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2017 Xie Y, Kaufmann D, Moulton MJ, Panahi S, Gaynes JA, Watters HN, Zhou D, Xue HH, Fung CM, Levine EM, Letsou A, Brennan KC, Dorsky RI. Lef1-dependent hypothalamic neurogenesis inhibits anxiety. Plos Biology. 15: e2002257. PMID 28837622 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pbio.2002257  0.88
2016 Moulton MJ, Letsou A. Modeling congenital disease and inborn errors of development in Drosophila melanogaster. Disease Models & Mechanisms. 9: 253-69. PMID 26935104 DOI: 10.1242/dmm.023564  0.88
2016 Sivachenko A, Gordon HB, Kimball SS, Gavin EJ, Bonkowsky JL, Letsou A. Neurodegeneration in a Drosophila model of Adrenoleukodystrophy: the roles of the bubblegum and double bubble acyl-CoA synthetases. Disease Models & Mechanisms. PMID 26893370 DOI: 10.1242/dmm.022244  0.56
2014 Gordon HB, Letsou A, Bonkowsky JL. The leukodystrophies. Seminars in Neurology. 34: 312-20. PMID 25192509 DOI: 10.1055/s-0034-1386769  0.56
2013 Humphreys GB, Jud MC, Monroe KM, Kimball SS, Higley M, Shipley D, Vrablik MC, Bates KL, Letsou A. Mummy, A UDP-N-acetylglucosamine pyrophosphorylase, modulates DPP signaling in the embryonic epidermis of Drosophila. Developmental Biology. 381: 434-45. PMID 23796903 DOI: 10.1016/j.ydbio.2013.06.006  0.56
2011 Baranov PV, Wills NM, Barriscale KA, Firth AE, Jud MC, Letsou A, Manning G, Atkins JF. Programmed ribosomal frameshifting in the expression of the regulator of intestinal stem cell proliferation, adenomatous polyposis coli (APC). Rna Biology. 8: 637-47. PMID 21593603 DOI: 10.4161/rna.8.4.15395  0.76
2008 Bates KL, Higley M, Letsou A. Raw mediates antagonism of AP-1 activity in Drosophila. Genetics. 178: 1989-2002. PMID 18430930 DOI: 10.1534/genetics.107.086298  0.56
2008 VanHook A, Letsou A. Head involution in Drosophila: genetic and morphogenetic connections to dorsal closure. Developmental Dynamics : An Official Publication of the American Association of Anatomists. 237: 28-38. PMID 18095344 DOI: 10.1002/dvdy.21405  0.56
2006 Scuderi A, Simin K, Kazuko SG, Metherall JE, Letsou A. scylla and charybde, homologues of the human apoptotic gene RTP801, are required for head involution in Drosophila. Developmental Biology. 291: 110-22. PMID 16423342 DOI: 10.1016/j.ydbio.2005.12.014  0.56
2005 Letsou A, Bohmann D. Small flies--big discoveries: nearly a century of Drosophila genetics and development. Developmental Dynamics : An Official Publication of the American Association of Anatomists. 232: 526-8. PMID 15704135 DOI: 10.1002/dvdy.20307  0.56
2005 Scuderi A, Letsou A. Amnioserosa is required for dorsal closure in Drosophila. Developmental Dynamics : An Official Publication of the American Association of Anatomists. 232: 791-800. PMID 15704109 DOI: 10.1002/dvdy.20306  0.56
2002 Simin K, Scuderi A, Reamey J, Dunn D, Weiss R, Metherall JE, Letsou A. Profiling patterned transcripts in Drosophila embryos. Genome Research. 12: 1040-7. PMID 12097340 DOI: 10.1101/gr.84402  0.56
2002 Li X, Scuderi A, Letsou A, Virshup DM. B56-associated protein phosphatase 2A is required for survival and protects from apoptosis in Drosophila melanogaster. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 22: 3674-84. PMID 11997504 DOI: 10.1128/MCB.22.11.3674-3684.2002  0.56
2001 Walker CS, Shetty RP, Clark K, Kazuko SG, Letsou A, Olivera BM, Bandyopadhyay PK. On a potential global role for vitamin K-dependent gamma-carboxylation in animal systems. Evidence for a gamma-glutamyl carboxylase in Drosophila. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 276: 7769-74. PMID 11110799 DOI: 10.1074/jbc.M009576200  0.56
1999 Byars CL, Bates KL, Letsou A. The dorsal-open group gene raw is required for restricted DJNK signaling during closure. Development (Cambridge, England). 126: 4913-23. PMID 10518507  0.56
1998 Simin K, Bates EA, Horner MA, Letsou A. Genetic analysis of punt, a type II Dpp receptor that functions throughout the Drosophila melanogaster life cycle. Genetics. 148: 801-13. PMID 9504926  0.56
1998 Ivanov IP, Simin K, Letsou A, Atkins JF, Gesteland RF. The Drosophila gene for antizyme requires ribosomal frameshifting for expression and contains an intronic gene for snRNP Sm D3 on the opposite strand. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 18: 1553-61. PMID 9488472  0.56
1995 Arora K, Dai H, Kazuko SG, Jamal J, O'Connor MB, Letsou A, Warrior R. The Drosophila schnurri gene acts in the Dpp/TGF beta signaling pathway and encodes a transcription factor homologous to the human MBP family. Cell. 81: 781-90. PMID 7774017 DOI: 10.1016/0092-8674(95)90539-1  0.56
1995 Letsou A, Arora K, Wrana JL, Simin K, Twombly V, Jamal J, Staehling-Hampton K, Hoffmann FM, Gelbart WM, Massagué J. Drosophila Dpp signaling is mediated by the punt gene product: a dual ligand-binding type II receptor of the TGF beta receptor family. Cell. 80: 899-908. PMID 7697720 DOI: 10.1016/0092-8674(95)90293-7  0.56
1993 Letsou A, Alexander S, Wasserman SA. Domain mapping of tube, a protein essential for dorsoventral patterning of the Drosophila embryo. The Embo Journal. 12: 3449-58. PMID 8253071  0.56
1991 Letsou A, Alexander S, Orth K, Wasserman SA. Genetic and molecular characterization of tube, a Drosophila gene maternally required for embryonic dorsoventral polarity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 88: 810-4. PMID 1899484  0.56
1987 Liskay RM, Letsou A, Stachelek JL. Homology requirement for efficient gene conversion between duplicated chromosomal sequences in mammalian cells. Genetics. 115: 161-7. PMID 3557108  0.56
1987 Letsou A, Liskay RM. Effect of the molecular nature of mutation on the efficiency of intrachromosomal gene conversion in mouse cells. Genetics. 117: 759-69. PMID 2828159  0.56
1984 Herrup K, Diglio TJ, Letsou A. Cell lineage relationships in the development of the mammalian CNS. I. The facial nerve nucleus. Developmental Biology. 103: 329-36. PMID 6724132 DOI: 10.1016/0012-1606(84)90321-X  0.56
1984 Liskay RM, Stachelek JL, Letsou A. Homologous recombination between repeated chromosomal sequences in mouse cells. Cold Spring Harbor Symposia On Quantitative Biology. 49: 183-9. PMID 6597756  0.56
1983 Shapira G, Stachelek JL, Letsou A, Soodak LK, Liskay RM. Novel use of synthetic oligonucleotide insertion mutants for the study of homologous recombination in mammalian cells. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 80: 4827-31. PMID 6576360  0.56
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