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2001 University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 

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2016 Feng X, Jiang Y, Xie L, Jiang L, Li J, Sun C, Xu H, Wang R, Zhou M, Zhou Y, Dan H, Wang Z, Ji N, Deng P, Liao G, et al. Overexpression of proteasomal activator PA28α serves as a prognostic factor in oral squamous cell carcinoma. Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research : Cr. 35: 35. PMID 26892607 DOI: 10.1186/s13046-016-0309-z  0.32
2016 Wang X, Liao G, Zhang F, Li J. Numerical investigation on the steady and unsteady flow characteristics of rim seal for the first stage in gas turbine Applied Thermal Engineering. 99: 11-22. DOI: 10.1016/j.applthermaleng.2016.01.021  0.32
2015 Liu H, Gong M, French BA, Liao G, Li J, Tillman B, French SW. Aberrant modulation of the BRCA1 and G1/S cell cycle pathways in alcoholic hepatitis patients with Mallory Denk Bodies revealed by RNA sequencing. Oncotarget. PMID 26623723 DOI: 10.18632/oncotarget.6382  0.32
2015 Shi Y, Li J, Zhang S, Wang M, Yang S, Li N, Wu G, Liu W, Liao G, Cai K, Chen L, Zheng M, Yu P, Wang X, Liu Y, et al. Molecular Epidemiology of EGFR Mutations in Asian Patients with Advanced Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer of Adenocarcinoma Histology - Mainland China Subset Analysis of the PIONEER study. Plos One. 10: e0143515. PMID 26599344 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0143515  0.32
2015 Wu S, Huang J, Gazzarrini S, He S, Chen L, Li J, Xing L, Li C, Chen L, Neochoritis CG, Liao GP, Zhou H, Dömling A, Moroni A, Wang W. Isocyanides as Influenza A Virus Subtype H5N1 Wild-Type M2 Channel Inhibitors. Chemmedchem. 10: 1837-45. PMID 26506405 DOI: 10.1002/cmdc.201500318  0.32
2015 Li J, Feng X, Sun C, Zeng X, Xie L, Xu H, Li T, Wang R, Xu X, Zhou X, Zhou M, Zhou Y, Dan H, Wang Z, Ji N, ... ... Liao G, et al. Associations between proteasomal activator PA28γ and outcome of oral squamous cell carcinoma: Evidence from cohort studies and functional analyses. Ebiomedicine. 2: 849-56. PMID 26425691 DOI: 10.1016/j.ebiom.2015.07.004  0.32
2015 Liao GQ, Li YT, Li C, Su LN, Zheng Y, Liu M, Wang WM, Hu ZD, Yan WC, Dunn J, Nilsen J, Hunter J, Liu Y, Wang X, Chen LM, et al. Bursts of Terahertz Radiation from Large-Scale Plasmas Irradiated by Relativistic Picosecond Laser Pulses. Physical Review Letters. 114: 255001. PMID 26197129  0.32
2015 Tan J, Mu M, Liao G, Zhao Y, Li J. Biomechanical analysis of the annular ligament in Monteggia fractures using finite element models. Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research. 10: 30. PMID 25890110 DOI: 10.1186/s13018-015-0170-3  0.32
2015 Wang X, Su J, Sherman A, Rogers GL, Liao G, Hoffman BE, Leong KW, Terhorst C, Daniell H, Herzog RW. Plant-based oral tolerance to hemophilia therapy employs a complex immune regulatory response including LAP+CD4+ T cells. Blood. 125: 2418-27. PMID 25700434 DOI: 10.1182/blood-2014-08-597070  0.32
2015 Xie L, Wang X, Zeng J, Zhou M, Duan X, Li Q, Zhang Z, Luo H, Pang L, Li W, Liao G, Yu X, Li Y, Huang H, Xie J. Proteome-wide lysine acetylation profiling of the human pathogen Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology. 59: 193-202. PMID 25456444 DOI: 10.1016/j.biocel.2014.11.010  0.32
