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Jörg Zimmermann (Info) Scripps Institute (Chemistry Tree) fromesberg 2016‑07‑15 Sim(0.78)
Boping Wu (Info) University of Washington (Physics Tree) Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Electricity and Magnetism Physics pq 2016‑05‑21 Sim(0.78)
Eva Chan (Info) UC Davis (Chemistry Tree) kliebenstein 2017‑07‑25 Sim(0.78)
Francis Johnson (Info) SUNY Stony Brook (Chemistry Tree) jandh 2018‑03‑15 Sim(0.78)
Melvin S. Fuller (Info) University of Georgia (Evolution Tree) Zoosporic Fungi, Freshwater and Marine Fungi stajich 2011‑08‑04 Sim(0.78)
Ashutosh Kumar (Info) IIT Patna (Physics Tree) ajay.thakur 2017‑03‑29 Sim(0.78)
Jianming Lu (Info) Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong) (Physics Tree) Condensed Matter Physics pq 2016‑05‑19 Sim(0.78)
Mauro Manassi (Info) UC Berkeley (Neurotree) vision psychophysics spatial vision serial effects mauromanassi 2016‑07‑13 Sim(0.78)
Rebecca P. Lawson (Info) Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, UCL. (Neurotree) Social attention, Multisensory Integration, Reward Processing RLawson 2011‑05‑10 Sim(0.77)
Brian R. Crane (Info) Cornell (Chemistry Tree) jandh 2012‑07‑25 Sim(0.77)
Qiong Shou (Info) UNC Charlotte (MathTree) Statistics pq 2016‑01‑25 Sim(0.77)
Bo Gao (Info) Notre Dame (Chemistry Tree) surface chemistry, self-assembly of two- and three-dimensional structures, and molecular electronics pq 2015‑11‑18 Sim(0.77)
Peng Chen (Info) Cornell (Chemistry Tree) single-molecule microscopy jandh 2012‑07‑25 Sim(0.77)
Yijia (Mary) Wang (Info) Zhejiang University (Chemistry Tree) Linhardt 2017‑09‑07 Sim(0.77)
Jennifer S. Stanford (Info) Harvard (Chemistry Tree) molecular mechanisms that regulate progress through the cell division cycle pq 2015‑11‑18 Sim(0.77)
Wen Wang (Info) Columbia david 2016‑01‑10 Sim(0.77)
Gil Zussman (Info) Columbia Wireless and Mobile Networks and Systems, Computer Networks, Resilience and Survivability, Smart Grid david 2016‑01‑10 Sim(0.77)
Qichao Zhao (Info) The University of Toledo (Chemistry Tree) andersoj 2015‑12‑18 Sim(0.77)
Yan Chen (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick (Microtree) ebright 2019‑03‑20 Sim(0.77)
Jinhui Li (Info) UCLA (MathTree) Statistics pq 2016‑03‑14 Sim(0.77)
Spencer Kerns (Info) UT Austin (Chemistry Tree) Vigyaanik 2018‑01‑28 Sim(0.77)
Wei-Ming Chen (Info) University of Delaware (PoliSci Tree) Energy, Alternative Energy, Environmental Management pq 2016‑05‑12 Sim(0.77)
Patricia A. Alexander (Info) University of Maryland (Literature Tree) Educational Psychology Education, Language and Literature Education pq 2016‑03‑12 Sim(0.77)
Wolfgang Wernsdorfer (Info) KIT Karlsruhe (Chemistry Tree) ChristosL1981 2018‑05‑24 Sim(0.77)
Kuang Sheng (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick Electronics and Electrical Engineering pq 2016‑07‑01 Sim(0.77)
Upendra K. Pandit (Info) Amsterdam (Chemistry Tree) Bio-organic chemistry jandh 2011‑06‑14 Sim(0.77)
Zheng Guo (Info) Columbia Medical Center (FlyTree) germline stem cell starphage 2011‑06‑14 Sim(0.77)
Ming Ni (Info) Beijing Institute of Radiation Medicine (Computational Biology Tree) konrad 2010‑11‑17 Sim(0.77)
Dong-Jun Kim (Info) University of Washington (Econometree) Agricultural Economics pq 2016‑05‑12 Sim(0.77)
Xun Xu (Info) BGI (FlyTree) lizhao 2015‑12‑18 Sim(0.77)
Joseph W. May (Info) University of Washington (Chemistry Tree) Theoretical Chemistry pq 2015‑11‑21 Sim(0.77)
Kai Zhao (Info) Ohio State (Neurotree) JLand52 2017‑08‑02 Sim(0.77)
Xiaodong Li (Info) Wuhan University (Neurotree) circadian rhythm ygw 2015‑03‑04 Sim(0.77)
Lyn Walton (Info) Oral Roberts University (Theology Tree) General Religion pq 2016‑02‑03 Sim(0.77)
Andre Blasig (Info) Clemson University Chemical Engineering pq 2016‑03‑31 Sim(0.77)
Liang Li (Info) University of Alberta (Chemistry Tree) david 2015‑09‑28 Sim(0.77)
William J. Padgett (Info) University of South Carolina (MathTree) Statistics pq 2016‑03‑07 Sim(0.77)
Erin Hastings (Info) University of Central Florida (Evolution Tree) pq 2015‑11‑17 Sim(0.77)
Bruce R. Schackman (Info) Harvard (Epi Tree) Public Health pq 2016‑05‑11 Sim(0.77)
Ying Li (Info) Washington University (Chemistry Tree) david 2015‑11‑17 Sim(0.77)
Aaron L. Vollrath (Info) University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health (Computational Biology Tree) konrad 2010‑12‑03 Sim(0.77)
Wojciech Gabryelski (Info) University of Alberta (Chemistry Tree) pq 2015‑09‑28 Sim(0.77)
Jun Xu (Info) Tongji University, School of Medicine (Neurotree) Neuroscience, synaptic transmission, stem cell xuucla2009 2010‑09‑23 Sim(0.77)
Xiao Xie (Info) Peking University (Chemistry Tree) kristenw 2016‑07‑07 Sim(0.77)
Yuan-Hung P. Tan (Info) USC Civil Engineering, Marine and Ocean Engineering, Environmental Engineering pq 2016‑03‑15 Sim(0.77)
Shang Liu (Info) LANL (Chemistry Tree) 2018‑03‑24 Sim(0.77)
Ke Lin (Info) University of Science and Technology of China (Chemistry Tree) structure of liquid and physics on surface taoshengzhe 2012‑02‑05 Sim(0.77)
Ling Hui (Info) Temple University (Cell Biology Tree) Molecular Biology, Animal Physiology Biology pq 2016‑07‑02 Sim(0.77)
Seungwan Yoon (Info) SungKyunKwan University (Chemistry Tree) jaewooknam 2016‑01‑19 Sim(0.77)
Seungwan Yoon (Info) SungKyunKwan University (Chemistry Tree) jaewooknam 2016‑01‑19 Sim(0.77)
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