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University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, United States 
Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Energy

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2017 Tsitkov S, Hess H. Rise of the Nanorobots: Advances in Control, Molecular Detection, and Nanoscale Actuation Are Bringing Us Closer to a New Era of Technology Enhanced by Nanorobots. Ieee Pulse. 8: 23-25. PMID 28715309 DOI: 10.1109/MPUL.2017.2700425  0.88
2016 Zhang Y, Tsitkov S, Hess H. Proximity does not contribute to activity enhancement in the glucose oxidase-horseradish peroxidase cascade. Nature Communications. 7: 13982. PMID 28004753 DOI: 10.1038/ncomms13982  0.88
2016 He S, Deng X, Lahann J, Hess H. A two-dimensional lock-in algorithm for signal analysis in patterned images. Ieee Transactions On Bio-Medical Engineering. PMID 26886961 DOI: 10.1109/TBME.2016.2527500  0.32
2016 Deng X, He S, Xie F, Friedmann C, Hess H, Lahann J. Ultrasensitive In Situ Fluorescence Analysis using Modulated Fluorescence Interference Contrast at Nanostructured Polymer Surfaces. Advanced Materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.). PMID 26808588 DOI: 10.1002/adma.201505197  0.84
2016 Sitt A, Soukupova J, Miller D, Verdi D, Zboril R, Hess H, Lahann J. Microscale Rockets and Picoliter Containers Engineered from Electrospun Polymeric Microtubes. Small (Weinheim An Der Bergstrasse, Germany). PMID 26797691 DOI: 10.1002/smll.201503467  0.32
2015 Zhang C, Sitt A, Koo HJ, Waynant KV, Hess H, Pate BD, Braun PV. Autonomic molecular transport by polymer films containing programmed chemical potential gradients. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 137: 5066-73. PMID 25774673 DOI: 10.1021/jacs.5b00240  0.84
2015 Dumont EL, Do C, Hess H. Molecular wear of microtubules propelled by surface-adhered kinesins. Nature Nanotechnology. 10: 166-9. PMID 25622231 DOI: 10.1038/nnano.2014.334  0.84
2014 Lam AT, Curschellas C, Krovvidi D, Hess H. Controlling self-assembly of microtubule spools via kinesin motor density Soft Matter. 10: 8731-8736. PMID 25269076 DOI: 10.1039/c4sm01518e  0.84
2013 Dumont EL, Belmas H, Hess H. Observing the mushroom-to-brush transition for kinesin proteins. Langmuir : the Acs Journal of Surfaces and Colloids. 29: 15142-5. PMID 24266641 DOI: 10.1021/la4030712  0.84
2013 Idan O, Hess H. Origins of activity enhancement in enzyme cascades on scaffolds Acs Nano. 7: 8658-8665. PMID 24007359 DOI: 10.1021/nn402823k  0.84
2013 Sunagawa T, Tanahashi A, Downs ME, Hess H, Nitta T. In silico evolution of guiding track designs for molecular shuttles powered by kinesin motors Lab On a Chip - Miniaturisation For Chemistry and Biology. 13: 2827-2833. PMID 23685838 DOI: 10.1039/c3lc41103f  0.84
2013 Idan O, Hess H. Engineering enzymatic cascades on nanoscale scaffolds Current Opinion in Biotechnology. 24: 606-611. PMID 23357532 DOI: 10.1016/j.copbio.2013.01.003  0.84
2013 Agayan RR, Tucker R, Nitta T, Ruhnow F, Walter WJ, Diez S, Hess H. Optimization of isopolar microtubule arrays Langmuir. 29: 2265-2272. PMID 23330965 DOI: 10.1021/la303792v  0.84
