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David H. Auston (Info) UC Berkeley, Bell Labs, Columbia, Rice University, Case Western DanM 2016‑02‑22
Eray S. Aydil (Info) UMN Materials Science Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering pq 2016‑03‑19
David A. B. Miller (Info) Stanford david 2016‑01‑07
Igal Brener (Info) Bell Laboratories, Holmdel, Sandia National Laboratories DanM 2016‑02‑22
Igal Brener (Info) Bell Laboratories, Holmdel DanM 2016‑02‑22
Federico Capasso (Info) Harvard Materials Science Engineering, Optics Physics pq 2016‑04‑05
C. Chapin Cutler (Info) Bell Labs communication science jandh 2020‑12‑07
Edward Emil David (Info) Bell Labs, Exxon Corporate Research Laboratory jandh 2019‑09‑03
Ananth Dodabalapur (Info) UT Austin Electronics and Electrical Engineering pq 2016‑02‑09
Richard R. Freeman (Info) Harvard, MIT, Bell Laboratories, Holmdel, UC Davis, Ohio State DanM 2016‑02‑22
Claire Gmachl (Info) Princeton Applied Physics,Materials & Devices,Photonics david 2016‑01‑12
Richard Gottscho (Info) Bell Labs ustcsrn 2018‑06‑15
Bin-Bin Hu (Info) Bell Laboratories, Holmdel DanM 2016‑02‑22
Stephan Hunsche (Info) Bell Laboratories, Holmdel DanM 2016‑02‑22
Anthony M. Johnson (Info) CCNY, Bell Labs, New Jersey Institite of Technology, University of Maryland, Baltimore County DanM 2016‑02‑23
Roger H. Lang (Info) The George Washington University Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Hydrology pq 2016‑03‑18
Daniel D. Lee (Info) Bell Labs, Penn machine learning, robotics, computational neuroscience, statistical physics wangzhuo 2013‑01‑17
Daniel M. Mittleman (Info) Bell Laboratories, Holmdel, Rice University, Brown Terahertz science and technology, ultrafast optical phenomena david 2016‑01‑12
John Lewis Moll (Info) Bell Labs, Stanford, Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation, Hewlett Packard Semiconductor Devices jandh 2020‑12‑10
Martin C. Nuss (Info) Bell Laboratories, Holmdel DanM 2016‑02‑22
Bernard More Oliver (Info) Caltech, Bell Labs, Hewlett-Packard Company electronics, radio engineering, physics, astronomy, computer science, and biology jandh 2019‑08‑17
Gerald L. Pearson (Info) Bell Labs, Stanford x-rays, semiconductor materials, and thermistors ferromagnetism 2016‑02‑18
Paul Planken (Info) Bell Laboratories, Holmdel, Delft University of Technology, Amsterdam DanM 2016‑02‑22
Ralph K. Potter (Info) Bell Labs auditory system david 2016‑11‑12
Ashok K. Varma (Info) Princeton, Aeronautical Research Associates of Princeton, Bell Laboratories, Holmdel (retired) fldryer 2020‑04‑10
James Michael Whelan (Info) Bell Labs, USC Electrical engineering jandh 2016‑09‑30
Amnon Yariv (Info) Caltech Electronics and Electrical Engineering pq 2016‑03‑12
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