2015 Huang W, Li L, Tian X, Yan J, Yang X, Wang X, Liao G, Qiu G. Astragalus and Paeoniae Radix Rubra extract (APE) inhibits hepatic stellate cell activation by modulating transforming growth factor-β/Smad pathway. Molecular Medicine Reports. 11: 2569-77. PMID 25435153 DOI: 10.3892/mmr.2014.3026  0.32
2015 Li S, Jiang C, Pan J, Wang X, Jin J, Zhao L, Pan W, Liao G, Cai X, Li X, Xiao J, Jiang J, Wang P. Regulation of c-Myc protein stability by proteasome activator REGγ. Cell Death and Differentiation. 22: 1000-11. PMID 25412630 DOI: 10.1038/cdd.2014.188  0.32
2015 Huang W, Li L, Tian X, Yan J, Yang X, Wang X, Liao G, Qiu G. Astragalus and Paeoniae radix rubra extract inhibits liver fibrosis by modulating the transforming growth factor‑β/Smad pathway in rats. Molecular Medicine Reports. 11: 805-14. PMID 25373883 DOI: 10.3892/mmr.2014.2868  0.32
2015 Wang Y, Lin L, Xu H, Li T, Zhou Y, Dan H, Jiang L, Liao G, Zhou M, Li L, Zeng X, Li J, Chen Q. Genetic variants in AKT1 gene were associated with risk and survival of OSCC in Chinese Han Population. Journal of Oral Pathology & Medicine : Official Publication of the International Association of Oral Pathologists and the American Academy of Oral Pathology. 44: 45-50. PMID 25060489 DOI: 10.1111/jop.12211  0.32
2015 Yang J, Liao G, Li J. Robust adaptive beamforming with the two level nested array Xi'An Dianzi Keji Daxue Xuebao/Journal of Xidian University. 42: 30-36. DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1001-2400.2015.06.006  0.32
2015 Huang Y, Liao GS, Li J. Non-ambiguity beamforming of nonuniform linear array based on consecutive difference coarray Dianzi Yu Xinxi Xuebao/Journal of Electronics and Information Technology. 37: 2891-2897. DOI: 10.11999/JEIT150321  0.32
2015 Liao G, Wang X, Li J, Zhou J. Effect of trench width and blowing ratio on double-jet film cooling embedded in trenches Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part a: Journal of Power and Energy. 229: 256-269. DOI: 10.1177/0957650915570350  0.32
2015 Liao GQ, Li YT, Li C, Su LN, Zheng Y, Liu M, Wang WM, Hu ZD, Yan WC, Dunn J, Nilsen J, Hunter J, Liu Y, Wang X, Chen LM, et al. Bursts of terahertz radiation from large-scale plasmas irradiated by relativistic picosecond laser pulses Physical Review Letters. 114. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.114.255001  0.32
2015 Li J, Liang C, Dong C, Jin W, Liao G, Zhou B, Ding T, Lu X, Zhang X. Conversion of Pressure to Depth for Moored Instruments Using a Reference Bottom Mounted Pressure Sensor Atmosphere - Ocean. DOI: 10.1080/07055900.2015.1074883  0.32
2015 Pan Z, Zeng J, Lan B, Wang X, Liao G, Li L. Mineralization of Para-Chlorobenzoic Acid in Water by Cobalt-Incorporated MCM-41 Catalyzed Ozonation Ozone: Science and Engineering. DOI: 10.1080/01919512.2015.1061422  0.32
2015 Li J, Feng X, Sun C, Zeng X, Xie L, Xu H, Li T, Wang R, Xu X, Zhou X, Zhou M, Zhou Y, Dan H, Wang Z, Ji N, ... ... Liao G, et al. Associations between proteasomal activator PA28γ and outcome of oral squamous cell carcinoma: Evidence from cohort studies and functional analyses Ebiomedicine. DOI: 10.1016/j.ebiom.2015.07.004  0.32