2012 Brown G, Butler PJ, Chang DW, Chien S, Clegg RM, Dewey CF, Dong C, Guo XE, Helmke BP, Hess H, Jacobs CR, Kaunas RR, Kumar S, Lu HH, Mathur AB, et al. Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering: A Tipping Point. Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering. 5: 239-253. PMID 23264805 DOI: 10.1007/s12195-012-0246-7  0.84
2012 Idan O, Hess H. Diffusive transport phenomena in artificial enzyme cascades on scaffolds Nature Nanotechnology. 7: 769-770. PMID 23212414 DOI: 10.1038/nnano.2012.222  0.84
2012 Hess H. Optimal loading of molecular bonds Nano Letters. 12: 5813-5814. PMID 23025846 DOI: 10.1021/nl303157n  0.84
2012 He S, Lam AT, Jeune-Smith Y, Hess H. Modeling negative cooperativity in streptavidin adsorption onto biotinylated microtubules Langmuir. 28: 10635-10639. PMID 22765377 DOI: 10.1021/la302034h  0.84
2012 Idan O, Lam A, Kamcev J, Gonzales J, Agarwal A, Hess H. Nanoscale transport enables active self-assembly of millimeter-scale wires Nano Letters. 12: 240-245. PMID 22111572 DOI: 10.1021/nl203450h  0.84
2011 Hess H. Engineering applications of biomolecular motors Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering. 13: 429-450. PMID 21639779 DOI: 10.1146/annurev-bioeng-071910-124644  0.84
2011 Hess H, Dumont EL. Fatigue failure and molecular machine design. Small (Weinheim An Der Bergstrasse, Germany). 7: 1619-23. PMID 21574250 DOI: 10.1002/smll.201100240  0.84
2010 Jeune-Smith Y, Agarwal A, Hess H. Cargo loading onto kinesin powered molecular shuttles Journal of Visualized Experiments : Jove. PMID 21085103 DOI: 10.3791/2006  0.84
2010 Jun IK, Hess H. A biomimetic, self-pumping membrane Advanced Materials. 22: 4823-4825. PMID 20839247 DOI: 10.1002/adma.201001694  0.84
2010 Hess H, Jaeger L. Nanobiotechnology. Current Opinion in Biotechnology. 21: 373-5. PMID 20810274 DOI: 10.1016/j.copbio.2010.08.005  0.84
2010 Wu PH, Agarwal A, Hess H, Khargonekar PP, Tseng Y. Analysis of video-based microscopic particle trajectories using Kalman filtering. Biophysical Journal. 98: 2822-30. PMID 20550894 DOI: 10.1016/j.bpj.2010.03.020  0.84
2010 Sexton LT, Mukaibo H, Katira P, Hess H, Sherrill SA, Horne LP, Martin CR. An adsorption-based model for pulse duration in resistive-pulse protein sensing. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 132: 6755-63. PMID 20411939 DOI: 10.1021/ja100693x  0.84
2009 Bachand GD, Hess H, Ratna B, Satir P, Vogel V. "Smart dust" biosensors powered by biomolecular motors. Lab On a Chip. 9: 1661-6. PMID 19495446 DOI: 10.1039/b821055a  0.84
2009 Kerssemakers J, Ionov L, Queitsch U, Luna S, Hess H, Diez S. 3D nanometer tracking of motile microtubules on reflective surfaces. Small (Weinheim An Der Bergstrasse, Germany). 5: 1732-7. PMID 19367603 DOI: 10.1002/smll.200801388  0.84
2009 Finger I, Phillips S, Mobley E, Tucker R, Hess H. Absolute brightness of fluorescent microspheres. Lab On a Chip. 9: 476-8. PMID 19156300 DOI: 10.1039/b810219h  0.84
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2010 Katira P, Hess H. Two-stage capture employing active transport enables sensitive and fast biosensors. Nano Letters. 10: 567-72. PMID 20055432 DOI: 10.1021/nl903468p  0.2
2016 Nixon-Abell J, Obara CJ, Weigel AV, Li D, Legant WR, Xu CS, Pasolli HA, Harvey K, Hess HF, Betzig E, Blackstone C, Lippincott-Schwartz J. Increased spatiotemporal resolution reveals highly dynamic dense tubular matrices in the peripheral ER. Science (New York, N.Y.). 354. PMID 27789813 DOI: 10.1126/science.aaf3928  0.16
