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Joshua J. Bayes (Info) UC Berkeley meiosis hsmalik 2009‑09‑16
Laura Buttitta (Info) University of Michigan Drosophila Cell cycle & Growth buttitta 2014‑01‑14
Ching-Ho Chang (Info) Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center alarracu 2021‑03‑05
Amy Csink (Info) Dietrich 2008‑04‑17
Bruce A Edgar (Info) Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, Universität Heidelberg, University of Utah cell growth and proliferation in the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster Dietrich 2008‑04‑17
Steven Henikoff (Info) Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Dietrich 2008‑04‑17
Laura A. Johnston (Info) Columbia Growth regulation, cell competition lj180 2017‑01‑30
Lisa Kursel (Info) Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center centromeres hsmalik 2014‑08‑22
Amanda Larracuente (Info) Rochester Meisel 2008‑08‑07
Tera Levin (Info) Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center evolution nking 2015‑04‑30
Mia T. Levine (Info) tlturner 2009‑10‑14
Harmit Singh Malik (Info) Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center evolution, chromatin hsmalik 2008‑07‑28
Rick McLaughlin (Info) Pacific Northwest Research Institute Genome Evolution, Transposons rmclaughlin 2019‑07‑09
Mitsutoshi Nakamura (Info) mat20 2019‑08‑22
Maulik Patel (Info) Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center mitochondria hsmalik 2014‑08‑22
Nitin Phadnis (Info) Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, University of Utah Speciation, Evolutionary genetics phadnisnitin 2008‑08‑24
Akhila Rajan (Info) Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Dietrich 2009‑01‑12
Srinivas Ramachandran (Info) Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center sj35 2015‑11‑20
Tânia Reis (Info) University of Colorado School of Medicine obesity treis18 2012‑11‑12
Benjamin D Ross (Info) Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center heterochromatin, evolution, cell biology hsmalik 2010‑06‑04
Amy E Spens (Info) Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center/UW muscular dystrophy, cancer immunology, developmental biology amyspens 2022‑06‑23
Matthew Wooten (Info) Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Chromatin, DNA Replication, Transcription, Cancer, Stem Cells mwooten1 2020‑10‑27
Bing Ye (Info) University of Michigan Neuroscience, Cell biology, Genetics, Drosophila, Mammal rhuganir 2006‑09‑12
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