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Hugo J. Bellen

Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX 
neural development, synaptic vesicle trafficking
"Hugo Bellen"

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John A. Kiger grad student 1983-1986 UC Davis
Walter Gehring post-doc 1987-1989 University of Basel


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Jake G. Harland research assistant Baylor College of Medicine/Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute
Haluk Lacin research assistant 2002-2004 Baylor (Neurotree)
Wu-Lin Charng grad student Baylor (Neurotree)
Kuchuan Chen grad student Baylor (Neurotree)
Tongchao Li grad student Baylor (Neurotree)
Julia Wang grad student
Nele A.T Haelterman grad student 2010- Baylor
Berrak Ugur grad student 2012- Baylor
Thomas A Ravenscroft grad student 2016- Baylor (Neurotree)
Liping Wang grad student 2017- Baylor
Troy Littleton grad student 1990-1994 Baylor
Artur Kania grad student 1991-1996 Baylor
Karen Schulze grad student 1991-1996 Baylor
Cathy Dye grad student 1994-1999 Baylor
Mark Wu grad student 1995-1999 Baylor
Robert B. Beckstead grad student 1995-2001 Baylor
Riittta Nolo grad student 1996-2001 Baylor (Neurotree)
Tom Lloyd grad student 1998-2002 Baylor
Patrik Verstreken grad student 1998-2003 Baylor
Melih Acar grad student 2000-2006 Baylor
Tong-Wey Koh grad student 2001-2006 Baylor
Elaine Seto grad student 2001-2006 Baylor
Prajal Patel grad student 2000-2007 Baylor
Koen Venken grad student 2002-2007 Baylor
Akhila Rajan grad student 2002-2008 Baylor
An-Chi Tien grad student 2002-2008 Baylor
Hillary K. Andrews grad student 2003-2008 Baylor
Cindy Ly grad student 2003-2008 Baylor
Tomoko Ohyama grad student 2004-2009 Baylor
Sergei Prokopenko grad student 2005-2010 Baylor
Shinya Yamamoto grad student 2005-2011 Baylor
Vafa Bayat grad student 2006-2011 Baylor
Bo Xiong grad student 2007-2013 Baylor
Lucy Liu grad student 2012-2017 Baylor (Neurotree)
Dongxue Mao grad student 2011-2018 Baylor
Pyung-Lim Han post-doc
David Li-Kroeger post-doc
Nichole Link post-doc Baylor
Sathiya N. Manivannan post-doc
Riitta Nolo post-doc
Chi-Kuang Yao post-doc 2006- Baylor
Timothy R. Mahoney post-doc 2008- Baylor (Neurotree)
Megan Campbell post-doc 2014- Baylor
Oguz Kanca post-doc 2015- Baylor
Paul C. Marcogliese post-doc 2016- Baylor College of Medicine/Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute (Neurotree)
Matthew J. Moulton post-doc 2017- Baylor
Debdeep Dutta post-doc 2019-
Lindsey D. Goodman post-doc 2019- Baylor (Cell Biology Tree)
Burak Tepe post-doc 2019- Baylor (Neurotree)
Elizabeth Eldon post-doc 1990-1992 Baylor
Yun-Taik Kim post-doc 1992-1994 Baylor
Adi Salzberg post-doc 1992-1995 Baylor
Troy Littleton post-doc 1995-1997 Baylor
Manzoor Bhat post-doc 1994-1999 Baylor
Bing Zhang post-doc 1997-1999 Baylor
Ming-Li Zhao post-doc 1997-2000 Baylor
Giuseppa Pennetta post-doc 1997-2002 Baylor
Cornelius Boerkoel post-doc 2001-2002 Baylor
Ole Kjærulff post-doc 2001-2002 Baylor
Bassem A. Hassan post-doc 1998-2003 Baylor
Deeann W. Schultz post-doc 2000-2003 Baylor
Koenraad K. Norga post-doc 2000-2004 Baylor
Bart Dermaut post-doc 2003-2004 Baylor
Tong-Wey Koh post-doc 2000-2005 Baylor
Peter Robin Hiesinger post-doc 2000-2006 Baylor
Hamed Jafar-Nejad post-doc 2000-2006 Baylor
Rong Grace Zhai post-doc 2001-2006 Baylor
Patrik Verstreken post-doc 2003-2006 Baylor
Tanja Rosenmund post-doc 2004-2006 Baylor
Amir Fayyazuddin post-doc 2000-2008 Baylor
Hiroshi Tsuda post-doc 2005-2008 Baylor
Nikolaos Giagtzoglou post-doc 2004-2011 Baylor
Manish Jaiswal post-doc 2007-2016 Baylor College of Medicine/Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute
Hsiao-Tuan Chao post-doc 2016-2019 Baylor College of Medicine/Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute (Neurotree)
Karen Schulze research scientist 1999- Baylor
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