2017 Wu Y, Whiteus C, Xu CS, Hayworth KJ, Weinberg RJ, Hess HF, De Camilli P. Contacts between the endoplasmic reticulum and other membranes in neurons. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. PMID 28559323 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1701078114  0.12
2017 Kopek BG, Paez-Segala MG, Shtengel G, Sochacki KA, Sun MG, Wang Y, Xu CS, van Engelenburg SB, Taraska JW, Looger LL, Hess HF. Diverse protocols for correlative super-resolution fluorescence imaging and electron microscopy of chemically fixed samples. Nature Protocols. 12: 916-946. PMID 28384138 DOI: 10.1038/nprot.2017.017  0.12
2015 Grimm JB, Klein T, Kopek BG, Shtengel G, Hess HF, Sauer M, Lavis LD. Synthesis of a Far-Red Photoactivatable Silicon-Containing Rhodamine for Super-Resolution Microscopy. Angewandte Chemie (International Ed. in English). PMID 26661345 DOI: 10.1002/anie.201509649  0.12
2015 Takemura SY, Xu CS, Lu Z, Rivlin PK, Parag T, Olbris DJ, Plaza S, Zhao T, Katz WT, Umayam L, Weaver C, Hess HF, Horne JA, Nunez-Iglesias J, Aniceto R, et al. Synaptic circuits and their variations within different columns in the visual system of Drosophila. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 112: 13711-6. PMID 26483464 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1509820112  0.12
2015 Buss J, Coltharp C, Shtengel G, Yang X, Hess H, Xiao J. A multi-layered protein network stabilizes the Escherichia coli FtsZ-ring and modulates constriction dynamics. Plos Genetics. 11: e1005128. PMID 25848771 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1005128  0.12
2015 Hayworth KJ, Xu CS, Lu Z, Knott GW, Fetter RD, Tapia JC, Lichtman JW, Hess HF. Ultrastructurally smooth thick partitioning and volume stitching for large-scale connectomics. Nature Methods. 12: 319-22. PMID 25686390 DOI: 10.1038/nmeth.3292  0.12
2015 Paez-Segala MG, Sun MG, Shtengel G, Viswanathan S, Baird MA, Macklin JJ, Patel R, Allen JR, Howe ES, Piszczek G, Hess HF, Davidson MW, Wang Y, Looger LL. Fixation-resistant photoactivatable fluorescent proteins for CLEM. Nature Methods. 12: 215-8, 4 p following. PMID 25581799 DOI: 10.1038/nmeth.3225  0.12
2014 Shtengel G, Wang Y, Zhang Z, Goh WI, Hess HF, Kanchanawong P. Imaging cellular ultrastructure by PALM, iPALM, and correlative iPALM-EM. Methods in Cell Biology. 123: 273-94. PMID 24974033 DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-12-420138-5.00015-X  0.12
2014 Sochacki KA, Shtengel G, van Engelenburg SB, Hess HF, Taraska JW. Correlative super-resolution fluorescence and metal-replica transmission electron microscopy. Nature Methods. 11: 305-8. PMID 24464288 DOI: 10.1038/nmeth.2816  0.12
2014 Van Engelenburg SB, Shtengel G, Sengupta P, Waki K, Jarnik M, Ablan SD, Freed EO, Hess HF, Lippincott-Schwartz J. Distribution of ESCRT machinery at HIV assembly sites reveals virus scaffolding of ESCRT subunits. Science (New York, N.Y.). 343: 653-6. PMID 24436186 DOI: 10.1126/science.1247786  0.12
2013 Kopek BG, Shtengel G, Grimm JB, Clayton DA, Hess HF. Correlative photoactivated localization and scanning electron microscopy. Plos One. 8: e77209. PMID 24204771 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0077209  0.12