2015 Liao G, Wang X, Li J, Zhou J. Numerical investigation on the flow and heat transfer in a rotor-stator disc cavity Applied Thermal Engineering. 87: 10-23. DOI: 10.1016/j.applthermaleng.2015.05.002  0.32
2015 Chen X, Liang C, Dong C, Zhou B, Liao G, Li J. Multiple-scale temporal variations and fluxes near a hydrothermal vent over the Southwest Indian Ridge Frontiers of Earth Science. DOI: 10.1007/s11707-015-0529-0  0.32
2015 Yang J, Liao G, Li J, Lei Y, Wang X. Robust beamforming with imprecise array geometry using steering vector estimation and interference covariance matrix reconstruction Multidimensional Systems and Signal Processing. DOI: 10.1007/s11045-015-0350-7  0.32
2014 Yang J, Li W, Long Y, Song S, Liu J, Zhang X, Wang X, Jiang S, Liao G. Reliability of pseudotyped influenza viral particles in neutralizing antibody detection. Plos One. 9: e113629. PMID 25436460 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0113629  0.32
2014 Wang Y, Sun C, Li T, Xu H, Zhou Y, Dan H, Jiang L, Zeng X, Li L, Li J, Liao G, Chen Q. Integrative approach detected association between genetic variants of microRNA binding sites of TLRs pathway genes and OSCC susceptibility in Chinese Han population. Plos One. 9: e101695. PMID 24999832 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0101695  0.32
2014 Wang Y, Long L, Li T, Zhou Y, Jiang L, Zeng X, Dan H, Liao G, Luo G, Wang H, Zhou M, Xu Y, Li J, Chen Q. Polymorphisms of microRNA-binding sites in integrin genes are associated with oral squamous cell carcinoma susceptibility and progression. The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine. 233: 33-41. PMID 24769516 DOI: DN/JST.JSTAGE/tjem/233.33  0.32
2011 Boon AC, Finkelstein D, Zheng M, Liao G, Allard J, Klumpp K, Webster R, Peltz G, Webby RJ. H5N1 influenza virus pathogenesis in genetically diverse mice is mediated at the level of viral load. Mbio. 2. PMID 21896679 DOI: 10.1128/mBio.00171-11  0.8
2011 Zhang X, Liu HH, Weller P, Zheng M, Tao W, Wang J, Liao G, Monshouwer M, Peltz G. In silico and in vitro pharmacogenetics: Aldehyde oxidase rapidly metabolizes a p38 kinase inhibitor Pharmacogenomics Journal. 11: 15-24. PMID 20177421 DOI: 10.1038/tpj.2010.8  0.8
2010 Tregoning JS, Yamaguchi Y, Wang B, Mihm D, Harker JA, Bushell ES, Zheng M, Liao G, Peltz G, Openshaw PJ. Genetic susceptibility to the delayed sequelae of neonatal respiratory syncytial virus infection is MHC dependent. Journal of Immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950). 185: 5384-91. PMID 20921522 DOI: 10.4049/jimmunol.1001594  0.8
2010 Liu HH, Lu P, Guo Y, Farrell E, Zhang X, Zheng M, Bosano B, Zhang Z, Allard J, Liao G, Fu S, Chen J, Dolim K, Kuroda A, Usuka J, et al. An integrative genomic analysis identifies Bhmt2 as a diet-dependent genetic factor protecting against acetaminophen-induced liver toxicity. Genome Research. 20: 28-35. PMID 19923254 DOI: 10.1101/gr.097212.109  0.8
2009 Zheng M, Shafer S, Liao G, Liu HH, Peltz G. Computational genetic mapping in mice: the ship has sailed. Science Translational Medicine. 1: 3ps4. PMID 20368166 DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.3000377  0.8
