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Madeline Balman (Info) Case Western ramartin 2020‑08‑26
Michael Francis Benard (Info) UC Davis, University of Michigan, Case Western david 2015‑07‑20
Sydney K. Brannoch (Info) Cleveland Museum of Natural History Entomology, morphology, sensory systems Ilomantis 2019‑02‑01
Jean H. Burns (Info) Case Western wernerlab 2019‑01‑06
Beth Carroll (Info) John Day Fossil Beds National Monument Nfamoso 2023‑06‑28
Aravinda Chakravarti (Info) Johns Hopkins Medical School Human genetics mzwick 2010‑09‑01
Darin A. Croft (Info) Chicago Paleontology, Paleobiology pq 2015‑11‑04
Darrin A. Croft (Info) Case Western Nfamoso 2023‑06‑28
Kacey Dananay (Info) Case Western mfbenard 2016‑05‑20
David Dimitrie (Info) Case Western mfbenard 2018‑07‑03
Matthew B. Dugas (Info) University of Oklahoma Zoology Biology pq 2016‑04‑07
Joseph E. Faber (Info) Ohio University ichthyology CSTEPIEN 2011‑08‑17
John Berton Fisher (Info) Lithochimeia, LLC Environmental geology and geophysics ZJBF02 2022‑04‑06
Iulian Gherghel (Info) Case Western ramartin 2017‑01‑01
Marc K. Halushka (Info) Case Western Medical School Genetics, Molecular Biology pq 2016‑06‑25
Eshan S. King (Info) mlew 2024‑01‑29
Katherine Krynak (Info) Case Western mfbenard 2016‑05‑20
Ryan A. Martin (Info) Case Western Evolutionary Ecology ramartin 2012‑05‑17
Debra J. Mathews (Info) Case Western Medical School Genetics pq 2016‑06‑25
Peter L. McCall (Info) Case Western ZJBF02 2022‑04‑06
Thomas Edward Miller (Info) Florida State caseyterhorst 2013‑01‑08
Julio E. Molineros (Info) Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, International Potato Center, Penn State, Penn State Genetical Epidemiology, Statistical Genetics, Epidemiology, Statistics, Plant Pathology, Ecology carla.garzon 2016‑08‑28
Michael P. Moore (Info) Case Western, Washington University ramartin 2017‑01‑01
Henrique M. Rodrigues (Info) Case Western Ilomantis 2019‑02‑01
Hilary Rollins (Info) Case Western mfbenard 2016‑05‑20
Jacob G Scott (Info) Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute, Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute Mathematical Oncology: Evolutionary biology; Cancer therapy; Radiotherapy fullercd 2020‑06‑05
Frederick M. Soster (Info) Case Western ZJBF02 2022‑04‑06
Carol A. Stepien (Info) NOAA & University of Washington Molecular systematics, marine biology, population genetics, genomics, fishes, ichthyology, marine ecology, conservation genetics, invasion genetics hillisdm 2011‑06‑07
Gavin J. Svenson (Info) Case Western Ilomantis 2019‑02‑01
Huntington F. Willard (Info) Duke Genetics, Cell Biology, Evolution and Development Biology pq 2016‑05‑14
Aaron Yilmaz (Info) Case Western ramartin 2020‑09‑03
Michael E. Zwick (Info) Emory University School of Medicine Human Genetics mzwick 2010‑09‑01
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