2013 Hu T, Nunez-Iglesias J, Vitaladevuni S, Scheffer L, Xu S, Bolorizadeh M, Hess H, Fetter R, Chklovskii D. Electron Microscopy Reconstruction of Brain Structure Using Sparse Representations over Learned Dictionaries. Ieee Transactions On Medical Imaging. PMID 23925366 DOI: 10.1109/TMI.2013.2276018  0.12
2012 Sochacki KA, Larson BT, Sengupta DC, Daniels MP, Shtengel G, Hess HF, Taraska JW. Imaging the post-fusion release and capture of a vesicle membrane protein. Nature Communications. 3: 1154. PMID 23093191 DOI: 10.1038/ncomms2158  0.12
2012 Kopek BG, Shtengel G, Xu CS, Clayton DA, Hess HF. Correlative 3D superresolution fluorescence and electron microscopy reveal the relationship of mitochondrial nucleoids to membranes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 109: 6136-41. PMID 22474357 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1121558109  0.12
2011 Brown TA, Tkachuk AN, Shtengel G, Kopek BG, Bogenhagen DF, Hess HF, Clayton DA. Superresolution fluorescence imaging of mitochondrial nucleoids reveals their spatial range, limits, and membrane interaction. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 31: 4994-5010. PMID 22006021 DOI: 10.1128/MCB.05694-11  0.12
2011 Jacobi SK, Lin X, Corl BA, Hess HA, Harrell RJ, Odle J. Dietary arachidonate differentially alters desaturase-elongase pathway flux and gene expression in liver and intestine of suckling pigs. The Journal of Nutrition. 141: 548-53. PMID 21310868 DOI: 10.3945/jn.110.127118  0.12
2010 Kanchanawong P, Shtengel G, Pasapera AM, Ramko EB, Davidson MW, Hess HF, Waterman CM. Nanoscale architecture of integrin-based cell adhesions. Nature. 468: 580-4. PMID 21107430 DOI: 10.1038/nature09621  0.12
2009 Shtengel G, Galbraith JA, Galbraith CG, Lippincott-Schwartz J, Gillette JM, Manley S, Sougrat R, Waterman CM, Kanchanawong P, Davidson MW, Fetter RD, Hess HF. Interferometric fluorescent super-resolution microscopy resolves 3D cellular ultrastructure. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 106: 3125-30. PMID 19202073 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.0813131106  0.12
2008 Hess HA, Corl BA, Lin X, Jacobi SK, Harrell RJ, Blikslager AT, Odle J. Enrichment of intestinal mucosal phospholipids with arachidonic and eicosapentaenoic acids fed to suckling piglets is dose and time dependent. The Journal of Nutrition. 138: 2164-71. PMID 18936214 DOI: 10.3945/jn.108.094136  0.12
2017 Takemura SY, Aso Y, Hige T, Wong A, Lu Z, Xu CS, Rivlin PK, Hess HF, Zhao T, Parag T, Berg S, Huang G, Katz W, Olbris DJ, Plaza S, et al. A connectome of a learning and memory center in the adult Drosophila brain. Elife. 6. PMID 28718765 DOI: 10.7554/eLife.26975  0.08
2017 Xu CS, Hayworth KJ, Lu Z, Grob P, Hassan AM, García-Cerdán JG, Niyogi KK, Nogales E, Weinberg RJ, Hess HF. Enhanced FIB-SEM systems for large-volume 3D imaging. Elife. 6. PMID 28500755 DOI: 10.7554/eLife.25916  0.08
2016 Maskos K, Lammens A, Tan SL, Hess H, Palinsky W, Schneider P, Jiang X. Data for the crystal structure of APRIL-BAFF-BAFF heterotrimer. Data in Brief. 6: 438-44. PMID 26870754 DOI: 10.1016/j.dib.2015.12.024  0.08
