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James Spurling Albert (Info) University of Louisiana at Lafayette General Biology, Evolution and Development Biology pq 2016‑02‑09
Maxwell J. Bernt (Info) American Museum Natural History JamesAlbert 2020‑11‑27
Norberto P. Giannini (Info) American Museum Natural History rubenbarquez 2018‑09‑12
Leanne Melbourne (Info) University of Bristol EmilyR 2019‑03‑27
Donn Eric Rosen (Info) American Museum of Natural History jandh 2017‑10‑28
Melanie Lisa Jane Stiassny (Info) King's College - London, American Museum of Natural History leosmith 2018‑09‑14
Richard P Vari (Info) Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History miltontan 2019‑01‑30
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