University of Illinois at Chicago

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
John Clay BrunerPaleoichthyology, ichthyology, fish morphology, fish systematics19801985 David Bardack (grad student), Robert DeMar (grad student)
Andrea T. KramerGenetics, Ecology Biology, Botany Biology2009 Mary V. Ashley (grad student)
Lucy E Delaneyevolutionary biology, pedagogy of evolutionary biology, flowering plants20162021 Joel S. Brown (grad student), Boris Igic (grad student)
Andrew R. Raduski Boris Igic (grad student)
Christopher J WhelanEvolutionary Ecology, Avian Ecology, Plant-Animal Interactions
Jose G. Tello2004 John M. Bates (grad student)
David N. ZayaEcology Biology, Botany Biology2013 Mary V. Ashley (grad student)
Jennifer L. IsonBotany Biology, Conservation Biology, Evolution and Development Biology2010 Mary V. Ashley (grad student)
Fusun OzerConservation Biology, Wildlife Conservation Agriculture, Ecology Biology2010 Mary V. Ashley (grad student)
Isabella KappnerZoology Biology, Oceanography Biology2007 Mary V. Ashley (grad student)
Jennifer L. FesslerZoology Biology, Oceanography Biology2007 Mary V. Ashley (grad student)
Kathleen J. CraftEcology Biology, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture2005 Mary V. Ashley (grad student)
Kevin A. FeldheimGenetics, Ecology Biology, Molecular Biology, Zoology Biology2002 Mary V. Ashley (grad student)
Bill M. StrausbergerEcology Biology, Genetics, Zoology Biology2001 Mary V. Ashley (grad student)
Doreen S. CoveyPaleoichthyology2000 David Bardack (grad student)
Oliver R.W. Pergamsevolutionary biology, conservation biology, conservation sociology Bruce D. Patterson (grad student)
Paul M. VelazcoMammalogy20022009 Bruce D. Patterson (grad student)
Lucia Luna Wong20002002 Bruce D. Patterson (grad student)
Victor R. Pacheco19861989 Bruce D. Patterson (grad student)
Virginia Turnermammalian anatomy19911994 Bruce D. Patterson (grad student)
Mary V. AshleyBotany Biology, Conservation Biology, Evolution and Development Biology
Karen A. KoyPaleontology2008 Roy E. Plotnick (grad student)
Mosheh WolfUrban Ecology, Spatial Ecology
Nick M A Crouch Biological Sciences Robie J. Mason-Gamer (grad student)
Natalia Cortes-Delgado Biological Sciences2014 Bruce D. Patterson (grad student)
Valentina Gómez
Megan Garfinkel Biological Sciences Christopher J Whelan (grad student)
Sandra Troxell-Smith Biological Sciences biological sciences Christopher J Whelan (grad student), Joel S. Brown (grad student)
Robie J. Mason-GamerEvolutionary Biology, Plant Systematics
Isabel C. CaballeroGenetics, Zoology Biology, Conservation Biology Biological Sciences2012 Mary V. Ashley (grad student)
Alan Molumby
Isabelle M Veagenetic systems, phylogenetics, metamorphosis, sex determination, sexual dimorphism, fossils, scale insects, entomology
Jennifer E BauerPaleobiology, Echinodermata Earth and Environmental Science20112012 Roy E. Plotnick (research assistant)
Roy E. PlotnickPaleontology
Robert DeMarfossil amphibians & reptiles, tooth replacement
George Dassios Math1975 Victor Twersky (grad student)
George C. Douros Math1976 Victor Twersky (grad student)
Victor TwerskyAcoustics, Electromagnetics and Mathematical Physics