2015 Schuepbach-Mallepell S, Das D, Willen L, Vigolo M, Tardivel A, Lebon L, Kowalczyk-Quintas C, Nys J, Smulski C, Zheng TS, Maskos K, Lammens A, Jiang X, Hess H, Tan SL, et al. Stoichiometry of Heteromeric BAFF and APRIL Cytokines Dictates Their Receptor Binding and Signaling Properties. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 290: 16330-42. PMID 25953898 DOI: 10.1074/jbc.M115.661405  0.08
2015 Coquery CM, Loo WM, Wade NS, Bederman AG, Tung KS, Lewis JE, Hess H, Erickson LD. BAFF regulates follicular helper t cells and affects their accumulation and interferon-γ production in autoimmunity. Arthritis & Rheumatology (Hoboken, N.J.). 67: 773-84. PMID 25385309 DOI: 10.1002/art.38950  0.08
2014 Kretzschmar B, Hein K, Moinfar Z, Könnecke B, Sättler MB, Hess H, Weissert R, Bähr M. Treatment with atacicept enhances neuronal cell death in a rat model of optic neuritis. Journal of Neuroimmunology. 268: 58-63. PMID 24485150 DOI: 10.1016/j.jneuroim.2014.01.005  0.08
2013 Nys J, Smulski CR, Tardivel A, Willen L, Kowalczyk C, Donzé O, Huard B, Hess H, Schneider P. No Evidence That Soluble TACI Induces Signalling via Membrane-Expressed BAFF and APRIL in Myeloid Cells Plos One. 8. PMID 23620746 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0061350  0.08
2009 Agarwal A, Katira P, Hess H. Millisecond curing time of a molecular adhesive causes velocity-dependent cargo-loading of molecular shuttles. Nano Letters. 9: 1170-5. PMID 19191493 DOI: 10.1021/nl803831y  0.08
2017 Dudouet J, Lemasson A, Duchêne G, Rejmund M, Clément E, Michelagnoli C, Didierjean F, Korichi A, Maquart G, Stezowski O, Lizarazo C, Pérez-Vidal RM, Andreoiu C, de Angelis G, Astier A, ... ... Hess H, et al. _{36}^{96}Kr_{60}-Low-Z Boundary of the Island of Deformation at N=60. Physical Review Letters. 118: 162501. PMID 28474951 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.118.162501  0.04
2017 Hess H, Ross JL. Non-equilibrium assembly of microtubules: from molecules to autonomous chemical robots. Chemical Society Reviews. PMID 28329028 DOI: 10.1039/c7cs00030h  0.04
2017 Samy E, Wax S, Huard B, Hess H, Schneider P. Targeting BAFF and APRIL in systemic lupus erythematosus and other antibody-associated diseases. International Reviews of Immunology. 36: 3-19. PMID 28215100 DOI: 10.1080/08830185.2016.1276903  0.04
2016 Kowalczyk-Quintas C, Schuepbach-Mallepell S, Vigolo M, Willen L, Tardivel A, Smulski CR, Zheng TS, Gommerman J, Hess H, Gottenberg JE, Mackay F, Donzé O, Schneider P. Antibodies that block or activate mouse b cell activating factor of the TNF family (BAFF) respectively induce B cell depletion or B cell hyperplasia. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. PMID 27451394 DOI: 10.1074/jbc.M116.725929  0.04
2015 Case LB, Baird MA, Shtengel G, Campbell SL, Hess HF, Davidson MW, Waterman CM. Molecular mechanism of vinculin activation and nanoscale spatial organization in focal adhesions. Nature Cell Biology. 17: 880-92. PMID 26053221 DOI: 10.1038/ncb3180  0.04
2014 Bree N, Wrzosek-Lipska K, Petts A, Andreyev A, Bastin B, Bender M, Blazhev A, Bruyneel B, Butler PA, Butterworth J, Carpenter MP, Cederkäll J, Clément E, Cocolios TE, Deacon A, ... ... Hess H, et al. Shape coexistence in the neutron-deficient even-even (182-188)Hg isotopes studied via coulomb excitation. Physical Review Letters. 112: 162701. PMID 24815644  0.04
