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George A. Bartholomew (Info) UCLA comparative animal physiological ecology morgane 2010‑08‑17
Nicole Bonuso (Info) CSU Fullerton Paleoecology jfparham 2013‑09‑05
Bayard Hoyle Brattstrom (Info) CSU Fullerton Zoology jdonoghue2 2012‑06‑01
James R. des Lauriers (Info) Chaffey Community College jdonoghue2 2012‑06‑01
Peter Fashing (Info) CSU Fullerton jtkerb 2020‑06‑10
Kyle N. Hess (Info) CSU Fullerton, University of Washington Genomices, Proteomics, and Evolutionary Biology kylenhess 2015‑07‑15
Jeffrey Taylor Kerby (Info) Aarhus University phenology, Arctic, ecology, UAVs, primates, herbivores jtkerb 2020‑06‑10
Peter A. Kloess (Info) UC Berkeley, CSU Fullerton jfparham 2015‑08‑23
Isaac Magallanes (Info) CSU Fullerton jfparham 2019‑02‑16
Nikolas Nikolaidis (Info) CSU Fullerton kylenhess 2015‑07‑15
James F. Parham (Info) CSU Fullerton Vertebrate Paleontology, Herpetology jfparham 2013‑09‑03
Meredith Rivin (Info) John D. Cooper Archaeology and Paleontology Center Vertebrate Paleontology jfparham 2013‑09‑05
Gabriel-Philip Santos (Info) CSU Fullerton jfparham 2019‑02‑16
Parvin Shahrestani (Info) CSU Fullerton population genetics, evolution, aging, evolutionary genomics pshoja 2015‑03‑18
Christopher R. Tracy (Info) CSU Fullerton physiological ecology ctracy 2016‑08‑31
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