University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Edward B. Lewisdevelopmental genetics Clarence P. Oliver (research assistant)
Arpan C. GhoshSystemic signaling, Tissue communication20072014 M. B. O'Connor (grad student)
Aidan J. Peterson2000 M. B. O'Connor (post-doc), Jeff Simon (grad student)
Naoki Yamanaka M. B. O'Connor (post-doc)
Julie R. Etterson2000 Ruth Shaw (grad student)
Stacey L. Halpern2003 Ruth Shaw (grad student)
Eric V. Lonsdorf2004 Ruth Shaw (grad student)
Jason D. Hill2004 Ruth Shaw (grad student)
Kristin L. Mercer2005 Ruth Shaw (grad student)
Sarah J. MalmquistDevelopment, Neural crest, Dorsal root ganglia20042007 Ann Rougvie (research assistant)
Michael O'Connor
Heidi Bretscher2017 Michael O'Connor (post-doc)
William S. OettingAlbinism
Clarence P. Oliver
Richard G MelvinGenetics
Amanda Neisch
Matthew Slattery
Ruth Shaw
Emma E. Goldberg
Ying Y. GibbensHuman Development Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology and Genetics2010 Michael O'Connor (grad student)
Rachel J. HerderHuman Development, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology and Genetics2012 Michael O'Connor (grad student)
Charles J. Billington Jr.Human Development, Genetics, Nutrition Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology and Genetics2013 Michael O'Connor (grad student)
Bonnie L. Keeler Natural Resources Science and Management2013 Jason D. Hill (grad student)
Kathryn HoweNeuroscience Biology, Genetics Neuroscience2011 Michael O'Connor (grad student)
Amy B. Dykstra Plant Biological Sciences2013 Ruth Shaw (grad student)