim Masyukov (Info) Aalto University Applied Physics, Electrical Engineering Nefedova_Irina 2021‑12‑02
Irina Nefedova (Info) Aalto University Electrical Engineering Nefedova_Irina 2021‑09‑22
Samu-Ville Pälli (Info) Aalto University Nefedova_Irina 2021‑12‑02
Antti Räisänen (Info) Nefedova_Irina 2021‑09‑22
Pouyan Rezapoor (Info) Aalto University Nefedova_Irina 2021‑12‑02
Aleksi Tamminen (Info) Aalto University Nefedova_Irina 2021‑12‑02
Zachary D. Taylor (Info) UC Santa Barbara Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering pq 2016‑02‑22
Sergei A. Tretyakov (Info) Aalto University, Saint Petersburg State Technical University Electromagnetic field theory, complex media electromagnetics, metamaterials, and microwave engineering polariton 2024‑02‑24
Ville Anton Vuorinen (Info) Aalto University, Aalto University Computational fluid dynamics jpkeskinen 2016‑07‑23
Martha Arbayani Zaidan (Info) Helsinki University Machine Learning, Control Systems Engineering, Prognostics Health Monitoring martha19031986 2017‑03‑01
Jianfang Zheng (Info) Aalto University mm96 2022‑09‑01
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