Lily Y. Jan

Physiology University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA 
Channel Physiology
"Lily Y. Jan"

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Max Delbrück grad student 1974 Caltech
Jean-Paul Revel grad student 1974 Caltech (Neurotree)
Seymour Benzer post-doc 1974-1977 Caltech
Stephen Kuffler post-doc 1977-1979 Harvard (Neurotree)


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Lijun Qi research assistant UCSF (Neurotree)
Kevin J. Lee research assistant 1985-1987 UCSF (Neurotree)
raika pancaroglu research assistant 2001-2002 UCSF (Neurotree)
Shan Meltzer grad student UCSF (Neurotree)
Yi Rao grad student UCSF (Neurotree)
Noa Zerangue grad student 2000 UCSF (Neurotree)
Byungdoo Alexander Yi grad student 2001 UCSF (Neurotree)
Shen Cindy Huang grad student 2005 UCSF (Neurotree)
Helen C. Lai grad student 2005 UCSF (Neurotree)
Toral S. Surti grad student 2005 UCSF (Neurotree)
Stephanie D. Albin grad student 2006 UCSF (Neurotree)
Alexander James Fay grad student 2006 UCSF (Neurotree)
Patrick CG Haddick grad student 2000-2006 UCSF (Neurotree)
Friederike A. Haass grad student 2007 UCSF (Neurotree)
Sharon B. Bergquist grad student 2011 UCSF (Neurotree)
Erica M. Korb grad student 2012 UCSF (Neurotree)
Xiu M. Wong grad student 2013 UCSF (Neurotree)
Jason Tien grad student 2014 UCSF (Neurotree)
Ethan Bier post-doc
Rolf Bodmer post-doc UCSF
Hee Jung Chung post-doc UCSF (Neurotree)
Edward Giniger post-doc UCSF (Neurotree)
Wesley Grueber post-doc UCSF
Andrew Y. Kim post-doc (Neurotree)
Chay T. Kuo post-doc Duke (Neurotree)
Christian J. Peters post-doc UCSF (Neurotree)
Kimberly F. Raab-Graham post-doc UCSF (Neurotree)
Larry Salkoff post-doc UCSF (Neurotree)
Song-Hai Shi post-doc UCSF (Neurotree)
Shi-Bing Yang post-doc UCSF (Neurotree)
Tina Wei Han post-doc 2012- (Neurotree)
Tongfei Wang post-doc 2012- UCSF (Neurotree)
Wenlei Ye post-doc 2016- (Neurotree)
Bruce Tempel post-doc 1984-1988 UCSF (Neurotree)
Thomas L. Schwarz post-doc 1983-1989 UCSF
Ehud Y. Isacoff post-doc 1988-1992 UC Berkeley (Neurotree)
Min Li post-doc 1990-1992 UCSF (Neurotree)
Morgan Sheng post-doc 1990-1994 UCSF (Neurotree)
Eitan Reuveny post-doc 1992-1996 Weizmann Institute (Neurotree)
Jian Yang post-doc 1994-1996 UCSF (Neurotree)
Paul A. Slesinger post-doc 1991-1997 UCSF (Neurotree)
Dan Minor post-doc 1996-2000 UCSF (Neurotree)
Marta Margeta post-doc 1997-2001 UCSF (Neurotree)
Ed Cooper post-doc 1994-2002 Penn (Neurotree)
Bruce Elliot Cohen post-doc 1997-2005 UCSF (Chemistry Tree)
Michael Grabe post-doc 2002-2006 UCSF (Neurotree)
Huanghe Yang post-doc 2008-2015 UCSF (Neurotree)
Xi Huang post-doc 2010-2015 The Hospital for Sick Children / University of Toronto (Neurotree)


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Yuh Nung Jan collaborator UCSF
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