2009 LaCroix-Fralish ML, Mo G, Smith SB, Sotocinal SG, Ritchie J, Austin JS, Melmed K, Schorscher-Petcu A, Laferriere AC, Lee TH, Romanovsky D, Liao G, Behlke MA, Clark DJ, Peltz G, et al. The beta3 subunit of the Na+,K+-ATPase mediates variable nociceptive sensitivity in the formalin test. Pain. 144: 294-302. PMID 19464798 DOI: 10.1016/j.pain.2009.04.028  0.8
2009 Chu LF, Liang DY, Li X, Sahbaie P, D'arcy N, Liao G, Peltz G, David Clark J. From mouse to man: the 5-HT3 receptor modulates physical dependence on opioid narcotics. Pharmacogenetics and Genomics. 19: 193-205. PMID 19214139 DOI: 10.1097/FPC.0b013e328322e73d  0.8
2008 Zaas AK, Liao G, Chien JW, Weinberg C, Shore D, Giles SS, Marr KA, Usuka J, Burch LH, Perera L, Perfect JR, Peltz G, Schwartz DA. Plasminogen alleles influence susceptibility to invasive aspergillosis. Plos Genetics. 4: e1000101. PMID 18566672 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1000101  0.8
2008 Liao G, Zhang X, Clark DJ, Peltz G. A genomic "roadmap" to "better" drugs. Drug Metabolism Reviews. 40: 225-39. PMID 18464044 DOI: 10.1080/03602530801952815  0.8
2008 Smith SB, Marker CL, Perry C, Liao G, Sotocinal SG, Austin JS, Melmed K, Clark JD, Peltz G, Wickman K, Mogil JS. Quantitative trait locus and computational mapping identifies Kcnj9 (GIRK3) as a candidate gene affecting analgesia from multiple drug classes. Pharmacogenetics and Genomics. 18: 231-41. PMID 18300945 DOI: 10.1097/FPC.0b013e3282f55ab2  0.8
2008 Sabsovich I, Clark JD, Liao G, Peltz G, Lindsey DP, Jacobs CR, Yao W, Guo TZ, Kingery WS. Bone microstructure and its associated genetic variability in 12 inbred mouse strains: microCT study and in silico genome scan. Bone. 42: 439-51. PMID 17967568 DOI: 10.1016/j.bone.2007.09.041  0.8
2007 Guo Y, Lu P, Farrell E, Zhang X, Weller P, Monshouwer M, Wang J, Liao G, Zhang Z, Hu S, Allard J, Shafer S, Usuka J, Peltz G. In silico and in vitro pharmacogenetic analysis in mice. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 104: 17735-40. PMID 17978195 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.0700724104  0.8
2007 Zheng M, Lu P, Liu Y, Pease J, Usuka J, Liao G, Peltz G. 2D NMR metabonomic analysis: a novel method for automated peak alignment. Bioinformatics (Oxford, England). 23: 2926-33. PMID 17846038 DOI: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btm427  0.8
2006 Liang DY, Liao G, Lighthall GK, Peltz G, Clark DJ. Genetic variants of the P-glycoprotein gene Abcb1b modulate opioid-induced hyperalgesia, tolerance and dependence. Pharmacogenetics and Genomics. 16: 825-35. PMID 17047491 DOI: 10.1097/01.fpc.0000236321.94271.f8  0.8
2006 Guo Y, Weller P, Allard J, Usuka J, Masjedizadeh M, Wu SY, Fitch B, Clark D, Clark JD, Shafer S, Wang J, Liao G, Peltz G. Understanding our drugs and our diseases. Proceedings of the American Thoracic Society. 3: 409-12. PMID 16799083 DOI: 10.1513/pats.200601-014AW  0.8
2006 Guo Y, Weller P, Farrell E, Cheung P, Fitch B, Clark D, Wu SY, Wang J, Liao G, Zhang Z, Allard J, Cheng J, Nguyen A, Jiang S, Shafer S, et al. In silico pharmacogenetics of warfarin metabolism. Nature Biotechnology. 24: 531-6. PMID 16680137 DOI: 10.1038/nbt1195  0.8
