Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Scott E. SolomonEcology and Evolutionary Biology20072009 Ted R. Schultz (post-doc)
Rhiannon J. LaVinePaleontology, evolutionary biology20112011 Peter J. Wagner (research assistant)
Carla Piantoni20042010 Klaus Ruetzler (research assistant)
Klaus Ruetzler
Justin L. Leeherpetology, evolutionary biology, taxonomy, ecology Department of Vertebrate Zoology Department of Vertebrate Zoology2015 Roy W. McDiarmid (research scientist), Aryeh H. Miller (collaborator)
Hans-Dieter SuesVertebrate paleontology, anatomy, evolutionary biology
Milton Tan
Matthew Thomas Carranovertebrate paleontology
Benjamin T BreedenVertebrate paleontology, geochemistry, stratigraphy20102011 Matthew Thomas Carrano (research assistant)
Richard P Vari
Jonathan W. ArmbrusterEvolution and Development Biology, Genetics, Ecology Biology19971998 Richard P Vari (post-doc)
Ricardo Betancur-R.Zoology Biology, Molecular Biology, Oceanography Biology20132014 Richard P Vari (post-doc)
Floyd W. ShockleyColeoptera, Systematics, Natural History, Collections Management
John AlroyPaleobiology, Mammals19971998 Scott Wing (post-doc)
Devin Reese
Hester L DingleCollections, Ants, Social Insects
Wayne N. Mathis
Stephen David GaimariSystematics, Taxonomy, Diptera Entomology19992000 Wayne N. Mathis (post-doc)
Oliver S. FlintNeuropteroidea with emphasis on Trichoptera (caddisflies) and Odonata (dragonflies).
John D. Oswaldinsect systematics, insect collections Entomology19911995 Oliver S. Flint (post-doc)
Elizabeth A. MurraySystematics Entomology2018 Seán G. Brady (post-doc)
Seán G. Brady
Gabriela P. CamachoMyrmecology, Taxonomy, Systematics, Community Ecology Entomology20162017 Ted R. Schultz (grad student)
Roy W. McDiarmid
Diego F. Cisneros-HerediaZoology, Herpetology, Ornithology, Natural History, Biogeography, Conservation Herpetology2002 Roy W. McDiarmid (grad student)
Lynne Parenti Ichthyology Donn Eric Rosen (grad student)
Jeanine Louise Olsenphylogeography, phylogeny, invasive species
Vicki Funk
Robert David EdwardsPhylogenetics, systematics, biogeography, macroecology National Herbarium2016 Vicki Funk (post-doc)
Morgan Gostel National Herbarium20152018 Vicki Funk (post-doc)
Advait Mahesh JukarVertebrate Paleontology, Macroecology, Mammalogy, Herpetology, Evolution Paleobiology20182020 Matthew Thomas Carrano (post-doc)
Meng ChenVertebrate paleontology, evolution, ecomorphology Paleobiology20152017 Matthew Thomas Carrano (post-doc)
David DeMarVertebrate paleontology, extinction and recovery Paleobiology20172019 Matthew Thomas Carrano (post-doc)
Dominic White Paleobiology20162019 Matthew Thomas Carrano (research assistant)
Selina R Colepaleontology, macroevolution, phylogenetics, crinoids Paleobiology Gene Hunt (post-doc)
David F. WrightMacroevolution, Paleontology, Phylogenetics, Echinoderm paleobiology, Crinoidea Paleobiology20172018 Gene Hunt (post-doc), Peter J. Wagner (post-doc)
Adam Carl Pritchardvertebrate anatomy, paleontology
Jason J. HeadVertebrate paleonotology, evolution, herpetology Paleobiology Anna K. Behrensmeyer (grad student)
Kyle O'Connell Vertebrate Zoology Rayna C. Bell (post-doc)
Steve PoeHerpetology, systematics Vertebrate Zoology19971998 Kevin de Queiroz (grad student)
Ivan PratesEvolutionary Biology, Biogeography, Population Genomics, Herpetology Vertebrate Zoology Vertebrate Zoology2018 Kevin de Queiroz (post-doc), Rayna C. Bell (post-doc)