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Richard J. Aldridge (Info) University of Leicester Jack1111 2013‑09‑03
Fred W. Allendorf (Info) Univ. Montana population genetics, conservation genetics wcfunk 2014‑02‑22
Howard A. Armstrong (Info) Durham University Jack1111 2013‑09‑03
Chris Barnard (Info) Nottingham TerryBurke 2017‑05‑04
John F.Y. Brookfield (Info) Nottingham Genome evolution nhaslam 2013‑01‑16
Terry Burke (Info) University of Sheffield Molecular and behavioural ecology, population genomics, conservation genetics DavidAGalbraith 2013‑07‑26
Bryan Clarke (Info) Nottingham Evolutionary and ecological genetics TerryBurke 2014‑12‑11
Angus Davison (Info) University of Nottinghan evolution, genetics, molluscs Angus 2019‑03‑26
Richard John Edwards (Info) University of Southampton Bioinformatics, Molecular evolution cabbagesofdoom 2011‑11‑19
Sara Goodacre (Info) Nottingham Evolution, Population and Conservation Genetics 35888 2011‑12‑16
David Parkin (Info) Nottingham Evolutionary and ecological genetics TerryBurke 2014‑12‑11
Des Thompson (Info) Scottish Natural Heritage TerryBurke 2017‑05‑04
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