Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Eldredge BerminghamPhylogeography, speciation
Gerald G. Cartercooperation and communication in bats
Andrew J. CrawfordEvolutionary biology, phylogeography, molecular evolution, amphibians20012008 Eldredge Bermingham (post-doc)
William G. Eberhard
Dylan G.E. GomesAnimal Behaviour, Sensory Ecology20142015 Rachel A. Page (research assistant)
Michael D GreenfieldEvolution and Evolutionary Biology, Animal Behavior, Animal Communication, Evolutionary Genetics, Sexual Selection19781979 Robert E. Silberglied (post-doc), Donald M. Windsor (post-doc)
Jerome Howard W Scott Armbruster (post-doc)
Michael D. Jennionsevolutionary ecology Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute19971999 William G. Eberhard (post-doc)
Egbert Leighevolution, population genetics
Irby Lovette Eldredge Bermingham (grad student)
Matthew J. MillerOrnithology, Speciation, Phylogeography, Tropical Biogeography
camilo SalazarGenetics Evolution
Nicholas Smythetropical ecology
William T. Wcislo Charles D. Michener (grad student)