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John Alroy (Info) Macquarie University Paleobiology, Mammals dwbapst 2013‑09‑12
Mark Bedau (Info) Reed College devriesj 2022‑05‑07
Jon Daniel deVries (Info) Reed College Evolutionary biology, genomics, transposon biology devriesj 2022‑05‑07
Cedric Feschotte (Info) Cornell echuong 2017‑12‑03
Advait Mahesh Jukar (Info) Yale Vertebrate Paleontology, Macroecology, Mammalogy, Herpetology, Evolution jukara 2018‑07‑17
Keith Karoly (Info) Reed College plant mating systems, pollination biology, phylogeography, floral evolution vkoelling 2010‑08‑19
Vanessa A. Koelling (Info) University of Kansas speciation, plant mating systems vkoelling 2010‑08‑19
Brook T. Moyers (Info) University of Massachusetts - Boston local adaptation, phenotypic plasticity, population genetics, quantitative genetics brooklebee 2010‑08‑27
Sarah Schaack (Info) Reed College llatta 2015‑05‑12
Stephen C. Stearns (Info) Universität Basel, Yale, Reed College Evolution xavier 2013‑08‑02
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