2006 Liang DY, Liao G, Wang J, Usuka J, Guo Y, Peltz G, Clark JD. A genetic analysis of opioid-induced hyperalgesia in mice. Anesthesiology. 104: 1054-62. PMID 16645459 DOI: 10.1097/00000542-200605000-00023  0.8
2006 Liang DY, Guo T, Liao G, Kingery WS, Peltz G, Clark JD. Chronic pain and genetic background interact and influence opioid analgesia, tolerance, and physical dependence. Pain. 121: 232-40. PMID 16516386 DOI: 10.1016/j.pain.2005.12.026  0.8
2005 Wang J, Liao G, Usuka J, Peltz G. Computational genetics: from mouse to human? Trends in Genetics : Tig. 21: 526-32. PMID 16009447 DOI: 10.1016/j.tig.2005.06.010  0.8
2005 Wang J, Liao G, Cheng J, Nguyen A, Guo J, Chou C, Hu S, Jiang S, Allard J, Shafer S, Puech A, McPherson JD, Foernzler D, Peltz G, Usuka J. Haplotype structure of the mouse genome Computational Genetics and Genomics: Tools For Understanding Disease. 71-83. DOI: 10.1007/978-1-59259-930-1_4  0.8
2004 Liao G, Wang J, Guo J, Allard J, Cheng J, Ng A, Shafer S, Puech A, McPherson JD, Foernzler D, Peltz G, Usuka J. In silico genetics: identification of a functional element regulating H2-Ealpha gene expression. Science (New York, N.Y.). 306: 690-5. PMID 15499019 DOI: 10.1126/science.1100636  0.8
2004 Bellen HJ, Levis RW, Liao G, He Y, Carlson JW, Tsang G, Evans-Holm M, Hiesinger PR, Schulze KL, Rubin GM, Hoskins RA, Spradling AC. The BDGP gene disruption project: single transposon insertions associated with 40% of Drosophila genes. Genetics. 167: 761-81. PMID 15238527 DOI: 10.1534/genetics.104.026427  0.8
2004 Savov JD, Whitehead GS, Wang J, Liao G, Usuka J, Peltz G, Foster WM, Schwartz DA. Ozone-induced acute pulmonary injury in inbred mouse strains. American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology. 31: 69-77. PMID 14975936 DOI: 10.1165/rcmb.2003-0001OC  0.8
2002 Ohler U, Liao GC, Niemann H, Rubin GM. Computational analysis of core promoters in the Drosophila genome. Genome Biology. 3: RESEARCH0087. PMID 12537576  0.8
2002 Stapleton M, Liao G, Brokstein P, Hong L, Carninci P, Shiraki T, Hayashizaki Y, Champe M, Pacleb J, Wan K, Yu C, Carlson J, George R, Celniker S, Rubin GM. The Drosophila gene collection: identification of putative full-length cDNAs for 70% of D. melanogaster genes. Genome Research. 12: 1294-300. PMID 12176937 DOI: 10.1101/gr.269102  0.8
2001 Ohler U, Niemann H, Liao Gc, Rubin GM. Joint modeling of DNA sequence and physical properties to improve eukaryotic promoter recognition. Bioinformatics (Oxford, England). 17: S199-206. PMID 11473010  0.8
2000 Liao GC, Rehm EJ, Rubin GM. Insertion site preferences of the P transposable element in Drosophila melanogaster. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 97: 3347-51. PMID 10716700 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.050017397  0.8
1998 Steinhardt RA, Alderton JM, Bi GQ, Liao G, Morris RL, Scholey JM. Maintenance of plasma membrane integrity Zygote. 6: S57.  0.8
1997 Bi GQ, Morris RL, Liao G, Alderton JM, Scholey JM, Steinhardt RA. Kinesin- and myosin-driven steps of vesicle recruitment for Ca2+-regulated exocytosis. The Journal of Cell Biology. 138: 999-1008. PMID 9281579 DOI: 10.1083/jcb.138.5.999  0.8
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