2009 Tucker R, Saha AK, Katira P, Bachand M, Bachand GD, Hess H. Temperature compensation for hybrid devices: kinesin's Km is temperature independent. Small (Weinheim An Der Bergstrasse, Germany). 5: 1279-82. PMID 19296568 DOI: 10.1002/smll.200801510  0.04
2008 Nitta T, Tanahashi A, Obara Y, Hirano M, Razumova M, Regnier M, Hess H. Comparing guiding track requirements for myosin- and kinesin-powered molecular shuttles. Nano Letters. 8: 2305-9. PMID 18636779 DOI: 10.1021/nl8010885  0.04
2017 Wilson JN, Lebois M, Qi L, Amador-Celdran P, Bleuel D, Briz JA, Carroll R, Catford W, De Witte H, Doherty DT, Eloirdi R, Georgiev G, Gottardo A, Goasduff A, Hadyńska-Klęk K, ... ... Hess H, et al. Anomalies in the Charge Yields of Fission Fragments from the ^{238}U(n,f) Reaction. Physical Review Letters. 118: 222501. PMID 28621970 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.118.222501  0.01
2017 Newman AEM, Hess H, Woodworth BK, Ryan Norris D. Time as tyrant: the minute, hour and day make a difference for corticosterone concentrations in wild nestlings. General and Comparative Endocrinology. PMID 28577897 DOI: 10.1016/j.ygcen.2017.05.022  0.01
2017 Haselmayer P, Vigolo M, Nys J, Schneider P, Hess H. A mouse model of systemic lupus erythematosus responds better to soluble TACI than to soluble BAFFR, correlating with depletion of plasma cells. European Journal of Immunology. PMID 28383107 DOI: 10.1002/eji.201746934  0.01
2017 Smulski CR, Kury P, Seidel LM, Staiger HS, Edinger AK, Willen L, Seidl M, Hess H, Salzer U, Rolink AG, Rizzi M, Schneider P, Eibel H. BAFF- and TACI-Dependent Processing of BAFFR by ADAM Proteases Regulates the Survival of B Cells. Cell Reports. 18: 2189-2202. PMID 28249164 DOI: 10.1016/j.celrep.2017.02.005  0.01
2017 Knowles MM, Pabón ML, Hess HD, Carulla JE. Changes in in vitro ruminal and post-ruminal degradation of tropical tannin-rich legumes due to varying levels of polyethylene glycol. Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition. 101: 641-648. PMID 28052457 DOI: 10.1111/jpn.12610  0.01
2016 Cvijovic M, Höfer T, Aćimović J, Alberghina L, Almaas E, Besozzi D, Blomberg A, Bretschneider T, Cascante M, Collin O, de Atauri P, Depner C, Dickinson R, Dobrzynski M, Fleck C, ... ... Hess HM, et al. Strategies for structuring interdisciplinary education in Systems Biology: an European perspective. Npj Systems Biology and Applications. 2: 16011. PMID 28725471 DOI: 10.1038/npjsba.2016.11  0.01
2016 Podolyák Z, Shand CM, Lalović N, Gerl J, Rudolph D, Alexander T, Boutachkov P, Cortés ML, Górska M, Kojouharov I, Kurz N, Louchart C, Merchán E, Michelagnoli C, Pérez-Vidal RM, ... ... Hess H, et al. Role of the Δ Resonance in the Population of a Four-Nucleon State in the ^{56}Fe→^{54}Fe Reaction at Relativistic Energies. Physical Review Letters. 117: 222302. PMID 27925748 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.117.222302  0.01
2016 Clément E, Zielińska M, Görgen A, Korten W, Péru S, Libert J, Goutte H, Hilaire S, Bastin B, Bauer C, Blazhev A, Bree N, Bruyneel B, Butler PA, Butterworth J, ... ... Hess H, et al. Erratum: Spectroscopic Quadrupole Moments in ^{96,98}Sr: Evidence for Shape Coexistence in Neutron-Rich Strontium Isotopes at N=60 [Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 022701 (2016)]. Physical Review Letters. 117: 099902. PMID 27610893 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.117.099902  0.01
