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Danielle Adams (Info) Clemson University damalichthys 2020‑04‑29
Laura R.V. Alencar (Info) Clemson University damalichthys 2020‑09‑17
George Bakken (Info) Indiana State University biophysical ecology mikesears 2013‑09‑12
Kyle Barrett (Info) University of Georgia Conservation, Urbanization, Climate Change, Food Web Ecology alcornma 2011‑03‑10
Michael Carlo (Info) Clemson University mikesears 2019‑01‑03
Michael S. Caterino (Info) Clemson University Coleoptera Systematics mcaterino 2019‑02‑01
Cynthia R. Climer (Info) Clemson University Evolutionary genetics pq 2015‑09‑29
Nora R. Espinoza (Info) Clemson University mafnoor 2012‑08‑26
Brett Frye (Info) Clemson University mikesears 2021‑05‑22
Craig Guyer (Info) Auburn University Population Ecology, Herpetology, Organismal Biology alcornma 2011‑03‑10
Adam Haberski (Info) University of Alaska Fairbanks, Clemson University Entomology ahaberski 2019‑02‑01
Jack Hayes (Info) University of Nevada, Reno physiological ecology mikesears 2013‑09‑12
Olivier Larouche (Info) Clemson University damalichthys 2018‑11‑14
Amy L. Lawton-Rauh (Info) Clemson University Evolutionary genetics ALR 2013‑04‑30
Sofia I. Muñoz-Tobar (Info) Clemson University mcaterino 2019‑02‑01
Monica C. Munoz-Torres (Info) Clemson University Evolutionary genetics pq 2015‑09‑29
Lauren O'Connell (Info) Clemson University 2020‑08‑21
Christopher L. Parkinson (Info) University of Louisville Herpetology jacoborv 2013‑07‑05
Samantha A. Price (Info) UVA Macroevolution, conservation, carnivore ecology and evolution pq 2015‑10‑04
Rhett M Rautsaw (Info) Clemson University Evolution, Ecology, Conservation, Herpetology RhettRautsaw 2021‑08‑17
Vincent P. Richards (Info) Clemson University 2020‑08‑21
Eric Riddell (Info) Clemson University mikesears 2019‑01‑03
Sara M. Sarasua (Info) Clemson University Evolutionary genetics pq 2015‑09‑29
Michael W. Sears (Info) Clemson University physiological ecology, ecological modeling mikesears 2013‑09‑12
Katerina L. Zapfe (Info) Clemson University damalichthys 2019‑03‑05
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