Richard E. Lenski, Ph.D.

Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 
Evolution, microbial ecology, microbiology
"Richard Lenski"

Cross-listing: Terrestrial Ecology Tree - Microtree


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Devin Michael Lake grad student Michigan State
Gregory Jon Velicer grad student Michigan State
Luis Zaman grad student Michigan State
Brian Wade grad student 2006- Michigan State
Rohan Maddamsetti grad student 2009- Michigan State
Christian Orlic grad student 2009- Michigan State
Caroline Turner grad student 2009- Michigan State
Mark Kauth grad student 2011- Michigan State
Alita Burmeister grad student 2012- Michigan State
Judith Bouma grad student 1988 UC Irvine
Felisa Annamarie Smith grad student 1986-1991 UC Irvine (Terrestrial Ecology Tree)
John E. Mittler grad student 1992 UC Irvine
Michael Travisano grad student 1993 Michigan State
Paul E. Turner grad student 1995 Michigan State
Brendan Bohannan grad student 1997 Michigan State
Gregory Velicer grad student 1997 Michigan State (Microtree)
Philip J. Gerrish grad student 1998 Michigan State
Vaughn Cooper grad student 2000 Michigan State
Daniel Rozen grad student 2000 Michigan State
Farida V. Vasi grad student 2000 Michigan State
Kristina Linnea Hillesland grad student 2005 Michigan State
Elizabeth A. Ostrowski grad student 2005 Michigan State
Robert Woods grad student 2005 Michigan State
Dusan Misevic grad student 2006 Michigan State
Sean Sleight grad student 2007 Michigan State
Gabriel Yedid grad student 2007 Michigan State
Zachary D. Blount grad student 2011 Michigan State
Justin R. Meyer grad student 2012 Michigan State
Michael James Wiser grad student 2006-2015 Michigan State
Nkrumah A Grant grad student 2014-2020 Michigan State University (Evolution Tree) (Terrestrial Ecology Tree)
J. Jeffrey Morris post-doc 2011- Michigan State
Noah Ribeck post-doc 2011- Michigan State
Toai T. Nguyen post-doc 1991 UC Irvine
Valeria Souza post-doc 1993 Michigan State
Ryzard Korona post-doc 1994 Michigan State
Douglas R. Taylor post-doc 1994 Michigan State
Judith Mongold post-doc 1995 Michigan State
Paul D Sniegowski post-doc 1996 Michigan State
James Bier post-doc 1997 Michigan State
Santiago Elena Fito post-doc 1997 Michigan State
Clifford Zeyl post-doc 1997 Michigan State
Arjan De Visser post-doc 1998 Michigan State
Francisco Moore post-doc 1996-2001 Michigan State
Charles Ofria post-doc 2002 Michigan State
Susanna Remold post-doc 2002 Michigan State
Tim Cooper post-doc 2003 Michigan State
Christina Borland post-doc 2004 Michigan State
Christopher J. Marx post-doc 2005 Michigan State
Carla Davidson post-doc 2009 Michigan State
Christopher Strelioff post-doc 2010 Michigan State
Jeffrey E. Barrick post-doc 2006-2010 Michigan State (Chemistry Tree)


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Christoph Carl Adami collaborator Michigan State
Anurag A. Agrawal collaborator n/a
Werner Arber collaborator n/a
Francisco Ayala collaborator UC Irvine
Niko Beerenwinkel collaborator n/a
Albert Bennett collaborator UC Irvine
Jeff Blanchard collaborator n/a
Michel Blot collaborator n/a
Sebastian Bonhoeffer collaborator n/a
Paul Brakefield collaborator n/a
Anne M. Bronikowski collaborator n/a
Jeff Clune collaborator Michigan State
Alistair Cullum collaborator n/a
Alistair Cullum collaborator n/a
Dieter Ebert collaborator n/a
Larry Forney collaborator Michigan State (Microtree)
Sergey Gavrilets collaborator n/a
Nelson G. Hairston Jr collaborator n/a
Neerja Hajela collaborator Michigan State
Frank C. Hoppensteadt collaborator Michigan State (Neurotree)
Richard (Dick) Hudson collaborator UC Irvine (FlyTree)
David Jablonski collaborator n/a
Andrew M. Jarosz collaborator Michigan State
Tadeusz J. Kawecki collaborator n/a
Jihyun F. Kim collaborator n/a
Lee Kroos collaborator Michigan State
Armand Marie Leroi collaborator UC Irvine
Tony Long collaborator n/a (FlyTree)
Terry Marsh collaborator Michigan State
Robert May collaborator Oxford
Richard Moxon collaborator Oxford
Martin Nowak collaborator Oxford
Isabelle Olivieri collaborator n/a
Lior Pachter collaborator n/a
Robert T. Pennock collaborator Michigan State
Margaret Riley collaborator n/a (FlyTree)
Michael Rose collaborator UC Irvine (FlyTree)
Tom Schmidt collaborator Michigan State
Dominique Schneider collaborator n/a
Phil Service collaborator UNC Chapel Hill
Montgomery Slatkin collaborator n/a
F. William Studier collaborator n/a (Terrestrial Ecology Tree)
Bernd Sturmfels collaborator n/a
James M. TIEDJE collaborator Michigan State (Terrestrial Ecology Tree)
Joshua S. Weitz collaborator n/a (Computational Biology Tree)
Michael C. Whitlock collaborator n/a
Claus Wilke collaborator n/a
Erik Zinser collaborator n/a
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