2016 Hadyńska-Klȩk K, Napiorkowski PJ, Zielińska M, Srebrny J, Maj A, Azaiez F, Valiente Dobón JJ, Kicińska-Habior M, Nowacki F, Naïdja H, Bounthong B, Rodríguez TR, de Angelis G, Abraham T, Anil Kumar G, ... ... Hess H, et al. Superdeformed and Triaxial States in ^{42}Ca. Physical Review Letters. 117: 062501. PMID 27541463 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.117.062501  0.01
2016 Palacci H, Idan O, Armstrong MJ, Agarwal A, Nitta T, Hess H. Velocity Fluctuations in Kinesin-1 Gliding Motility Assays Originate in Motor Attachment Geometry Variations. Langmuir : the Acs Journal of Surfaces and Colloids. PMID 27414063 DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.6b02369  0.01
2016 Kovach JL, Hess H, Rosenfeld PJ. Macular Telangiectasia Type 1 Managed With Long-Term Aflibercept Therapy. Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers & Imaging Retina. 47: 593-5. PMID 27327292 DOI: 10.3928/23258160-20160601-14  0.01
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2015 Fusaglia M, Hess H, Schwalbe M, Peterhans M, Tinguely P, Weber S, Lu H. A clinically applicable laser-based image-guided system for laparoscopic liver procedures. International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery. PMID 26476640 DOI: 10.1007/s11548-015-1309-8  0.01
2015 Sitt A, Hess H. Directed transport by surface chemical potential gradients for enhancing analyte collection in nanoscale sensors. Nano Letters. 15: 3341-50. PMID 25817944 DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.5b00595  0.01
2015 Elgueta R, Marks E, Nowak E, Menezes S, Benson M, Raman VS, Ortiz C, O'Connell S, Hess H, Lord GM, Noelle R. CCR6-dependent positioning of memory B cells is essential for their ability to mount a recall response to antigen. Journal of Immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950). 194: 505-13. PMID 25505290 DOI: 10.4049/jimmunol.1401553  0.01
2015 Abbeddou S, Rischkowsky B, Hilali Mel-D, Haylani M, Hess HD, Kreuzer M. Supplementing diets of Awassi ewes with olive cake and tomato pomace: on-farm recovery of effects on yield, composition and fatty acid profile of the milk. Tropical Animal Health and Production. 47: 145-52. PMID 25326442 DOI: 10.1007/s11250-014-0699-x  0.01
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2014 Hess H. Editorial: Interdisciplinary with a strong engineering flavor Ieee Transactions On Nanobioscience. 13: 2. PMID 24741703 DOI: 10.1109/TNB.2014.2304312  0.01
2013 Azuhnwi BN, Hertzberg H, Arrigo Y, Gutzwiller A, Hess HD, Mueller-Harvey I, Torgerson PR, Kreuzer M, Dohme-Meier F. Investigation of sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia) cultivar differences on nitrogen balance and fecal egg count in artificially infected lambs. Journal of Animal Science. 91: 2343-54. PMID 23463570 DOI: 10.2527/jas.2012-5351  0.01
2013 Azuhnwi BN, Boller B, Dohme-Meier F, Hess HD, Kreuzer M, Stringano E, Mueller-Harvey I. Exploring variation in proanthocyanidin composition and content of sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia). Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. 93: 2102-9. PMID 23450773 DOI: 10.1002/jsfa.6119  0.01
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